Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Darth Harper and the Divided Left That Eats Itself

I think it safe to say that with less than three weeks to go before the election, and Darth Harper and his Aussie alien Lynton Crosby preparing to use the foulest wedge issues to try to win another mandate.

As you can see by this latest tweet from Great Ugly Leader.

The last thing I probably needed to know was that the NDP and the Liberals are fighting each other. Again.

Or see the gratingly Con friendly Jen Gerson crow that the left is eating itself. 

Stephen Harper and the Caricature of Justin Trudeau

From the moment Justin Trudeau was named Liberal leader, Stephen Harper and his foul Cons went after him in what can only be described as a bestial manner.

The brutish Harper has tried to portray Trudeau as foppish dilettante, not ready, and too dangerous to be prime minister. He has questioned his masculinity. Him and his Cons now calling him a terrorist sympathizer.

But most of all the depraved bully Harper has tried to turn him into caricature, a cardboard cutout, a doll. So he could more easily destroy him.

So in that regard I found Jonathan Kay's impressions of the real Justin Trudeau, the man behind that caricature, both interesting and moving.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Munk Debate and the Justin Trudeau Challenge

I thought it was the best debate so far, if only because at long last it was all about our precious and very threatened Canadian values.

And as predicted, as soon as Stephen Harper stopped groping the hands of his opponents, he set out to destroy them.

By reaching into Lynton Crosby's sweaty bag of dirty wedge issues, and challenging his opponents to criticize his decision to strip a convicted terrorist wannabe of his Canadian citizenship.

And since it is such an explosive wedge issue, I was glad to see the way Justin Trudeau rose to the challenge. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Munk Debate and Stephen Harper's Foreign Policy Trial

Tonight Stephen Harper will take part in the Munk Debate on foreign policy, along with the other leaders.

And if there is any justice it should be a trial of his insane foreign policy. 

And the way he has shamed us in the eyes of the world. 

For as this leaked report reveals, the damage couldn't be more devastating.  

Why Did the MSM Fail To Dig Up Stephen Harper's Past?

As you know, a large number of candidates from all parties have had to resign after their past came back to haunt them.

Which is depressing, and makes me wonder how far we have fallen in this decaying  Harperland. Rotting like a corpse from the head down.

But what it also makes me wonder, is whether Stephen Harper would ever have been prime minister if his past had been dug up years ago.

Because it's not pretty.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Ghastly Cowardice of the Cons

There are now just three weeks to go before the election that will decide the fate of Canada, and we find out whether it will live or die. 

And it's hard to escape a feeling of foreboding now that we know for sure how Stephen Harper and his twisted Aussie gremlin Lynton Crosby are hoping to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

By having Harper pose a Great Warrior Leader, the sheriff of the manly men Con posse, who would PROTECT us all the dangers of the world, from economic catastrophe to an invasion of refugees and hookers.

Even though we all know the nerd Harper couldn't be less of a warrior, or more of a coward...

Jason Kenney and Lynton Crosby's New and Dangerous Wedge Issue

Well don't say I didn't warn you. In one of my last posts I wrote that Jason Kenney would go absolutely wild at the thought that Justin Trudeau was going after the so-called ethnic vote. 

And yesterday that's exactly what he did, 

In a grotesque three-act performance or freak show that began with him trying to smear Trudeau in a way that couldn't be more bizarre or obscene. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stephen Harper and Lynton Crosby's Monstrous Lock Box

Well there was Stephen Harper in Quebec yesterday, locking a promise never to raise taxes into a giant safe.

Vowing to put a tax lock on our future. 

Stephen Harper is making a promise to keep his promise. A re-elected Conservative government would introduce so-called “tax lock” legislation that would prohibit increases to federal tax rates, Harper announced Friday.

The gesture is a symbolic one, enshrining in law what Harper has already repeatedly promised and allowing him to say other parties — should they form future governments — would have to break the law in order to raise taxes.

And while some wondered whether he got the idea from a Saturday Night Live skit.

Jason Kenney and the Vanishing Ethnic Vote

As you know the Harper regime has expended a huge amount of energy pandering to the so-called ethnic vote.

