Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Day Rosemary Barton Destroyed the Con Clown Chris Alexander

As you may know, I absolutely despise Chris Alexander, the Con Minister of  Citizenship and Immigration.

The once promising young diplomat who sold his soul to Stephen Harper.

And morphed into something monstrous like the ghastly portrait in the Picture of Dorian Gray.

The kind of man who would deny health care to refugee claimants.

And would do ANYTHING to please his depraved master.

And I mean ANYTHING.

So you can imagine how pleased I was to see Rosemary Barton absolutely DESTROY him on the show Power and Politics.

And when that segment was over, I was also delighted to see that I wasn't the only one who thought that Alexander had been taken to the cleaners...

Or just destroyed over and over again...

Even if the hapless Alexander didn't seem to accept the fact that he had just been removed from the ring feet first...

And just kept repeating his tired and absurd Con talking points, long after the show was over.

Which fortunately didn't seem to faze the brilliant Barton...

Who more than earned that glass of wine. For showing us among other things why we need the CBC so much.

But no doubt made the portrait of Dorian Alexander turn ever darker...

And the best news?

When we defeat the Con regime.

We will also drive Alexander from power.

And for failing most miserably to do enough to help desperate refugees like this poor little boy and his family.

The two small boys whose bodies washed up on a Turkish beach Wednesday were Kurdish refugees from Kobane, Syria, whose family had been desperately trying to emigrate to Canada.

Fin Donnelly, the MP for Port Moody-Coquitlam, said he’d hand-delivered the Kurdis’ file to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander earlier this year. Alexander said he would look into it, Donnelly said, but the Kurdis’ application was rejected in June. Alexander could not be reached for comment.

And for blaming the media instead of himself, and his depraved leader.

I  can only hope that he will one day end up in a court, charged with crimes against humanity.

Along with all the other Cons.

Who have shamed their country so disgracefully...

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  1. Anonymous11:24 PM

    You are absolutely correct Simon about Chris Alexander. I thought he was an intelligent person but he has proven time and again to be a complete embarrassment to Canada. I wonder how he can live with himself, but what really bugs me is CBC did not allow comments directly on Rosemary's interview. Rosemary is a very good host although she gives more latitude to people like Alise Mills and Michelle Rempel than they are entitled to.

    1. hi anon...yes Chris Alexander has fallen a long way, and opinion in the MSM is running heavily against him. He is seen as damaged goods, and I wouldn't be surprised if he loses his seat. As for the CBC, I think the strong reaction spooked them, and they didn't want people to read a gazillion comments congratulating Barton for having knocked the stuffing out of that Con clown...

  2. e.a.f.12:29 AM

    I heard more than saw the CBC show. Wonderful T.V. Good for Rosie Barton. Long may she have this show. Its about time! It was fun!

    Canada has taken far too few refugees. We can not expect Europe to take all of the refugees. it is also up to Qatar to either take refugees or pay for them to have cities built in Jordon or Turkey to re-establish themselves. Europe simply can't absorb all the displaced people. Saudi Arabia is rich enough to pay to have people settled elsewhere where or to take them in.

    Canada helped create this mess. Now we have to help clean it up. With this number of people, countries will have to set up to the plate and that will include countries such as South Africa and Russia. They have room. Qatar is spending $200Billion on football, they can spend a few billion on helping others in the middle east.I

    1. hi e.a.f...yes I'm glad to see that Rosemary Barton is starting to crack down on the Con's talking points, nnd demanding real answers. It's about time. And yes Canada and Europe and other nations can take in all the refugees without too many problems. It's only a matter of political will...

  3. Finally - someone in the media speaks truth to power, now the others would only do the same.

    1. hi sassy...yes it is good to see isn't it? I must admit that I wondered whether Rosemary would be able to fill Evan's shoes, but she has done a superb job. In fact I think she is harder on the Cons than Evan was. So yes, let's have more of that, and now couldn't be a better time. The Cons will live to regret this long campaign, where they have already been forced to answer more questions than they have in the last two years...

  4. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Pathetic how desperate and grateful we are to hear the truth. Harper said yesterday we have taken 20,000. I think that's a lie. More like 2000 if that.

    Read in the Guardian Weekly how the populations in Europe are shrinking way too much. So Germany is taking 800,000 of these poor refugees. Spain needs people and Portugal and Italy and others.

    1. hi anon...well it is pathetic, but in a broken country like this one where the truth is such a scarce commodity, it is certainly welcome. And yes Europe can take in more refugees and so can we...

