Monday, October 13, 2008

The Strategic Vote and the Canada I Love

One thing I know for sure about tomorrow's election is that in my riding, Olivia Chow is going to win by a landslide.

Her signs are the ONLY signs you see in my neighbourhood.

But as for what's going to happen in the rest of English Canada tomorrow I haven't a clue. Except that it looks like a choice between more of something nasty and the ultimate horror show. The death of the Canada I love.

Because let's not kid ourselves. With those numbers, and the progressive side fragmented more than ever, a whole host of Con candidates could slither up the middle like a pack of eels. And give Stephen Harper the majority he needs to turn Canada into a neocon JUNGLE.

The obvious solution, as I mentioned last night, is for progressives to educate themselves with the help of websites like this one and this one. And vote STRATEGICALLY to inflict as much punishment on the foul RepubliCons as possible.

But I'm afraid too many progressives are too partisan to do that. For some politics is like a buffet, for others it's just a game. Go Team Red !!! Go Team Orange !!! If my team can't win, I don't care who does. Even if it's a brutal power struggle between centre-left and neocon right, and a battle Canada can't afford to LOSE.

Which at the end of the day leaves me wondering about my beautiful threatened country.

And how come we couldn't do a better job of defending it when it needed us the most?

But of course I'm not giving up. I'm happy and full of hope tonight because I know if enough people do vote strategically we CAN make a difference.

We CAN save our beautiful country.

We CAN help save our burning planet. And if you're ready.

We are TOO !!!!

A message from the future of Canada . Our country and our planet are depending on us.


Make those dirty Cons PAY for stealing our country.

Go Team CANADA go !!!!!

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