Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Ghastly Cowardice of the Cons

There are now just three weeks to go before the election that will decide the fate of Canada, and we find out whether it will live or die. 

And it's hard to escape a feeling of foreboding now that we know for sure how Stephen Harper and his twisted Aussie gremlin Lynton Crosby are hoping to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

By having Harper pose a Great Warrior Leader, the sheriff of the manly men Con posse, who would PROTECT us all the dangers of the world, from economic catastrophe to an invasion of refugees and hookers.

Even though we all know the nerd Harper couldn't be less of a warrior, or more of a coward...

And as Scott Gilmore points out, the Cons are not the party of the manly men. 

For decades, and across the English-speaking world, political conservatism was explicitly associated with undaunted masculinity. But not anymore.

Now, conservatives are scared of everyone and everything. A skinny brown kid brings a homemade clock to a Texas school. A woman wears a niqab to her Canadian citizenship ceremony. An Alberta mother tries to treat her child’s severe epilepsy with medical marijuana. Everywhere they look, the political right is frightened. While they once imagined themselves as the barrel-chested man’s man, they’ve now become the clich├ęd housewife standing on a chair, shrieking at a mouse.

And of course there is no better example of what fear can do to them, than the sad story of Chris Alexander. Who went from man to mouse, as Stephen Harper and the lust for power slowly corrupted him.

Now, safely back in Canada, in his suburban riding of Ajax–Pickering, Alexander is frightened. In response to wide public support to increase the number of refugees we accept, the Conservative party grudgingly agreed to accelerate their very modest plan. But their announcement did not emphasize the generous instinct of Canadians, nor the unprecedented humanitarian need. It stressed how scared we should be. “Security screening will remain the top priority,” Alexander assured us. 

Implicit in that statement was the message that we should fear refugees, and the disease and terror and instability they can bring to our country. In fact, every message from the Conservative party highlights something that frightens them. The global economy. Justin Trudeau’s age. Mulcair’s budget. Crime.

And there couldn't be a better example of self induced mass hysteria than the way the Cons and their depraved leader, created so many enemies real or imagined they ended up scaring themselves to death...

It used to be the commies. Now it’s the terrorists. And the drug dealers. And the brown people. And the reckless spenders. And the environmental activists. And the census takers. Everyone and everything. They’ve spent so long warning us to be constantly afraid, they’ve internalized it. They have literally frightened themselves. 

And now, ironically, the Conservative party is whom you vote for if you are timid and emasculated, if you go to bed scared and wake up worried.

And thanks to their ghastly fear campaign, scaring so many other Canadians...

Now it's easy to laugh at those cowardly Con bullies, because they really are pathetic. But unfortunately we can't for two very good reasons.

One, Stephen Harper and his foul Aussie fear monger Lynton Crosby are trying to use fear as a weapon against us...

To try to inflame base emotions, and try to make Canadians forget their ghastly record of incompetence and corruption.

And two, however irrational a fear might be it is contagious. And should it spread unchecked in the last three weeks of the election, it could prove fatal.

And the good news?

The latest Nanos poll still shows a tight race. 

So our chances are still excellent.

But if we are going to be sure to win, the NDP and the Liberals have got to focus more on attacking Harper and his Con regime and less on attacking each other. Because with only three weeks to go that too is becoming ridiculous.

We need to pound the Cons without mercy, we need to denounce and mock their fear campaign.

And use their ghastly record to scare them out of power...

You know, tonight there's going to be an eclipse of a blood moon. 

And all over North America religious fanatics are preparing for the end of the world and quoting the Book of Joel.

 “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord come.”

Let's hope that blood moon heralds the end of the Harper regime.

And the end of our long nightmare...

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  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Note for Bruce Crosby: There is a meeting of the Bruce club in Alice Springs, October 19th at 4pm. Attendance is pandatory, whoops, I mean mandatory.

    1. hi anon...thanks for the link to that Monty Python. It's a good one, but where is Bruce Carson??

  2. Anonymous11:48 AM

    As I had commented the other day, if Trudeau keeps attacking Mulcair on the Clarity Act, as he just did again in the French debate, the NDP is going to lose votes to the Cons and BQ.

    Unfortunately, Nanos today is showing exactly that. Although it has the Liberals slightly ahead nationally (32%) of the Cons (31%) with the NDP at third place (28%) after the French debate, the numbers still are a statistical tie among the 3 parties. In other words, none of the parties are actually ahead, according to this poll.

    Nonetheless, the real tragedy is that the loss of NDP support to both the Cons and BQ in QC could be enough to allow Harper to increase his seat count in QC, thus helping him to either gain a weak majority or a strong minority.

    If that happens, we have the Liberals to thank for because in their apparent desperation to gain more seats for themselves, they would have helped Harper, albeit likely unwittingly, to secure another term of years. All because of their apparent hatred of the NDP or selfishness in putting themselves ahead of their country.

    We could have avoided another term of Harper if Trudeau had accepted the offer to form a coalition by Mulcair some time ago (yes both of them had gone back and forth about a coalition but the last offer was from Mulcair to form one which Trudeau soundly rejected). The coalition could have run one candidate (Liberal or NDP) against the Cons in most ridings. ABC voters should keep this in mind as they decide who to vote for on Oct. 19.

    1. hi anon...yes, that clarity act debate is just nonsense, and can only help the Bloc in Quebec. Still it remains to be seen how strong either the Cons and the Bloc can get, because most Quebecers still want to get rid of the Con regime. They know the Bloc can't do that, so I predict that in the last week of the campaign they will flock to whoever looks like the one best able to beat the Cons. All I can say is the partisans better win this one, and form a coalition if necessary, or both those parties will be toast, and we will unite progressives...


    Canada and Canadians need to hear about Democracy, more specifically Canadians need to hear about a return to Democracy.

    1. hi Grant...I couldn't agree with you more. I can't believe that what Harper has done to our democracy has hardly come up in this campaign. Along with climate change, medicare etc etc. As I keep saying only a save Canada crusade will win this one decisively, and the progressive parties should go big or go home...

  4. Jasmine4:24 PM

    You do great work! Thank you and keep it up!

    1. hi Jasmine...thanks a lot, I wish it could be better I wish I had more time. But I'm happy to do what I can to help defeat that ghastly Con regime...

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