Thursday, November 30, 2017

Has Donald Trump Gone Stark Raving Mad?

We've always known that Donald Trump is a virulent racist, and that strange and dirty things swirl around in his head.

And in the last few days he has been teetering on the edge of the abyss, with his tweets becoming more and bizarre.

Or more and more deranged,

But now he has finally exceeded the last bounds of sanity and decency.

And is being accused of going stark raving mad.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Justin Trudeau and the LGBT Apology

When I heard that Justin Trudeau was going to deliver an apology to LGBT Canadians  I arranged to get the day off.

I wanted to watch all the speeches, and hear what the survivors had to say about those dark times when gay people had no rights, and were treated like criminals.

But I wasn't sure how I might react. 

Would I be moved like Justin? Or would I explode with anger at those stories of injustice? 

So when I finally watched the speeches yesterday I was surprised by my reaction...

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Andrew Scheer and the Women's Vote

Andrew Scheer's call for freedom of speech on all university campuses, or else, is still up on all Con websites. 

But it's looking a little tattered, and so is Scheer.

After his clumsy attempt to use the case of that teaching assistant at Sir Wilfrid Laurier university, as yet another wedge issue with which to attack Justin Trudeau.

Only to have that absurd controversy first fizzle.

And then blow up in his face....

Monday, November 27, 2017

Has Rex Murphy Finally Left the CBC?

For years I have tried to avoid watching the CBC National on Thursdays so as to avoid the At Issue panel.

For it was always a Con clown show under Big Daddy Mansbridge, and judging from what I've seen so far, will remain that way under the very Con-friendly Rosemary Barton.

A horror show of dead pundits walking, the Rue Morgue of journalism. Hopelessly out of touch with the new generation. And still as Con as they come.

But at least there's one thing apparently gone from the National, that I won't miss at all.

Something small, but also big, and loud, and definitely very annoying.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Can Science Turn Conservatives Into Liberals?

Ever since my days at McGill, I've been interested in studying the brains of Cons, to try to determine what makes them so dumb and so bestial.

And for years I've known that what sets those brains apart from those of normal people is the size of the amygdala, or fear gland.  

Peering inside the brain with MRI scans, researchers at University College London found that self-described conservative students had a larger amygdala than liberals. The amygdala is an almond-shaped structure deep in the brain that is active during states of fear and anxiety.

Which in a stressful moment can turn them into fearful creatures, or quivering cowards.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Day Andrew Scheer Was Impaled On His Own Petard

Andrew Scheer tries so hard to hide his religious fanaticism behind a facade of normality.

And a creepy smile that seems almost screwed or glued on to his face.

But something always give him away. 

Like the way he went after Justin Trudeau for defending Julie Payette.

Or his burning obsession with punishing universities for failing to live up to his idea of free speech.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Donald Trump's Sad and Scary Thanksgiving

As you probably know, yesterday Americans celebrated their Thanksgiving or Turkey Day. And sadly, there was at first glance, very little to give thanks for this year.

Although the biggest turkey in the United States, the so-called Orange Oaf, begged to disagree.

Claiming that it was the BEST Thanksgiving EVER.

And strongly suggesting that ALL Americans should thank The Donald for EVERYTHING!!! 

And I mean ALL of them.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Andrew Scheer's Shameful and Disgusting Alt-Right Day

By now it should be clear that Andrew Scheer and his Rebel campaign manager Hamish Marshall, are turning the Cons into an Alt-Right party.

A party of bigots and misogynists, more Trump-like than Canadian.

And in that regard, yesterday was a banner day. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Andrew Scheer's Long Day of the Loser

When we last left Andrew Scheer and his Rebel buddy Hamish Marshall, they were still trying to blame Justin Trudeau for ISIS and its cages.

Only to remind Canadians that Stephen Harper had used that line before, and end up caging themselves.

And now I'm afraid the same thing has happened again.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Day Andrew Scheer Revealed His Inner Harper

Ever since Hamish Marshall left The Rebel to become the Con's new campaign manager, Andrew Scheer has tried hard to please him by attempting to change his image from Mr Rebel groupie to Mr Nice Guy.

