Monday, October 20, 2008

Dion and the Politics of Personal Destruction

Well I see Stephane Dion has decided to quit, but it's going to be a long goodbye.

Just like I told you it would be last night.

Oh sure he didn't say how angry he is and how he can't wait to go after Stephen Harper. But don't worry just watch him... it's going to be FUN. And if he can cause a little trouble for some people in his party...and influence the course of events in the leadership race...well who can blame him. Eh?

But of course I'm not interested in the pattycake of politics. Yawn. I just want to see Stephen Harper crushed and DEFEATED.

And one thing Dion said today hit me like a blow torch in the face.

"Canadians did not know this Stephane Dion. They knew another one ... they believed that (the other) character was real," he said, referring to the Conservative attacks.

"I want to see that the next leader is not as vulnerable to the low propaganda that was directed against me."

Because it's the kind of truth that BURNS.

Before you send your troops over the side you first need an artillery barrage to chop the enemy into little pieces. Or DEFINE them. Harper did that to Dion, but we didn't do that to Harper. That's why he won.

That's why we are going to have to make sure that doesn't happen next time. If Great Ugly Leader is so enamoured with the politics of personal destruction I say we give him some.

I know it isn't easy to crawl through the gutter, but at some point you have to give the bullies a taste of their own medicine.

Now I did try to do a bit of that during this election by portraying Harper as a monster...

But unfortunately that only seems to work in Quebec. If you tell people in that province that Harper wants to send juvenile offenders to jail so they can be raped they say Tabarnac...what a COCHON.

If you say the same thing in English Canada too many say Oh goody goody. Or so WHAT?

So if our campaign of personal destruction is going to succeed I'm afraid we're going to have to go a step further. We're going to have to strip the nerdy wonk of his faux manhood and turn him from a so-called "strong leader" into a wimp. Because we seem to HATE wimps. Look what happened to poor Joe Clark.

We seem to like our leaders big tough and rough. Or in Stephen Harper's case... fat, ugly, and mean.So all we've got to do is turn him into a caricature of something fat, ugly, and WEAK.

Or small like a stooge chihuahua.

Like he's going to feel when he meets President Obama, and tries to explain why him and his Canadian RepubliCons tried to SABOTAGE his campaign.

OK OK I'm sure you can do better.

But the idea is to make people LAUGH at Harper and mock him like he did Dion. The way I see it you can get mad or you can be sad or you can get EVEN.

They destroyed the career of a good and decent man with their attack ads.

Now it's OUR turn....


P.S. Portraying Harper as an Alberta-First fanatic and a stooge of Big Oil who is SCREWING US at the pumps in the middle of a painful recession isn't bad either.

That one should work in Quebec AND English Canada. Except of course in redneck trueblue Alberta.

But who CARES?


Beijing York said...

I still think we have to blow the cover on Harper's religious affiliation with retrograde fundamentalists. He's successfully tried to distance himself publicly, knowing how badly it played with Stockwell "walk among the dinosaurs"Day. The church Harper belongs to is just as deeply entrenched in anti-science, anti-women and LGBT rights and racist beliefs as Stockboy's group. But the media has tried to give Stevo some slack and paint him as a moderating influence in a party of social conservative retrogrades.

Simon said...

Hi Beijing York !! VERY good idea. Among other things I suggest that everyone pay close attention to what comes out of Darrel Reid, the former President of Focus on the Family Canada, and now the PMO's Director of Policy and Research. I know our idiot right-wing media has never taken a look at what Reid and all the other theocons in the Harper PMO are up to. But you can be sure it's sinister and BAD...