Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Bad Conduct Con Campaign

If you remember when we last left Stephen Harper, he was sitting in the office of his Australian spin doctor getting the bad news about his campaign.

And either squirming uncomfortably, or gagging violently.

Which as it turns out now seems almost like proctologist poetic justice.

Now that we know that he has slapped a gag order on his own nomination candidates. 

Publicly criticizing Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party or its candidates during the current election campaign could prove costly for former Conservative nomination contestants, iPolitics has learned. 

Unsuccessful nomination candidates risk losing a $1,000 “Good Conduct Bond” they were required to post with the Conservative Party when they applied to seek a nomination if they do anything the party decides doesn’t meet its criteria for good conduct.

And while the Cons must be making a fortune from all those candidates who haven't been able to live up to their Good Conduct Bonds...

Some of them aren't too happy.

“It is anti-democratic and highly controlling: entirely inconsistent with how a Parliamentary democracy is supposed to work,” iPolitics was told. “An MP is expected to represent a constituency and should be free to express their views as well as his or her own. The system was never meant to function by squelching free speech by the edict of one man.”

But then why should they be surprised? When Harper has been muzzling scientists for YEARS .

Including his most recent victim Tony Turner, the man who wrote and sings the great song Harperman...

Who has been suspended from his job at Environment Canada.

And who can be surprised, when just being a veteran can get you kicked out of a Harper rally? 

A veterans advocate claims he RSVP'd to a rally for Conservative Leader Stephen Harper but was kicked out after he was identified among a crowd of supporters. Jerry Kovacs said on Twitter he attended the rally to support an injured veteran on Friday. 

“I couldn’t believe it,” Kovacs said. He added that he was standing at the back quietly when he was approached by security.

And yes it was the tool O'Toole, who would do anything to please his depraved master...

Or keep his deposit.

And yes, is the Bad Conduct Con Campaign. And it's in real trouble...

Stephen Harper's new/old attempt to scare Canadians into voting for him, is getting widely panned. 

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper can’t be faulted for trying to reboot his struggling campaign at the halfway point in this election campaign. There’s a whiff of desperation in the Tory camp. 

But at a time when Canadian hearts are being tugged by the plight of Syrian refugees, his bid to pivot the national conversation back onto the Fear Factor subject of Islamist terrorism seems obstinately disconnected from reality.

The picture that emerges, mid-campaign, is of a Conservative party in panic mode that has been too long in office and has lost touch with the people

And to make matters worse, his new ad campaign which is intended to soften his image by admitting that he's not perfect, is getting REALLY bad reviews.

The "not perfect" line is likely intended to acknowledge and defuse some of the negative headlines recently plaguing the party, such as its response to the Syrian refugee crisis, Peegate, and the Duffy scandal. 

However, this negative slant is a rookie communications mistake, which is particularly bizarre given it is being made by an experienced campaign team. Imagine a cereal company saying: "Our oatmeal isn't perfect, but it's better than other oatmeal."

But again, why should anyone be surprised? Who would buy a box of oatmeal or a cup of coffee from those Cons?

And everybody knows that you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Or whatever...

And the other good news?

Isn't it wonderful that veterans like Jerry Kovacs are out there on the campaign trail standing up for justice and our Canada?

And isn't it great to know that Tony Turner's Harperman video now has more than 598,000 views?

So let's just take a moment on this Sunday to celebrate the dilapidated state of the Con campaign, as we prepare to finish it off.

Let's cheer on Jerry and his friends and tell them how proud we are of them.

And let's let Tony Turner know that we haven't forgotten him, and that we still support him.

By singing his song together...

You know, I have to admit that this long campaign is also taking a toll on me. And it doesn't help that I fell off my bike yesterday and scraped my knee to the bone.

But although I'm tired and in pain, I've never been happier.

Because there are now just 36 days to go before the Day of Liberation.

When we defeat those bad conduct Cons.

And take our country back...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,

Thought you might give mention in your recent column about the latest poll (EKOS) showing the CONS in front. My stomach turned when I read that in the mainstream media on Friday. Immediately started looking up countries to consider moving to if CONS win (by hook and/or crook) the election. Scary, scary, scary thought.

It is so important that we overcome the outright lies, BS, propaganda, dirty tricks, etc., and rid ourselves of the HARPER CONS. Can't come soon enough.

Take care, Simon.

Anonymous said...

Saw this little blurb this morning...Anonymous is gonna have something to say about John Baird on Tues/Sept 15th.I really don't expect anything really big but it could make harper and co. a little paranoid for a few days

I also saw this short and to the point tweet over at Michael Harris' twitter the other evening.

Don't fall for fake bombs in toronto. Goodnight

What the hell does that mean???
As for the $1000 CONbond which in effect says keep ur mouth shut or else to CONcandidates.Why would anyone vote for these people..If they,re gagged already they will be if elected.
If Paul Calandra,s appearances on Power&Politics is any indication he should owe thousands by now...

Anonymous said...

Just another Harper gag-fest and these losers keep signing on, you can't fix stupid.
My biggest concern now is, how will Harper and co. cheat this time? They are clearly desperate on their sinking ship and any hope they have now is to rig the election even more in their favor. We need to demand that the UN provide oversight to ensure the most corrupt government in Canadian history does not steal this election.

A Political Junkie said...

Can anyone explain this? Sorry for posting my own link!