  5. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Canada helped create the crisis through involvement in military action in the neighboring countries that created the power vacuum ISIS grew into. That said we have both a moral and humanitarian duty to help the victims of the horrible war. All the Cons want is more war and unfortunately that may come soon enough if there is no other means of getting the mess we helped create under control.

    1. hi RT...exactly, what's happening in that region is a direct result of Western military action. The Americans destroyed Iraq, we helped destroy Libya, and I have always believe that Canada can play a bigger role on the humanitarian front than we can on the military one. And of course remain truer to our real Canadian values...

  6. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Now that Alexander has put his campaign on hold and won't be available to media for awhile we have to be careful the principle focus isn't put directly on his campaign while the tragedy of the two children and their mother gets forgotten.
    Not forgotten,at least by me,is the fact this government also in the past year refused to admit Palestinian children to come to Canada for medical care following the Israeli destruction last summer.
    Not forgotten are the Palestinian children slaughtered while playing soccer on a beach.
    I'm sure there are thousands of others.
    Alexander had the chance to save at least two and their mother.He should suspend his campaign permanently.
    No amount of soap will ever be able to wash the blood off his hands.

    1. hi anon...Alexander won't be putting his campaign on hold for long. I hear, although I haven't seen any polls, that he is in a very close race to hold onto his seat. And this tragedy certainly won't help him in that regard. As for all the Con's other crimes, unfortunately far too many people in this country are too parochial and have very short memories. But hopefully the damage is cumulative and they will finally pay for what they have done...

  7. That was an amazing interview.
    Alexander was just making up numbers, outrightly lying and avoiding questions, and basically yelling BUT TERRORISM!!! at every opportunity.

    What a disgusting embarrassment of a human being he is, to use a massive refugee crisis as a platform to preach the need for more war and fear mongering.

    I am also getting tired of the NDP and Liberals disagreeing on tiny points when their larger concerns match more than differ. DeWar and MacCallum there were a great pairing.

    1. hi Noah...yes it was a really entertaining interview and Alexander really did lose it. His abrasive manner and his arrogance did not serve him well. And he came off looking like complete asshole. The Cons don't seem to understand that many Canadians hate the way they behave, and they are only digging themselves in deeper. And yes, at this time in Canadian history I have no time for cheap partisanship. Especially since it is very likely that the NDP and the Liberals will have to spend the next four years working together. So they might as well start practicing being nicer to each other...

  8. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Simon.Just reading todays headlines is enough to mesmerize ya..
    Cameron blames Assad and Isis for the two children and mother's death.Syria blames Turkey.Here we blame Alexander and Harper.
    In that other refugee problem Hungary says it's Germany's problem.Over in the Ukraine Russia is blamed.Iraq,Yemen,Lybia, are in a mess.We know who to blame for that.
    What we do know is there is a serious refugee problem.People are risking their lives to find a better one.
    Canada cannot save the world.Yes we can save some.
    All these people blaming everyone else should be intelligent enough to know how to fix the problem then.The reason they don't is perhaps they are the very people who caused it in the first place.

    1. hi anon...It really is a huge and depressing story. And its bringing out the worst in people all over the world. The Europeans are going to have to deal with the problem because it's coming at them in waves, And although Canada can't save the world, we can bring in more refugees than we have done, Just over a thousand in two years isn't nearly enough. And yes, the solution lies in the region, and the resolution of what is essentially a religious war between the Sunni and the Shia. Until they reconcile their differences or stop killing each other, this insane war will continue...

  9. Thanks for posting this Simon, Rosemary Barton is excellent.

  10. hi're welcome. I have been very critical of the CBC in recent years, but Barton is a good tough journalist and she has earned her spot on that show. Let's hope she inspires others...

  11. Anonymous12:23 PM

    GeraldR says:
    Canada used to go overboard in proclaiming its position as a good global citizen and peacemaker, perhaps imagining that most Canadian politicians are Lester B clones and also overstating Lester's accomplishments. Sadly, those were the good days: now we've blown all credibility as a peacekeeper, can't even launch a rescue mission to the Med (leaving the job to mighty Sweden), put up a $30K paywall up against desperate refugees greatly disparaging their ability to do paperwork, and think that 0.3% or 1.2% (depending on political stripe) of Germany's commitment is laudable or that providing a home for ~1% of all refugees/placing 33 in per-capita refugee assistance is great work (perhaps Harper has missed the point that 33rd doesn't even get you into the playoffs).