And nobody more than Jason Kenney, the man they call Mr Curry in a Hurry, who likes to jet across the country hitting every religious festival and ethnic banquet between St John's and Victoria.

In relentless pursuit of the ethnic vote, wherever he can find one. At the buffet table, or in a stairwell bearing a pizza. 

So I can't help but think that this move by Justin Trudeau must have felt like a kick in the stomach. 

Kevin Page and the Many Victims of the Con Regime

For five long years Kevin Page was the Parliamentary Budget Officer, and in many ways the conscience of the Con regime.

They hated the way he stood up for the truth, they hounded him, they made his life miserable.

And two years ago they finally forced him out.

But now Page is back with a new book, that tells the story of those nightmare years.

Friday, September 25, 2015

The French Debate and the Bigot Game of Stephen Harper

If you missed last night's French-language debate you can relax because you didn't miss much.

The debate had its lively moments, but there were no knock out punches, and I very much doubt that it will move many votes in Quebec or in the rest of Canada.

Tom Mulcair survived the combined assault of his opponents, Justin Trudeau more than held his own, Elizabeth May did surprisingly well considering she doesn't speak French as well as the others. And Gilles Duceppe started strong and quickly faded.

But what the debate did show conclusively is that Stephen Harper is determined to use the niqab issue to try to win the election.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Are the Harper Cons Getting Close to Winning A Majority?

In my last post  I warned that the niqab issue has boosted Stephen Harper's fortunes.

And I have also been warning for weeks what might happen if the progressive parties kept attacking each other instead of joining forces to save our Canada.

And we couldn't rise to the challenge of making that our only cause. And that if we couldn't go big we might as well go home.

Well if this poll is true, we could already be on the verge of disaster.

Stephen Harper Prepares to Play the Bigot Card in Quebec

It couldn't be a more horrible sight. For me it is the ultimate nightmare. The grubby Stephen Harper, the political porn peddler, in my own province of Quebec.

The province that adopted me, and that I love so much.

Preparing for tonight's French-language TV debate, and a last desperate effort to claw his way to another bloody majority.

By playing the bigot card.

For this latest French-only Con video leaves no doubt about that...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Check Out My Scary List of Stephen Harper's Scummy Candidates

I don't know where Stephen Harper gets his candidates from, but it must be a dark and smelly place.

You'd think the guy with the coffee cup and the YouTube pervert would be enough.

But it turns out there are so many more.

Justin Trudeau and the Last Days of the Mad King Harper

Well he took his time, and I must admit the suspense was killing me.

But Justin Trudeau has finally done the right thing.

And announced that he will not support a Stephen Harper  minority government.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rona Ambrose and the End of the Great Con War on Marijuana

As you know Rona Ambrose likes to pretend she's a doctor, a nurse, a Health Minister, and a Justice Minister.

And has extreme views on marijuana and Justin Trudeau.

So I'm glad to see that the Canadian Medical Association has taken some time to correct her mindless ravings about the Killer Weed.

And made her look like a dangerous quack or a maniac.

How To Stop Stephen Harper From Stealing the Election

There are now only twenty-seven days to go before the election that will determine the fate of this country. Less than four weeks before we find out whether it will live or it will die.

But even as the decent people of Canada prepare for the battle they hope will bring down the brutish Stephen Harper and his sinister Con regime, a new danger looms.

For even as we struggle to get people to cast their ballots, you can be sure that the Cons are planning to suppress them or steal them. 

Are the Harper Con Artists Faking Their Propaganda?

I'm sure many of you have seen this great sign carved into a field in Buford, Ontario, by a good Canadian to make it absolutely clear what he thinks of Stephen Harper. 

People flying over John Langs’ farm know exactly how the retired civil servant feels about the upcoming election.

“I think it’s time he left, I think he’s been bad for Canada,” Langs said.

So I wasn't surprised to see that the Cons had claimed to match it with this sign allegedly carved into a fallow field in Alberta.

But as with all things Con, almost nothing is what it seems.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Real Threat Stephen Harper Doesn't Want to Talk About

Well there was Stephen Harper yesterday, standing in front of a wall of PROTECT signs, defending his miserly response to the refugee crisis.

