Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Day The Con Media Roared Like Rats

No, that's not the famous MGM logo, and that's not Leo the lion.

That's our ratty Con media!!! 

It can make quite a roar when it goes after a big piece of cheese, or Justin Trudeau.

And yesterday it was really loud, and never sounded uglier.

Or more absurd.

Or more Con.

It all began yesterday morning when a right-wing Australian paper blasted our Prime Minister. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sabotaged the endorsement of a pact to salvage a multibillion-dollar, 11-nation Pacific Rim trade deal at the last minute, surprising leaders of the other nations, including Australia's Malcolm Turnbull.

Mr Trudeau failed to show up at a meeting late on Friday that was set to officially revive the agreement. "There were a lot of unhappy leaders left sitting there," said an official who was in the meeting.

And before anyone could say cheese, or before anyone knew what was happening, our ratty media was lining up to take shots at Trudeau.

Led by Andrew Scheer's favourite CBC reporter Rosemary Barton...

Who was quickly followed by others like the old CTV hack Don Martin...

Who sounded so excited it was hard to know whether he was wearing pants or not.

And one can only hope he was, because the shabby Postmedia stooge David Akin was following closely behind...

And he NEVER misses an opportunity to bash Trudeau or polish Paul Godfrey's ass.

Or like Andrew Coyne and all the others on the doomed Postmedia Titanic, sing for his supper...

And when at last the mystery was solved, and it turned out that our Prime Minister was simply letting the other countries know that they weren't going to push Canada around.

And it became clear that this was Justin's Canada First moment.

Sources from other TPP countries were telling reporters the Canadians "screwed" everyone, while Canadian officials said other countries got carried away before an agreement was ready and that the meeting of 11 leaders was cancelled after Mr. Trudeau's meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ran late. 

The 11 governments still in the TPP talks wanted this to be a symbol that trade liberalization goes on even when Mr. Trump's United States is going the other way. The other 10 governments wanted to show that they were fully committed to TPP 2.0. Mr. Trudeau wasn't ready to go all in. This was his "Canada first" moment.

None of the Con media rats had the decency to apologize for their hysterical behaviour. Or for taking a report from a right-wing Australian paper, running with it like a pack of feral ferrets, only to end up looking like idiots. 

And the closest Rosemary Barton came to remorse was this:

Which elicited this comment from one of her Twitter followers...

Who I'm pretty sure sure was speaking for millions of Canadians who once loved the CBC but don't recognize what it has become...

For they may call it the new/nouveau National, but it's still the place where Cons hang out, and we're supposed to grin and bear it.

And all I can say is, if  those Schmearlings think that progressives in this country are going to take this right-wing assault lying down, they've got another thought coming.

For I sense there are a lot of people in this country who are getting really angry at the blatantly biased way the Parliamentary Press parrots are covering the news, never even bothering to balance their stories, or their collection of squawking heads.

And are simply playing into the hands of the Cons, who are trying to make the Liberals look like criminals.

Led by the creepy religious fanatic Andrew Scheer, the man they call Schmear...

Cranking out American-style political porn like this:  

No doubt with the help of Hamish Marshall, who once worked for Ezra Levant and his hate mongering rag The Rebel...

And this is the story, and the scandal, the MSM should be covering.

But isn't. 

Which reminds me... if our ratty media won't report on the alt-right takeover of the country's official opposition party, or can't properly cover a foreign story from Ottawa, maybe they could take a look, or a sniff, at what's happening on Parliament Hill.

Because that's disgusting.

And it does makes you wonder who those people are, and whether the corruption all around them is affecting the way they do their jobs. 

Or wonder how they see themselves...

Or wonder who gave those pompous porkers the right to twist reality and act as if they were working to elect Andrew Schmear? 

When far more Canadians voted for and still support Justin Trudeau and his Liberals.

Yup. There's something terribly wrong with our Con media, and it's threatening our democracy.

Let's fight back, stand up for our Canadian values. Let's boycott the hell out of them.

And teach those hogs and their depraved leader a lesson they'll never forget....


  1. Now the reformatories are faulting Trudeau for participating in TPP negotiations because it might give Donnie a big butthurt.

    1. Anonymous11:54 AM

      I call them lava-Tories. An active volcano vomiting out boiling, hot sludge from the fiery depths -- like a freshly struck oil spigot spitting toxic tar into the water supply... or a backed-up, overflowing toilet regurgitating a flood of crap.

    2. Hi rumleyfips...OMG when will those traitors give up there attempts to convince us they are a Canadian political party, and admit that they are just a front for Trump and his Trumpkins. The day we start adjusting our policies to please Trump will be the day this country dies...

    3. Hi anon 11:54...lava-Tories is pretty good, but so is that overflowing toilet. So I suggest we combine the best of both, and call them the lavatory Tories... ;)

  2. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Boycott the CBC? I'll up the ante and suggest selling it.

