Monday, September 07, 2015

Labour Day and the Great Union War on Stephen Harper

Today is Labour Day, and all over the country tens of thousands of Canadians will be marching and celebrating the splendid achievements of the union movement.

And this year this day will be even more special.

For it will mark the beginning of the union movement's all out war on Stephen Harper. 

Canada’s largest unions say if enough of their members vote strategically in key ridings across the country, Stephen Harper and the Conservatives will not get a fourth term in office.

Workers say their assault will begin shortly after Labour Day and will be the culmination of months of preparation.

And I for one couldn't be happier, because I've been marching with the union movement since I was fifteen, beating my drum and whooping it up in the streets of Montreal,  years before I actually got a unionized job.

Because even back then I recognized that the unions were on my side, had fought forever for justice, equality, and human dignity. And are ALWAYS in the front lines standing up for our Canadian values...

Those veterans of a thousand battles know how to fight the bullies that would turn our society into a savage jungle. And when they fight they mean business.

Union heads have been training workers across the country on election campaign basics while collecting data through polling and focus groups on which ridings to target and what messages resonate most with voters.

Which is why bullies like Stephen Harper fear them, and hate their message with every bone in their lizard bodies. 

Because that was one of the reasons he called the election early.

So that he could muzzle messages like this one from third party groups like Engage Canada...

And what I also like about this union offensive, is that it will join forces with that other group I support, the Anyone But Conservatives movement.

Cadieux said the federation will support any party – be it the Liberals, NDP, Bloc – which has the best shot at winning the riding, in order to keep the Tories out. Unifor President Jerry Dias said his union’s strategy outside Quebec is similar. However, his people will be supporting all the incumbent NDP candidates.

Like these veterans.

And so many other decent Canadians...

Who believe like I do, that this time the future of our beautiful Canada must come FIRST. 

And that we must do what we must do defeat the the Cons in every possible riding. So that they can't split the vote, and so we can crush them beyond recognition.

Which reminds there is another reason I'm so happy that the unions are taking on Harper and his thugs.

And that's because in the last Ontario election they took on another Con thug, the union buster, ghastly bigot, and would be government killer, Tim Hudak...

And left him looking like a loser or a hissing lizard...

And this hissing lizard is even worse...

He is the most brutish leader this country has ever known.

And like Hudak, whose party used pamphlets to attack bullied LGBT children for crass political purposes, Harper is also capable of ANYTHING.

As election campaigns shift toward addressing the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis, people have been tweeting Conservative Party mailouts that are said to have "loaded" language against refugees.

The ones that have been posted online include questions like, "Should refugees get gold-plated dental, vision and drug benefits" and "What level of health-care benefits do you believe the government should provide to failed and fraudulent refugee claimants?"

Capable of claiming that he's helping refugees, when he isn't. Capable of whipping up hatred against them. Capable of letting them die...

Just to please his bigot base.

So he really is a BEAST.

And if I was him I'd start running now...

Go my brothers and sisters, march bravely down the road to justice and freedom.

Help us defeat that ghastly tyrant. 

Help us take back our beautiful country.

And as always, SOLIDARITY FOREVER !!!

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Steve said...

Proud to be a Union Man -Neil Young

lagatta à montréal said...

Well, the unions here in Québec march on May Day, like most workers the world over, but it is good to see this fightback against Harper.

Anonymous said...