Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kevin Page and the Many Victims of the Con Regime

For five long years Kevin Page was the Parliamentary Budget Officer, and in many ways the conscience of the Con regime.

They hated the way he stood up for the truth, they hounded him, they made his life miserable.

And two years ago they finally forced him out.

But now Page is back with a new book, that tells the story of those nightmare years.

As the committee proceedings unfolded, a lineup of former parliamentarians had been assembled as witnesses and brought in to testify that I should be held in contempt of Parliament for my actions as the PBO. It became very personal. Intimidation and fearmongering were all too common tactics of the Harper government. 

The PBO increasingly came under fire from the federal government, often in the form of these personal attacks. It seemed as if the people in charge had determined very early in my mandate that I was to be undermined whenever possible and however possible.

And it couldn't more inspiring or more chilling.

I began hearing from sympathetic senior civil servants, friends, and colleagues of mine in Ottawa, who said that I should watch my step, and I was told on more than one occasion that government officials had apparently been investigating my background. If the government had been able to collect information that might have linked me to a pack of stolen gum from a drug store when I was eleven years old, I’m sure the information would have been leaked!

And all I can say is when this monstrous thug regime is finally defeated, I hope Canadians remember the story of Page's brave struggle.

And that one of the first actions of a new progressive government will be to award him the Order of Canada.

Because without him and a relative handful of others, there would have been no lights flickering in the foul darkness.

So here's to my Canadian hero Kevin Page.

And this is for all the other victims of the Harper regime...

You know I have to be honest. Before we start rebuilding our poor broken Canada I want revenge.

Defeat him, bust him, arrest him, jail this monstrous bully.

In the name of all his victims, make him pay for what he has done...

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David said...

Kevin Page

Some of the other victims of the Con regime:

Marmalade said...

Canadians are all victims of the Con Regime........period, full stop!

The sad part is some know it and some don't(or are in denial).

jrkrideau said...

I think Munir Sheikh might be an Order of Canada candidate as well.

David said...

CBC's The Current (Tues. Sept. 29)

Kevin Page says Harper gov't undermining democracy

David said...

CBC's The Current (Tues. Sept. 29)

Kevin Page says Harper gov't undermining democracy

It's great said...