    1. HI anon...well of course you Cons would because you and the Schmear gang are about as Canadian as a three dollar bill. But here's the thing, boycotting the CBC for a while would only embarrass it, which would be good enough for me. But boycotting Postmedia could kill it dead which would really make my day...

  3. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Justin's a good guy who wants to do the right thing. The Canadians even tried to rescue Americans from corporate malfeasance and their own Republican-brainwashed stupidity, by incorporating labor fairness stipulations and environmental protections into NAFTA. He and his team deserve more credit than the con-spiratorial tabloid trash press would ever give in a million years.

    For all their hemming and hawing, the stale old "Justin doesn't know business because he never had a real job" snowboarder/bouncer/drama teacher crap, I hope they end up being one of the first "redundant classes" who get a chance to see life on the unemployment line. Let them start polishing their turd resumes and go pick up a wingnut welfare check at Fox Noise, Breitbart, or some other garbage outlet. I wonder if any of them speak Russian? They'd fit in quite nicely at the official Trump propaganda outlets of Pravda and Russia Today.

    Joseph Goebbels once said something to the effect of, "if you repeat a lie often enough, millions of people will believe it." Tru' dat.

    1. Hi anon...the Cons have been trying to put down and diminish Justin Trudeau from the moment he became Liberal leader. For years they bombarded us with different versions of their '"he's just not ready" porky ads. Only to have him leave them looking like the bloody victims of a multi-car collision. Since them Schmear and his filthy collection of religious fanatics, racists and sexist swine, have tried to claim that he is just a dilettante who doesn't know what he's doing. Unfortunately for the Cons the economy is booming, while they are going nowhere. We're still going to have to finish them off since the Con media keeps them alive or in a state of suspended animation. But I suspect that will be a real pleasure. The sound of Cons squealing is music to my ears...😎

  4. Anonymous12:34 PM

    So he's just back from Vietnam and having a day off with the kids, and already it has started...HE DID NOT SHOW UP FOR THE PARADE.
    Where was Schmear? Oh right...
    GG looked great. JLS

    1. Hi anon...the Cons are diseased and increasingly desperate. An if our disgusting Con media took a closer look at the secretive cabal that is running the Harper Party these days, they wouldn't even be in contention. Can you imagine how ghastly it would be if the Schmeagol gollum was representing us abroad? He'd spend all his time complaining about how badly governments are treating Christians. He should resign immediately and run for Opus Dei...

  5. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Disgusting pig media

    1. His anon...they are indeed, and it's up to every decent Canadian to let them know exactly how they feel. The squealers are killing themselves and they don't even know it....

  6. Anonymous3:34 PM

    I think you've mentioned this before, or one of your readers did, but I truly believe that the reason the media is acting so badly is because they want the Liberals to bail out their failing businesses. Only blackmail can explain their behaviour.

  7. Hi anon....I think you may be right. I can think of no other logical explanation. Those dirty little monkeys want the Liberals to pay them to stop their biased campaigns against them. The problem is that the parliamentary press gallery is an increasingly smaller group, and has started to act like a cult. it's group think, and when one attacks Justin Trudeau they all do. And now that we know that Parliament Hill is reeking with sexist behaviour, I think those Con stooges are capable of anything...

  8. Media biased? Of course. It now reflects the policies of multinational corporations, as that is basically what the fifth estate has become, and corporations do not run on truth, they run on a solid bottom line. This may also be enhanced by the failure of progressive reporters, and editors, to gain a voice in the ranks, due to either seniority issues or because of owner prejudice due to their beliefs, and the attrition of trusted newspeople due to age or death or retirement. The worst thing that could have happened has been the amalgamation of media into the hands of only a few corporations, for the fifth estate which was supposed to be free and unhindered, no longer is.

    1. hi Filcher.... very good point, I always keep forgetting about seniority. Thanks to all the cuts, and the fact that younger employees are generally played off first, media people are getting older and more conservative. What I'm hoping for is that when Postmedia goes down, many small shoots will be created from the remains, and we might have more of an independent, or at least more diverse media scene, instead of the monopoly or duopoly we have now...

  9. e. a. f.1:44 AM

    you'd think the Canadian press might want to do some work instead of just copying some Australian paper. What ever happened to journalistic integrity? oh, well gone is gone.

    why would Canada sign anything which isn't to our benefit?

    What ever is up with the CBC these days you really have to wonder or do they think they are the official opposition. We've always expected it from CTV, but really the CBC? perhaps the new 4 want there to be only one of them, to replace Mansbridge, so they're going ape in their effects to please the board room of Cons.

    Trudeau has sent a good message to the other countries. Canada isn't going to sign anything which isn't right for us.