And playing the politics of fear.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is defending his government’s approach to the Syrian refugee crisis as “generous and responsible.” And he took aim at the Liberals and New Democrats for what he branded as their “reckless” promises to throw open Canada’s doors to assist with the humanitarian crisis.

But of course he would, because he knows that issue is working for him, and he is only following the orders of his Australian attack dingo Lynton Crosby.

Piggygate: The Horrible Story of Cons, Pigs, and Scandal

As you know I like to portray Stephen Harper and his Cons as pigs, with big snouts and pointy ears.

Not because I have anything against pigs, who are smart and gentle animals.

But only because like pigs, Cons like to congregate at the trough, and roll in the mud, and squeal in a most unseemly fashion.

However I must admit that this Con pig story has left me shocked and shaken, and squealing in horror myself !!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Three Words That Could Help Destroy Him

They were only three words in a heated debate, but when Stephen Harper used the words "old stock Canadians" he may have made one of the biggest mistakes of this campaign.

For while many Canadians who were born in this country may have easily shrugged them off, as just another pathetic attempt by Harper to send a dog whistle message to his Con base.

For many of the one in six Canadians who weren't born here, that won't be that easy.

Because for many of them that message sounded a lot like this...

The Cons, the Census, and the Horrifying Story of Our Vanishing Canada

It's now been five years since the ghastly Tony Clement announced that the Cons were killing the long form census.

Claiming that it was a gross invasion of privacy, and that they had been "flooded" with complaints.

Which like all things Con turned out to be just another Big Lie. 

The Conservative government listened to only a relative handful of Canadians — including conspiracy theorists afraid the government was going to round them up — before scrapping the mandatory long-form census, according to documents obtained by the Toronto Star.

There were just a handful of complaints, many of them from the usual suspects.

And the decision to kill it was made by one of the screaming voices in Stephen Harper's head.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Con's New Bigot Offensive

Well now we know for sure. Now there is no longer any doubt. Stephen Harper will use bigotry to try to win the next election. 

He is that desperate, and that crazy.

He will not not call off his bloodthirsty hounds. 

The Conservatives are seeking to throw up another roadblock to a Muslim woman's quest to be able to vote in October. The government announced Friday it will seek a stay of a Federal Court of Appeal decision this week that would have allowed Zunera Ishaq to wear a niqab while swearing the oath of citizenship.

He will have his pound of flesh.

And now he's launched another bigot offensive to try to divide Canadians.

My Letter to the Harper Supporter Wayne Gretzky

Dear Wayne 

I have to admit I that you were never my hockey hero, because I've always  been a huge Habs fan. You know, the loser team with the glorious past, the one only the Leafs can make look good.

And we needed to play you like we needed a hole in the head, or a yet another puck in the back of our net.

But you were a great hockey player, and it was a pleasure to watch you play OTHER teams. And of course, score for Team Canada.

So I'm very sorry to see you destroy your legacy by endorsing a man like Stephen Harper. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Noisy But Not So Great Globe Economic Debate

OK. Before I write about my impressions of last night's Globe debate.

I feel I need to make some things clear, in the interests of full disclosure.

I've never been very good at numbers, and I'm not much interested in economics. I took a lot of classes at university but I slept through most of them. 

And when my rich uncle tried to lecture me recently in some fancy Bay Street restaurant, about the importance of balancing MY budget and investing wisely, I started nodding off until my head almost hit the table.

Also having injured my knee in a bike accident, I was forced to watch the debate lying on the couch with my foot pointing at the ceiling, which was almost as painful as the show itself.

And when it was over I had a splitting headache.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Day Harperman the Freedom Song Was Sung All Over Canada

It's sad that Tony Turner, who wrote and sings the song Harperman couldn't be there in person.

He's been suspended from his job as a scientist at Environment Canada for simply exercising his right to free expression, and forced to keep a low profile.

But wherever he was today he must smiling to know that his song was played all over Canada today.

Like at this rally on Parliament Hill.

