Friday, September 11, 2015

Is the Con's Australian Attack Dog Violating Our Election Laws?

When the story broke that the Australian attack dingo Lynton Crosby was working for the Cons, I was struck by how angrily the political thugs in the PMO reacted.

The Con flak Kory Teneycke tried to play down the news, claiming first that Crosby was not here, and then that all he was doing was analyzing polls.

While other Cons muttered darkly about how some in their campaign were trying to "sabotage" the party.

And I assumed that was because of Crosby's unsavoury record, as a wedge artist, a racist, and a master of the dark arts.

But what if it was something else?

What if the reason they were so agitated was, as Dr Dawg suggests, because they are breaking the law?

Non-interference by Foreigners 331. 

No person who does not reside in Canada shall, during an election period, in any way induce electors to vote or refrain from voting or vote or refrain from voting for a particular candidate unless the person is (a) a Canadian citizen; or (b) a permanent resident within the meaning of subsection 2(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

And they know that, but are too desperate to care, because as Dr Dawg also points out they have done it before. 

And they did get away with it. 

Just like they got away with the robocall conspiracy...

And considering Election's Canada's role in that debacle, I wouldn't take this no for an answer.

The independent watchdog who enforces Canada’s election laws says there’s nothing wrong with the Conservative party employing the services of controversial Australian campaign fixer Lynton Crosby. 

The Canada Elections Act specifies that it is illegal for anyone who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to “in any way induce electors” to vote or refrain from voting for a particular candidate. 

But a spokeswoman for the commissioner of elections says providing advice to a campaign or working for a campaign is not considered inducement.

On the contrary, I strongly suggest the opposition parties go after the Cons as hard as they can, and aggressively claim that they ARE breaking the law.

Or acting like complete hypocrites.

If only because it will  force the Cons to defend their use of a foreigner to manage their campaign.

Which for a party like the Cons and their depraved leader, who like to portray themselves as the champions of Canada, can only be embarrassing. And could damage them by portraying them as the political criminals they are.

Which ties into their record of corruption.

And of course, what could be more satisfying than using the dirty master of sordid and racist wedge issues to create a wedge issue against them?

Because one thing is for sure. Lynton Crosby, the Australian, is a formidable political operator, and a master of dirty tricks.

He will degrade our politics even more than they already have been. Drag them even further into the sewer.

And if we wish to destroy the Cons.

We could do worse than start with him...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

First Pierre, then Crosby - now Skippy?

deb said...

why in the world do the cons get away with so many infractions, and general law breaking. It must be nice to have that much power that folks will interpret the laws in your favour.

e.a.f. said...

not surprised by the Con's actions. They never did seem to care how they won, just that they did win. they are so desperate now they can't find anyone in Canada to deliver a win. says something about them and it isn't good.

oh, well, when this guy gets up and rolling it will be back to the Cons usual ugly stuff, but this time it may not work, given how voters have had enough of Steve's ugliness. People are aware of the cons criminals record; their treatment of vets, their refusal to allow Syrian refugees in in a timely manner, the uglies who attend the steve's rally's. expect a new campaing of attacks on the other leaders and they will be very ugly. their ads will include pictures of european cities with muslims and declaring this is what mulcar and trudeau want for Canada.

Anonymous said...

Notice how the narrative in the refugee narrative is changing already in the CBC coverage today. Simon is correct - this is a formidable political operator. Watch this guy carefully, friends. They will try to reframe things and muddle the issues. My feeling is that their strategy is going to focus on shoring up the Con base, and don't care about the majority. We cannot afford to be complacent.

WILLY said...

Just heard a story on CBC out of AUS that Kurdis was driving the boat that capsized and possibly was a smuggler. Followed by prespeculation of Cons announcement for bringing refugees in. True refugees not those that are smugglers. I guess Crosby has started working.

Simon said...

hi, no not Skippy !!!! He's far too nice to be a Con, and a kangaroo who can save people and play the piano, is too be admired not reviled. Crosby is more like one of those scary snakes they have in Australia. And should be sent back to where he belongs as soon as possible...;)

Simon said...

hi deb...I honestly don't know, but it infuriates me. I don't know why the robocall gang was allowed to slip away, even though two separate judges said it could not have been the work of just one person. I don't know why Nigel Wright was not charged along with others in the PMO for their role in the Duffy cover-up. And I have no idea why a foreigner is allowed to manage a Canadian political campaign when the law seems to prohibit that. But I do know where all this legal relativism is coming from. From the depraved leader who believes that laws are made for others but not HIM. And let's just make sure that in 37 days we can give him his walking papers, and tell him never to come back...

WILLY said...

PS the CBC reported this morning that the story started in AUS with an interview of a girl wearing a hibya. This guy is too obvious.

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...yes I agree. It is a product of desperation, and I doubt that Lynton Crosby will be as effective as he has been in other elections, for the very simple reason that Harper and his filthy gang have been using wedge issues for so long most Canadians have been numbed or immunized from them. Still, Crosby is a formidable political operator so we can't take any chances, and we should use him to smear the Cons as they would smear us...

Simon said...

hi anon...yes he is a formidable political operator, and I saw what he did in Britain. But even he will have trouble reviving such a tired and rotting government. I watched a video of his yesterday which I will include in my next post. And I was struck how he told his audience that one should focus on the base, and basically ignore those you don't think will ever vote for you. But I also notice that quote where he said he once failed because he took over a campaign too late and " you can't fatten up a pig on the day it goes to market." Which in my opinion says everything about him and the Cons...

Simon said...

hi WILLY...yes, I saw that, and I also noticed that it has been denied by others. I've also read that many of the smugglers don't accompany the refugees. They just load them into small boats and point them in the right direction, and leave them to fend for themselves. So if Abdullah Kurdi was steering the boat at one point it doesn't mean anything. Also why did his sister Tima have to send him money to pay the smugglers if he was one of them?

Marmalade said...

The sad part is that some people will believe everything he says!!!!

Anonymous said...

Simon, this Conservative regime has no qualms about lying, cheating and stealing, They are desperate and will use every deceitful tactic they can muster. It would not surprise me if the Abdullah Kurdi smuggler issue is a false flag scenario concocted by the likes of Lynton. The story came from Australia, the home of that other notorious manipulator, Rupert Murdoch.

On CBC P &P the other day, Ian Capstick called Lynton the Lizard of Oz. That seems appropriate for everthing I've read on this character.