Thursday, September 03, 2015

Stephen Harper and There's Always Money For A War, The Video

It has been said of Stephen Harper that he cannot feel the pain of others. 

And I'm sure that's true because he is a clinical psychopath.

So I didn't expect him to feel much sympathy for this poor dead child...

Especially since his government had a hand in making sure he never made it to Canada.

But I never thought he would use that tragedy to reject the idea of more help for refugees.

And instead make the case for more war.

Stephen Harper is rejecting calls for Canada to take immediate action to resettle Syrian refugees in response to a growing humanitarian crisis, arguing the problem is bigger than simply bringing in more refugees.

He said military action is required in order to address the root causes that are forcing millions to flee the war-ravaged regions, noting he has already pledged during the campaign to accept 10,000 more refugees from Syria and Iraq over four years if re-elected.

But somehow he managed, because he is a psychopath. Managed to glorify war, portray himself as a Great Warrior Leader. And use that dead child as a weapon to bludgeon his opponents.

Even though the plight of those refugees couldn't be more desperate. Even though he himself admits, the war is going nowhere. And even though, as he won't admit, a new Pentagon report says it is killing civilians.

An internal Pentagon document obtained by CBC's the fifth estate raises questions about the quality of the investigation conducted by coalition forces into an allegation that as many as 27 civilians were killed in Iraq by a Canadian airstrike.

Now I'll have more to say about all of this, and Great Warrior Leader's latest Big Lies, in my next post.

But for now I leave you with this new and great song: There's Always Money For A War...

And of course, leave you with the usual question.

When can we get rid of this warmongering maniac? 

Before he kills this country...

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  1. What has happened to our peace loving country? There are no winners in a war!

    1. hi Kathleen...our country has lost its way thanks to a maniac who does not share our values. But we will get rid of him and we will restore those values...

  2. Only a sick mind would consider the saving of an innocent child refugee to equal the killing of a fanatic religious terrorist.

    1. hi Stew....he has a sick mind, and he cannot feel the pain of others. But he does enjoy killing even if he is a coward, And yes, the thought that we could soon be rid of him fills me with hope and joy....

  3. Two Power & Politics panels with Con MPs I saw the other day had both of them advocating war. Chris Alexander of course tried to beat the war drums with jihadi terrorism boogeymen when asked about Syria, and when Erin O'Toole was (for some reason) discussing economic matters, he lamented that the Great Depression saw strong recovery because of WW2 and that because we're not in full-on war our economy isn't going to recover quickly.

    The Cons are a war party, Harper has been desperate to go to war for years now. In less than one decade, Canada has gone from international renown as peacekeepers and humanitarian aid providers, to bombing innocent civilians and instead of expression compassion for refugees, using them as pro-war props.

    "You won't recognise Canada when I'm done with it" indeed. I can only hope he's done very soon and we can get back to restoring the nation's dignity.

    1. hi Noah...yes it is insanity isn't it. I am proud of Canada's military tradition, and how we fought the fascists and liberated Holland. And although I abhor violence I would fight for my country if I felt it was truly threatened. But I would rather be a peacemaker, and the Harperites are corrupting our values and trying to rewrite our history. For unlike the American we are not a product of war, we are a product of our genius for peaceful compromise. The war party is in the wrong country, and we are going to destroy them and restore our Canadian values...

  4. Military action to address the "root cause"? Military action is the root cause.

    1. hi are exactly right, the root cause of the appalling human catastrophe is war, beginning with the invasion of Iraq, which as you know Harper supported. I was tempted when I saw that to mention Pierre Poilievre;'s infamous statement: "the root cause of terrorism is terrorism." But I ran out of time and space, and we will no doubt have another chance to deal with Skippy or Dickhead later...

  5. e.a.f.11:19 PM

    military action will not solve the problem of the suffering. we may not be able to save the world, but we could save 60 thousand families and that would at least be something. there are churches and groups who would like to sponsor families, but the government isn't making it easy.

    Steve could get his pals in Saudi Arabia he has been selling arms to and ask them to help pay for resettlement in other countries which truly can't afford much. Qatar is spending $200 billion for the world cup but still has not taken more than a 100 refugees. Let the MSM get on the case of the rich arab countries also. Jordon is a small country, yet has hundreds of thousands of refugees. Why can't Qatar help pay for it and build cities so people can at least start over.

    Steve isn't going to take any refugees. Last yr a doctor wanted to bring children to Canada for medical treatment. steve and his cons wouldn't. thought they might be terrorists.

  6. hi e.a.f...yes you're right, our bombing campaign will not help save the lives of those desperate refugees. Unlike many progressives I don't object to the use of military force against the genocidal ISIS crazies, if it would make a difference and hasten their defeat. But I don't think our puny contribution is making a difference, and I feel we could be more effective and more Canadian if we used our armed forces to protect and help the millions of displaced people, for their need couldn't be greater. Let the countries in that region settle their own religious differences, and let us take care of their victims...