Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Check Out My Scary List of Stephen Harper's Scummy Candidates

I don't know where Stephen Harper gets his candidates from, but it must be a dark and smelly place.

You'd think the guy with the coffee cup and the YouTube pervert would be enough.

But it turns out there are so many more.

Like the one who believes that we need Bill C-51 to fight the terrorists and the criminals. 

"I know there's a whole group of people including a couple of the speakers here tonight who talk about civil liberties and about the freedom of having the right to pretty much choose to do what you like," Liepert told voters. "Folks, that's not the country we live in."

So Harper can turn us into a police state.

Or the one who would have us believe we're not safe from ISIS not even in our bedrooms. 

As would this one.

But still would have the nerve to claim he isn't fear mongering. The slobbering idiot.

Or how about the candidate who believes that Muslim immigrants want to kill everyone and isn't happy about the separation of church and state?

But would lick the smarmy bigot Jason Kenney like a lollipop.

Or how about this religious freak who would compare abortion to 911 and the Holocaust. 

And can you believe this foul racist who is worried about a refugee invasion of Europe.

Harper and his foul dingo bigot Lynton Crosby must be sooooo proud of him...

Or how about the genius who thinks young Canadians should work for FREE.

The one with the sleazy friends...

The one who screwed our jobs by flooding us with foreign workers, the one who diddled our Election Act.

And how do you like this scummy religious bigot flying under the radar and trying to cover up her past? 

Is it acceptable for a candidate for the governing party to attend a hateful protest at Gay Pride? Is it acceptable for her to try and hide that?

Isn't she pretty?

Oh boy, I don't know what sewer the political pervert Stephen Harper gets his candidates from.

But I do know where they all belong...

They are the disgusting members of the scummiest party this country has ever known.

They are the sucklings of their depraved leader.

And we will not be safe or clean.

Until they are all defeated...

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David said...

On The National (Sunday) Wendy Mesley said the blogger who has uncovered the embarrassing info about certain candidates is planning to reveal more of them as we get closer to the election, so this way it will be too late for the party to get a replacement candidate.