Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Stephen Harper's Really REALLY Bad Day

Well I can only imagine what Stephen Harper must have been feeling like when he returned to his war room or his rubber room last night.

But he must have been fit to be tied, or bouncing off the walls.

Because he couldn't have had a worse day. There just wasn't ANY good news.

It was all horrible...

In the morning there was the sickening peegate scandal. Which made most Canadians want to vomit.

And left Harper squirming with embarrassment and looking more than a little crazy...

And then only a  few hours later there was the even more shocking story of the hooded Con pervert.

The Conservative campaign has dropped another Toronto candidate over offensive and embarrassing online videos. 

Tim Dutaud, who was running for the Tories in Toronto-Danforth, was forced out Monday after he was identified as a man known as the UniCaller in prank YouTube videos that included him pretending to orgasm while on the phone with a female customer service representative and mocking people with mental disabilities.

Which I think we can all agree is not exactly the image Harper wants his Cons to convey....

Not when it probably made even more Canadians wonder who will save them from his depraved regime?

And of course vow never to let a Con candidate into their homes, or have coffee with them.

Or believe ANYTHING they say...

And as if all of that wasn't enough to drive Harper over the edge.

Then this came this latest really bad poll. 

As the marathon federal election campaign passes its halfway mark, it appears that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are losing support while Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats have pulled into the lead. And Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are close behind the NDP.

Which suggests that nothing he is doing is working, and that he is haemorrhaging or leaking support...

And that's before today's scandals are taken into account, and before the Bruce Carson trial begins in six days.

Which as you can imagine can only tarnish his image further.

But the best news is that Nanos also suggests that one of the main reasons his numbers are tanking is his appalling response or non response to the refugee crisis. 

Support for the Conservative Party declined on the long weekend after a week that saw Leader Stephen Harper on the defensive over the economy and the government’s response to the international migrant crisis, a new poll shows. The Nanos survey conducted for The Globe and Mail and CTV News suggests many Canadians switched their voting intentions in recent days.

“What’s gone well for the Conservative campaign so far? Not much,” said Mr. Nanos, who believes the issue of Syrian refugees was the trigger for the party’s recent decrease in popularity.

Because firstly it suggests that many Canadians have been revolted by his lack of action and callous behaviour...

And that even some of his base may be deserting him.

Which is a problem because he can't win them back by bringing in more refugees, without alienating the other sixty percent who are violently opposed to the idea.

And secondly, it also suggests that because the reaction is so visceral, Canadians may forget a lot of his crimes. 

But they will not easily forget this one...

And it will haunt him all the way to the next election.

Which is as it should be, for right from the start of the refugee crisis his behaviour couldn't have been more appalling.

So appalling in fact, that now even his ghastly attack ads can be used against him.

As I have tried to point out in this little video I made last night...

Because when his own attack ads only make him look more like a monster, you know he's in trouble. And that some things will neither be forgotten nor forgiven.

Of course, there are still 40 days to go before the election, and he is still capable of anything.

Last night he fired off FIVE French-language attack ads aimed at the NDP. So he is clearly in a panic.

But there can be no doubt that the Anyone But Harper movement is growing. He has never looked weaker, or more desperate, or more disgusting.

His summer campaign has been an absolute disaster.

And October has never looked brighter...

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  1. all good stuff, love the number 3 in the polls number one in your cup

    1. hi Steve...thanks, I'm doing my best to attack the Cons and cheer up progressives. It doesn't always work, but it does keep me going. And what I'm really enjoying is the vitality and creativity of the progressive social media. Against that weapon the Cons don't stand a chance...

  2. Yes, that ad played on ignorance. People who don't know anyone from the Levant think the area is always hot and mostly desert. They get quite a bit of snow - and cold rain, which can be worse - in hilly areas. Winter jackets that are warm and waterproof would have been very useful.

    1. hi lagatta...yes ignorance and as it turns out naked bigotry. I wish the MSM would understand that Harper is trapped between the wishes of most Canadians and his bigoted base. But still they are blind...