But no matter how hard he tries, it's just not him. 

He's not a nice guy, he's a nasty religious fanatic. He was for Brexit for all the wrong reasons. He roots for Donald Trump and Jason Kenney.

And every now and then he reveals who he really is...

Monday, November 20, 2017

Donald Trump's Deeply Disturbing Twitter Weekend

Even by Donald Trump's insanely low standards, his behaviour on Twitter in the last 48 hours couldn't be more deranged and deeply disturbing.

Firing out tweets in every direction as if he was in some fevered frenzy.

Looking and sounding more and more like a maniac.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Is Donald Trump Losing His Marbles Again?

It's really good to know that the U.S. nuclear commander says he would resist an illegal order from Donald Trump.

The US armed forces could refuse an order from the President to launch a nuclear strike if is deemed illegal, the country's top defence officer has said. 

Air Force General John Hyten, commander of US Strategic Command, said he would reject any order from Donald Trump or any other president if it was not lawful.

And not just because it's reassuring that Trump might not be able to kill us all by hitting the wrong button.

The Great War on Christmas Is With Us Again

Uh oh, don't look now, but it seems that the Great War on Christmas has begun.

And not in the United States where Donald Trump has vowed to save Christmas from the liberals and their happy holidays. 

But in Britain, where a group of religious fanatics is threatening to boycott Tesco the large supermarket chain.

For running this seasonal ad.

Samantha Bee on the Homophobic Pervert Roy Moore

As I'm sure you know, Roy Moore is a disgusting creature, more hog than human, for many reasons. 

He's a dirty old man who had to be banned from a mall so he couldn't harass young teenage girls.

He's a religious fanatic, who makes a mockery out of the Christian religion.

But the worst thing about him is his monstrous homophobia.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Andrew Scheer and the Fatal Rebel Connection

As we now know, Hamish Marshall, the Con's new campaign manager who used to work at The Rebel, has been desperately trying to change Andrew Scheer's image.

From Dr Schmear and Mr Schmeagol, depending on the phase of the moon, to Mr Nice Guy, or Mr Average Canadian.

But it's not easy, and it's not working.

Not when that low budget YouTube reminded many Canadians of a scary David Lynch movie.

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Real Reason For Andrew Scheer's Weird Ad

I knew the Cons were worried. 

I didn't believe them when they said that weird ad, half Forrest Gump and half serial killer, was to introduce Andrew Scheer to Canadians.

When he has been around for thirteen years, and the Con media has given him all the page time or air time he wanted recently, to attack the Trudeau government.

As only Schmeagol can.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Is Andrew Scheer the New Jason Kenney?

When we last left Andrew Scheer he was walking through a quiet suburb looking like a dazed Forrest Gump, or a weirdo trying to pick up women.

And now we know what the ad produced by his new Mini-Me, Hamish Marshall, the nasty little man who used to work for the hate mongering Rebel, is supposed to do.

Introduce him to Canadians.

"Millions of Canadians don't know Andrew – and we need to change that," Marshall said in a pitch to party members in which he lauded Scheer as a "devoted father of five" who is "true to his conservative principles, in politics and out."

Even though he has been in Parliament for THIRTEEN years. 


But here's what I really don't understand.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Rick Mercer on Jason Kenney's Cowardly War on Children

As I'm sure you know, the bloated bigot Jason Kenney is waging war on LGBT children. Again.

Claiming that his opposition to Alberta's Bill 24, that is designed to protect gay kids who wish to join a Gay-Straight Alliance, doesn't mean he wants to out them to their parents. 

Who could hurt them, or throw them into the street as so many parents do. Or even kill them.

But like everything that self loathing closet queen says or does, his words mean nothing.

And as Rick Mercer says, Kenney should be picking on somebody his own size.

Justin Trudeau and the Con Media Losers

It's now been more than four days since Justin Trudeau missed a meeting of APEC leaders, and our Con media went ballistic.

Claiming he'd sabotaged a trade deal, and that all the other leaders were furious, and that Canada's reputation was RUINED!!!!