Are Progressives Winning or Losing the Election Campaign?

Well there is now just over a month to go before the election. And in the leafy lanes of Ward's Island it's easy to relax, for everything is so peaceful, progressive, and mostly orange.

In this riding the battle is between the NDP and the Liberals, and the Cons don't stand a chance. 

But that can give you a false sense of security, so I thought it might be a good idea to take a wider look at the way the campaign to defeat Stephen Harper and his foul Con regime is going. 

And in that regard I see that two writers who I admire, have very different opinions.

Jason Kenney and the Bigot Issue that Could Kill Canada

Golly. How did I know that the shabby Con stooge Chris Alexander's moment of glory, or infamy, wouldn't last long?

That he would rush out this morning to breathlessly announce that the government would appeal a court decision allowing a woman to wear a niqab during a citizenship ceremony. 

Only to be quickly given the hook so Jason Kenney could show everyone who is the REAL Immigration Minister.

And take this bigot issue one step further. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Con Stooge Chris Alexander Disgraces Himself Again

You might think that the ghastly Con stooge Chris Alexander might have learned his lesson.

You might think that buried deep inside his lizard brain there might be a sputtering spark of decency.

But no, just a few days ago he was going after Syrian refugees.

Now he's going after a woman who wears a niqab. 

Are Stephen Harper and His Cons Creeping Out Our Social Media?

Well it's a horrible thought. The kind of thought that could give you nightmares.

But Stephen Harper is desperate. He knows the internet is his enemy. The only thing he can't control.

Or scare into submission.

So it seems that him and his Con gang may have been creeping out Facebook.

As the CBC's Reg Sherren discovered when he checked out his own site...

Harper's Police And Yet Another Reason To Kill Bill C-51

As you know I have been steadily losing confidence in the RCMP, which I now frequently call Harper's police.

Not because I'm anti-police, I'm not.

But because I can't help feeling that its bosses have turned it into a tool of the sinister Con regime.

And as you know I also believe that if Harper isn't defeated, and his totalitarian anti-terror law Bill C-51 isn't killed, he will use it to turn this country into a police state.

And this small story couldn't hold a greater warning.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Stephen Harper's Not So Proud Record The Video

For years Stephen Harper has used millions of dollars of OUR money to make himself look good on his ghastly YouTube propaganda channel 24/7.

And now his Con Death Machine is flooding the airwaves with more propaganda promoting what he calls his great team and his proud record.

Even though it couldn't be more hideous.

So I'm glad to see that the great team at Press Progress has put together this new and improved version of a 24/7 video .

To remind Canadians that his record couldn't be less proud.

Jesus Harper and the Not So Miraculous Surplus

It looked like a scene in that sordid B-movie, The Rise and Fall of Jesus Harper.

The one where the Oily Messiah takes a fishy deficit and miraculously turns it into a tiny surplus.

Stephen Harper seemed to have some extra spring in his step Monday after struggling on a variety of fronts in what has been a tough campaign so far. 

The reason? News that the government posted a surprise $1.9-billion surplus in 2014-15 — bringing the country’s books back into balance a year earlier than expected.

Only to have it revealed that he is no Jesus, and it was no miracle. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Could the Refugee Issue Help Stephen Harper Win the Election?

I was planning to stay away from writing about polls for a while because all of them suggest a three-way tie, and with the margin of error could mean anything.

But something about this latest Nanos poll bothers me. 

Not because of the result, which with a margin of error of 2.8% could have any of the three parties in the lead.

But because of the tracking line...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Bad Conduct Con Campaign

If you remember when we last left Stephen Harper, he was sitting in the office of his Australian spin doctor getting the bad news about his campaign.

And either squirming uncomfortably, or gagging violently.

Which as it turns out now seems almost like proctologist poetic justice.

Now that we know that he has slapped a gag order on his own nomination candidates. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Stephen Harper's New and Absurd Politics of Fear

Well there was Stephen Harper yesterday, trying to show he's really a nice guy, by releasing a lobster over the side of a fishing boat.

But of course for the real story of that photo-op, you'd have to read this account of that media nightmare. 