  3. Excellent video Simon!

    1. hi Kim...thank you, I wish I could have made it better, but I only had an hour to work on it. I enjoy making videos but they are time consuming. Still I want everybody to understand the bigotry and lack of humanity of the Cons. So anything is better than nothing...

  4. Anonymous5:25 PM

    I must say that I'm ashamed and embarrassed that my Con MP seal will almost certainly get re-elected. It really is sick. It's clear that he just sees people from other parts of the world as a nameless mass and not as individuals and that he doesn't have a clue about geography. Otherwise how could he make a speech at praising India at a Pakistani cultural event? He's just as ridiculous as Harper.

    1. hi Way Way Up....I'm sorry to hear that your Con MP will be re-elected. Their domestic policies are bad, but their foreign policy is even worse. Helping desperate refugees shouldn't be a partisan issue, not for a country as big as Canada. But Harper is always looking for ways to divide us...

  5. e.a.f.5:45 PM

    It isn't over yet.

    Things could change. We in B.C. have seen it happen.

    The peegate stuff is so funny, it was like a couple of 10 yr olds put the joke together. Unfortunately these are the candidates the Cons have put forward. It is, in my opinion, indicative of the type of candidates the Cons put forward, but we just don't have them on film. Its what causes them to do what they do. Mature people don't do these types of things. Most of the Con caucus looks like a bunch of school kids without their teacher. We have only to remember some of the things some Cons said in Parliament. Its just a mind set and now we have all seen it. Time for a change, but it hasn't happened yet.

    1. hi e.a.f... I know it's not over, but the trend is promising. And in this gloomy country I feel it's my duty to be the cheerful optimist. I mean I'm the guy who found that pony under a heap of manure, which was VERY encouraging... ;)

  6. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Stevie, please take a long walk off a short pier ... I am so sick of your BS ... now you're crying you're NOT perfect??? ... like we don't already know that??? ... pee-pee gate is hilarious ... TY

    1. hi anon...yes I saw that, his new and desperate line is that he is not perfect. Isn't that hilarious? I think only a video can do that justice, especially since I already have a tape of Rob For saying the same thing...;)

  7. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Have you seen the newest ad from the Conservatives? The one that has them admitting that "Stephen Harper isn't perfect." ? Talk about an understatement. :P

    1. hi anon...yes, as I told the commenter before you, it really couldn't be more pathetic or desperate. I mean I'm not perfect, but compared to him I'm a bloody saint. I hope to have a video ready in the next few days...

  8. E.A.F.3:14 PM

    He's not perfect. got that part right. 1,200 Missing/murdered First Nations women and it wasn't on "his radar". with an attitude like that why would we expect Steve to care about refugees from the Middle east?

    This is a man who appointed a number of senators who turned out to be crooks. His parliamentary secretary was sent to jail. His appointment to CISIS, died in jail in Panama. And hes worried about refugees from Syria? Hell he must be judging them by his Cons around him.

    Under his government the declared war on Veterans, took money out of the Anti Child porn unit at the RCMP. Brought in bills which were overturned in Court as unconstitutuional. He's got it right, he isn't perfect. He isn't even anywhere "right in the head" and Canadians voted him into office more than once. It doesn't say much about Canadians either.

    I understand you like to be an optimist. Me, no expectation, no disappointments.

    We can only hope that Steve and his Cons will be tossed out on his ear and another party become government. It is further hoped that if the two front runners have to play nicely in one sand box they can bring themselves to do it. Canada doesn't need more Cons. They need a government like we used to have. Pearson made a lot of good changes to Canada. Lets hope we can go down that road again. Keeping health care and improving it. bringing in refugees who will benefit from living here and us benefitting from them being here. Its about time this country had something to look forward to besides the big legal bills Steve and his Cons rack up every time that nice lawyer in Toronto takes them to court (forgot his name)