Friday, October 31, 2008

The Flamingo that Wouldn't Die

Yesterday I told you about the horrible bullies who bashed a poor old blind flamingo.

Well today I got good news.

It's back on its feet, and back with its mate.

"I think it's very important they are back together. You can hear them calling to each other and that just shows that the bond is still there," senior birdkeeper Brett Backhouse said. "They feed off each other a lot. Yesterday, we were saying that they were very quiet, but they are talking to each other now and you could probably call that happiness."

After FIFTY years together.

Wow. That's some love story and one TOUGH old flamingo.

I'd still like to spend some quality time with those bullies.

But isn't that BEAUTIFUL?


susansmith said...

Yesterday, when I saw the heading of your post, I couldn't go there. I did not want to know what cruelty was done to some defenceless animal. Anyway, I did today know that the bird was going to be ok.
I hope that the vets are monitoring her progress.

sassy said...

Thanks for sharing the good news Simon. It has brightened my evening (even more than your first post about the bird enraged me).