To understand that in Harperland nothing is what it seems to be.

And that his phoney Mr Nice Guy act didn't last long either.

Because now he's back to peddling the politics of fear.

Why Chris Alexander Should Resign Immediately

After keeping a low profile for a few days, and no doubt trying to forget the ghastly image of that poor little boy on the beach, he's out there again.

Cheerfully tweeting away...

And giving us a big thumbs up.

But in his private moments Chris Alexander must be haunted by the ghost of Alan Kurdi.

Because it turns out Alexander knew much more about the plight of the Kurdi family, and what led to that tragedy, than he has ever admitted.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Is the Con's Australian Attack Dog Violating Our Election Laws?

When the story broke that the Australian attack dingo Lynton Crosby was working for the Cons, I was struck by how angrily the political thugs in the PMO reacted.

The Con flak Kory Teneycke tried to play down the news, claiming first that Crosby was not here, and then that all he was doing was analyzing polls.

While other Cons muttered darkly about how some in their campaign were trying to "sabotage" the party.

And I assumed that was because of Crosby's unsavoury record, as a wedge artist, a racist, and a master of the dark arts.

But what if it was something else?

The Desperate Stephen Harper and the Ghastly Bigot of Oz

It couldn't be more desperate or more absurd or more obscene. And the timing couldn't be worse. 

Just as Stephen Harper seems to be bowing to public pressure, and preparing to finally do something to help desperate Syrian refugees. 

The Conservatives, after continued criticism they are not doing enough to address the Syrian refugee crisis, are expected to announce within days some new ways Canada could help.

After claiming for days that they were too dangerous to allow into Canada...

Garnotte/Le Devoir

We find out, a day after he bounced Jenni Byrne off the bus, that his campaign is being managed by the man known as the Wizard of Oz.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another Great Video And Even More Reasons To Stop Harper

Earlier today I ran this adbuster's video with its reasons we deserve better than Stephen Harper and his monstrous regime...

Now here's another powerful video with even more reasons to Stop Harper...

Are We Finally Witnessing the Total Collapse of the Harper Regime?

Yesterday I told you that the mood in the Con War Room couldn't be grimmer, and that the mood on their bus couldn't be more toxic. And that many were blaming Jenni Byrne.

Well now Byrne has been kicked off the bus and sent back to Ottawa. 

One of Stephen Harper's closest advisers is being sent back to Ottawa after a series of missteps knocked the Conservative leader's re-election bid off message, CBC News has learned.

Sources tell CBC News she is bearing the brunt of Harper's anger over this week's decision to boot two candidates who made it through the party's screening process, which she was supposed to oversee.

And the blame game has begun.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Stephen Harper's New and Obscene War on Refugees

As you know, Stephen Harper has been caught in a trap of his own making.

Caught between the majority of Canadians who are demanding that him and his grotesque regime do more to help desperate Syrian refugees.

And the bigotry of his rabid base who are violently opposed to that idea, unless the migrants are Christians. 

So now he is trying to wriggle out of that trap, and pleasure his base further, by declaring that the refugees are a terrorist menace.

The Wheels Really Are Falling Off the Con Campaign

As you know I've been having a bit of fun following the Con campaign bus as it roars down the road, from one tightly controlled photo op to another.

Or limps into third place.

And for a few weeks I've been hearing rumours that all is not well on the big blue machine. 

And that Jenni Byrne, the PMO pit bull and Con campaign boss, has been scaring the bejesus out of almost everybody onboard...

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Stephen Harper's Really REALLY Bad Day

Well I can only imagine what Stephen Harper must have been feeling like when he returned to his war room or his rubber room last night.

But he must have been fit to be tied, or bouncing off the walls.

Because he couldn't have had a worse day. There just wasn't ANY good news.

It was all horrible...

Monday, September 07, 2015

Peegate: The Latest and Totally Disgusting Con Scandal

I must admit I'm a bit apprehensive about writing about the Con's latest scandal, because I do try to keep this blog as decent as possible.

And this latest scandal is just so GROSS. 

So be warned.

But it seems some Con candidate has been caught in the act, relieving himself in the wrong place.