And nobody was more outraged than the pompous hack from the National Post Andrew Coyne.

Who fired off so many angry tweets his fingers must have been bleeding.

But while the other Con media stooges finally realized that Trudeau was simply sticking up for our country, and rejecting a bad deal.

And crawled away with their furry tails between their legs.

Coyne simply couldn't accept that he had jumped the gun, and made a fool out of himself...

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Andrew Scheer's Monstrous New Ad Campaign

I knew that it wouldn't be long before Hamish Marshall, who once worked for Ezra Levant's hate mongering rag The Rebel, would start telling Andrew Scheer what to do.

In his new role as the Con's election campaign manager. 

The one who is supposed to help Scheer become Prime Minister, after having managed his winning leadership campaign.

I also knew that Marshall would start by trying to soften Schmear's image which has been damaged by weeks of screaming at Justin Trudeau.

Roy Moore and the Religious Perverts

I can't imagine a more satisfying situation, or justice more divine.

Roy Moore, the homophobic bigot who likes to portray himself as a God's gift to America, now being accused of being a pervert who liked to go after VERY young women.

Moore, who is running for a Senate seat in Alabama, is still claiming he kept his "gun" in his pants. 

But with every passing day the evidence against him becomes more overwhelming.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Why Does The Con Media Hate Justin Trudeau So Much?

Well it's now been two days since the Con media went after Justin Trudeau for allegedly sabotaging a trade deal by missing a meeting.

In what can only be described as a pig wrestling contest.

Which as you know ended badly, with our porky media looking like idiots. 

Since they revealed their blatant bias, and blew what was left of their credibility out of the water, they have been keeping a very low profile hoping no doubt that nobody noticed.

But I who did notice, keep getting asked the same haunting question.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

How The Con Media Were Made To Look Like Idiots

Remembrance Day is always a sad day, but it was a particularly gloomy day at the Parliamentary Press Gallery.

Yesterday they were squealing like hogs, accusing Justin Trudeau of having sabotaged a trade deal by missing a meeting.

And along with the creepy Andrew Schmear all but demanding that Trudeau resign IMMEDIATELY !!!!

But sadly for them, today they were all licking their self inflicted wounds and/or their private parts. 

And looking like idiots.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Remembrance Day 2017

It's Remembrance Day 2017, and a time to remember all those who fought and died for our country.

A time to remember my fighting grandfathers...

Who survived the war but were marked by it forever.

And give thanks that this year we'll also take a moment to remember this young soldier.

The Day The Con Media Roared Like Rats

No, that's not the famous MGM logo, and that's not Leo the lion.

That's our ratty Con media!!! 

It can make quite a roar when it goes after a big piece of cheese, or Justin Trudeau.

And yesterday it was really loud, and never sounded uglier.

Or more absurd.

Or more Con.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Pee Tape Story Comes Back To Haunt Donald Trump

It's been almost a year since Donald Trump was presented with a top secret dossier, that included an unsubstantiated report that he was being blackmailed by the Russians. 

The chiefs of America’s intelligence agencies last week presented President Obama and President-elect Donald J. Trump with a summary of unsubstantiated reports that Russia had collected compromising and salacious personal information about Mr. Trump, two officials with knowledge of the briefing said.

After allegedly being secretly taped holding a sex party in his hotel room with a group of Russian prostitutes. 

And getting them to urinate on a bed that had been used by Barack and Michelle Obama.

Trump vehemently denied the story, claiming it was pure fiction.

But now the so called Pee Tape story has come back to haunt him.

Roy Moore: Another Homophobe Bites The Dust

I have always believed that in the sweaty core of every homophobic religious fanatic there lurks a monstrous pervert.

And the case of Roy Moore, a Republican senatorial candidate in Alabama, only proves my point.

Moore believes that the Bible not the U.S. constitution should guide the affairs of government. He believes that homosexuality should be illegal.

He likes to pull out his gun in public.

But now he may have put at least one bullet into the Republican Party.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Andrew Scheer and the Great Con Tax Smear

I made this little graphic yesterday to try to illustrate two points that I think need to be made, if we are still going to continue to call ourselves Canada.

