Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama, the Cyclist, and the Guy Who Didn't Vote

With the result of the American election now depending on the turnout.

If voters are the same mix as usual, this vote could be a nail-biter (the poll has a margin of error of +/- 2, meaning a three point gap could be a dead heat, or even a slight McCain lead).

If however, an increased proportion of young and African-American voters head to the polls, as the Obama camp predicts they will, the race could be similar to President Bush - John Kerry in 2004, heavy turnout, lots of votes going both ways, but really never much chance for an upset.

The Obama campaign is reminding voters not to get as cocky as this guy on a bicycle.

And then there is this warning about what could happen to the one who didn't vote...and cost Obama the election....

But something tells me they don't have to worry.

Across the more than 30 states that allow no-excuse absentee or early voting, votes have been pouring in at a record pace, and the data show Barack Obama as the clear beneficiary.

In the Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll, 59 percent of those who said they had already voted backed Obama, and 40 percent indicated that they supported John McCain. So far, the numbers are a near-mirror image of the past two elections.

The wooden stake is sharp and ready. The Republican beast could be DEAD by next Wednesday.

As a Canadian all I can do is watch and cheer. And wait for our day of reckoning to arrive.

First they bury McCain. Woohoo !!!!

And then we bury Harper....

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