Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rona Ambrose and the End of the Great Con War on Marijuana

As you know Rona Ambrose likes to pretend she's a doctor, a nurse, a Health Minister, and a Justice Minister.

And has extreme views on marijuana and Justin Trudeau.

So I'm glad to see that the Canadian Medical Association has taken some time to correct her mindless ravings about the Killer Weed.

And made her look like a dangerous quack or a maniac.

In a commentary published in Monday's issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, addiction doctors describe the negative aspects of prohibiting cannabis use, such as fuelling the illegal drug trade and the high costs and harms associated with policing and prosecuting people.

"We're hoping to provide some direction to policy-makers in Canada to encourage them to rethink their current policies around cannabis, to move away from prohibition because it doesn't work and has a lot of harms associated with it," Dr. Sheryl Spithoff, a family physician and addiction doctor at Women's College Hospital in Toronto and one of the coauthors of the paper, said in an interview.

While also pointing out that contrary to the Con attack ads claiming that legalizing marijuana would make it more more accessible to kids...

The truth is exactly the opposite.

"Our hope with legalizing it is that less youth will have access to it," Spithoff said. "We'll be able to achieve our public health objectives, restricting access; limited hours that stores are open; and also young people won't have to go the illegal market to access cannabis. Especially for young adults, that's risky. It allows them to be exposed to other substances, more harmful substances."

And this is a definite bonus.

Spithoff said the harms of prohibition to individuals include the criminal records of 500,000 Canadians because of cannabis possession, stigma around its use and barriers to medical marijuana treatment.

So can we finally hope that Ambrose will stop her absurd fear mongering, and start acting like a Health Minister instead of a Justice Minister?

No we can't. Her Cons are still trying to smear Trudeau if only by association...

Even though that candidate quickly resigned, and Ambrose is the last one who should be talking about higher IQs...

Not when her position had nothing to do with the health of Canadians, and everything to do with the insanity of her depraved leader...

And the good news?

Hopefully in less than a month the Cons will be gone.

Their Great War on Marijuana will finally end.

And all that will remain is this yellowing poster.

To remind us how crazy they were...

They played cheap political games with the health of Canadians.

And they were the ones who should have been jailed...

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  1. Anonymous2:21 AM

    I watched a program on TV a few years back ... they were interviewing past and present Police officers ... a question was asked as to whether the COPS would rather go to a "DRUNK" bust or a "POT" bust ... the COPS said they'd rather go to a "POT" bust, because the worst thing a pot smoker would do or say is "Do you have a bag of chips???" (LMAOOOOOOOOOOO) ... I'll have salt n vinegar please and thanks very much LOL ... TY

  2. Good Post. As one of the 500,000 Canadian victims of the stupid war on drugs, I still cannot get access to the USA because of a possession charge in 1975 where I payed a fine of $50.00 in Canada. I can travel everywhere else in the world though and have a passport because this charge is 39 years old next month and is not a barrier to anything in Canada. I kept the job I held at that time for over 40 years until I retired with no other convictions for anything. Although I would like to go to the USA to see some of the great natural wonders while I am still able such as the giant sequoias etc this is nothing compared to the over 60,000 deaths in Mexico alone due to the failed and stupid war on drugs. Canada needs to move forward. With Harper we will stand still or go back forever and everything we dreamed of in the 70s when I was "busted" will be lost. We don't need to criminalize pot smokers!

  3. Salt n vinegar, yecchh. I guess that is a bad side-effect of that killer weed. ;-) Bad weed pairings.

  4. Not recognizing my links, but I'll survive!

  5. With Canadian crime rates steadily decreasing, the Conservatives really need to create more criminals with which to fill the big for-profit prisons that Enbridge will run.
    It's hard to be the "tough on crime" party when there's very little crime (well, crime outside of the PMO), so they need to make lots of criminals.

  6. The Cons ads look like something right out of the pages of The National Inquirer!