Not some ratty repressive Banana Republic where Big Brother might feel at home.

And those points are:

One, Andrew Scheer is a grubby Con artist and liar who should be known as Andrew Schmear.

And two, guilt by association is the weapon of fascists.

Which to their eternal shame, our shabby Con media ignored, at least until now...

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Donald Trump and the Turning of the Tide

It's hard to believe that today marks one year since Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States.

It seems like so much longer.

But at least he's far away in South East Asia today, and at least he doesn't have much to celebrate.

Not after voters in the U.S. gave him a magnificent kick in the head.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Andrew Scheer and the Millennials Who Will Destroy Him

Even though I despise Andrew Scheer with every bone in my body, I can't help feeling a little bit sorry for him.

For every day he sets out to smear or schmear Justin Trudeau, and lie like a thief...

As only a grubby Con could.

But it just isn't working, Trudeau is still much more popular than he is.

So I'm not surprised that our shabby Con media is doing what it can to help him.

Monday, November 06, 2017

The Paradise Papers and the Hypocrisy of the Cons

Oh no. What have we done to deserve this? Not another tax scandal, not more Pierre Poilievre. 

As you know when we last left the man they call Pee Wee or Dickhead, he was in a shrunken state, after his phony tax scandal went nowhere.

But now he's back, and more annoying than ever.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

The Sad Rise and Fall of the Con Dickhead Pierre Poilievre

For weeks Pierre Poilievre has been enjoying his moment in the spotlight again, attacking the Liberals as only the man known as Pee Wee or Dickhead can.

While our shabby Con media licked and sucked him like a lollipop.

And he must have felt like he was back in the good old days...

But then on Friday the conflict of interest commissioner finally clarified matters. 

Conflict of interest commissioner Mary Dawson says Finance Minister Bill Morneau is the only Liberal cabinet minister who currently holds indirect assets without a blind trust in place. 

And let the air out of his balloon.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

The Day Andrew Scheer Revealed His Inner Monster

Let nobody say I didn't warn them that Andrew Scheer is a dangerous religious fanatic.

For I've been trying to drive home that simple point for months.

Trying to warn Canadians that Scheer is a such a religious extremist that he is quite capable of tearing this country apart.

Or do anything to try to smear Justin Trudeau.

And now at last I can rest my case.

Will the Turkey Senate Delay the Legalization of Marijuana?

As you may know I lost my respect for the Senate long ago, during the days when Stephen Harper ruled the roost.

And those stuffed turkeys couldn't kiss his ass enough.

And although Justin Trudeau allowed them to become independent, they're still gobbling like crazy.

And the ghosts of Harper past still haunt the place.

Friday, November 03, 2017

The Day Donald Trump's Twitter Feed Disappeared

As Robert Mueller closes in on Donald Trump, the Orange Oaf has been tweeting up a storm, hoping to distract Americans from his crime family's problems.

And while many of those tweets fly out of his gaping pie hole like bats out of a cave.

Most of them fly out of his other end.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

How Jason Kenney Will Help Re-Elect Justin Trudeau

The other day I looked at what might happen if or when the bigot bully Jason Kenney becomes Premier of Alberta.

And I warned that by blockading B.C., and declaring war on the Liberal government, he could end up ripping this country apart.

But while some like Susan Delacourt are predicting that Kenney is going to be Justin Trudeau's biggest problem. 

I think she's only half right, and that there is a silver lining in that ugly cloud.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Is Donald Trump Preparing To Fire Robert Mueller?

His terrified White House aides say they have never seen Donald Trump looking and sounding so crazy.

The terrorist tragedy in New York has temporarily distracted him, but according to reports he has only one thing on his mind.

How to save himself and his family from the grim reaper Robert Mueller.

The Incredible Hypocrisy of Andrew Scheer

As we all know Andrew Scheer has been turning parliament into a freak show by going after the decent Bill Morneau day in day out.

Accusing him of using tax shelters, and being guilty of being rich.

And all but demanding that he sell Morneau Shepell, the business his family founded.

But sadly for Scheer it seems that he has been guilty of first degree hypocrisy.