Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Justin Trudeau and the Last Days of the Mad King Harper

Well he took his time, and I must admit the suspense was killing me.

But Justin Trudeau has finally done the right thing.

And announced that he will not support a Stephen Harper  minority government.

Though he has “every bit of confidence” the Liberals will win on Oct. 19, Justin Trudeau says there is absolutely no way, no how, his party would support a Stephen Harper-led Conservative minority government. 

“I have spent my entire political career fighting against Mr. Harper’s narrow and meaner vision of what Canada can be and what the government should do,” he said after an arts-and-culture announcement in Montreal.

And to make it even better, despite his vow never to form a coalition with the NDP, he now seems to be leaving the door open to supporting an NDP minority government.

On Tuesday, he sidestepped the question of whether he would support a NDP minority. “Canada has had minority governments before,” he said. “And parliamentarians elected by Canadians have always been able to ensure that Parliament functions.”

Which means that even if Stephen Harper does manage to squeak out a minority his days in power will be numbered...

Which is very important, because the longer Harper is allowed to keep governing the harder it will be to evict him.

And the easier it will be for him to go to the Governor General and ask for another election.

Which I'm sure you'll all agree we need like a hole in the head. This one has been stressful enough. 

Just ask poor old Gerald Caplan. 

Politics: It really can drive you around the bend. I’m seriously considering hiding away from all further election news. I don’t think I can stand it a minute longer. Not only is there so much to fear. 

There’s also so much to flummox us, too, like trying to figure out when the NDP and Liberals have exchanged programs. And maybe most unbearably, it’s unhinging trying to guess the final outcome. Yet this is the most important election of our lifetime.

Because I'm sure we all know how he feels eh?

Although what makes it easier for me is that unlike Gerry I'm not partisan. I just want someone, ANYONE, to bring down the Con regime.

Preferably like the Hindenburg...

And whatever differences I might have with the Liberals or the NDP, I know that I can trust both Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair, to end this Harperite nightmare and restore our Canadian values. And for me that's all that counts. 

And what makes me positively cheery is that I know that Justin didn't have much choice but to say what he said today. 

Because like Tom he knows that if Stephen Harper does manage to snatch a minority, there would be millions of Canadians in the streets the next day demanding that the tyrant be toppled. the DAY after he is sworn in.

And that whether Mulcair or Trudeau ends up as prime minister, each one will have to support the other, whether they like it or not.

So while this would be my preferred option. Making Stephen Harper keep this promise.

If the NDP and the Liberals have to work together to bring down the mad king all the better.

Because I've always wanted them to work together, and hopefully one day unite.

And as I've said before, for me this would be the perfect ending to this nightmare...

That monstrous bully thug being carried away on a stretcher, or in handcuffs, cursing EVERYBODY.

And blaming everybody but HIMSELF...

While all the happy progressives laugh and dance and party TOGETHER.

Before rolling up their sleeves and getting down to work fixing our poor broken Canada.

You know, it isn't easy trying to get the NDP and the Liberals to work together. It's like  herding cats.... or cougars.

Or trying to get to the Magic Island, on a windy day, on a boat like this one...

But it seems that now they are going to have no choice.

And I couldn't be happier.

Gerry, Gerry, hang on, don't JUMP !!!!!

I think we're going to make it....

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  1. Justin could Not have made himself clearer.........Thank you, Justin! All this pussy footing around is enough to turn a dog from his dinner. When I walk down the street and see Con signs, I look at the house or place of business and wonder to myself why are these people still asleep?

    1. hi Kathleen...yes this is no time to pussyfoot around. Justin did the right thing, and today so did Tom Mulcair by saying "there isn't a snowball's chance in hell" that he would support a Harper minority government.." As for those sleeping with Con signs on their lawns, I suggest you get a drum like mine, and awaken them rudely... ;)

  2. SO, Justin Trudeau will not support a Stephen Harper minority government. But then, if Harper resigns, will he support a Conservative minority government with a different (interim) leader? And if yes, will that be enough of an improvement for you? Just wonderin', eh?!

    1. hi crystal ball isn't working that well these days. But first things first. If Harper is removed the Cons will almost certainly implode, or break up into their Reform and old PC factions. Only Harper has been able to hold them together. I would never support any Con government. But the danger is that as things are going, we could split the vote, and Harper could still conceivably win a majority. Progressives should have united long ago, and because they haven't this country is in grave danger...

    2. Anonymous1:20 PM

      I gather you believe that all Liberals and NDP would join the new party. Blue Liberals are more likely to join the Greens or Cons. Really red NDPers would likely form their own Labour (or whatever) party. So would that not make it even easier for the Cons. This way by having them share the majority of the vote they cooperate better.

  3. It would be something if the son, Justin Trudeau, of the man Harper hates more then anyone else in the world, won the election in Oct. Harper defeated by a Trudeau.

    1. hi Pamela....well that's true, it would drive Harper crazy to know that he brought the Liberal Party back from the dead, and helped make Pierre Trudeau's son Prime Minister. But as I said in this post I will support anyone who defeats this ghastly Con regime...

  4. But Trudeau has not spent his career fighting Harper! He has voted in-line with Harper more often than against. I get that he also has an obligation to fight for the Liberal party to win, but the result of that strong performance will by further splitting the anti-Conservative vote return Harper to power.

    I can only dearly hope that Mulcair and Trudeau will form a coalition to remove Harper. I rather expect a proroguing of government on October 20 or 21.

    1. hi Noah....I would strongly support a coalition to remove Harper and govern Canada. The truth that most rabid partisans won't accept is that the NDP and the Liberals are far more similar than they imagine. Both of them are much further to the right to the right than I am, but I'm not about to sulk or count how may angels fit on the head of a pin while my country burns...

    2. Anonymous12:50 AM

      Noah I suggest that you prove your accusation you have made right there on Simon's blog.

      Irene Posting.

    3. Anonymous2:14 PM

      @Irene Posting: Here is the proof of Justin Trudeau and every single Liberal who voted (3 did not vote) voting with Harper on what is arguably the most important bill which they should have opposed, Bill C-51:

      As a famous PM once said, the proof is in the proof or something like that. And that was a Liberal PM too.


    Connect the Dots: Find the Problem

  6. I don't expect a coalition will ever happen. If Harper gets a minority and neither the NDP or the Libs support him which they have now clearly stated, I fully expect that the Cons will call another election and claim that the other parties will not cooperate and therefore cannot be trusted to run Canada. The Conservatives have huge cash reserves and the others will probably go into debt at the end of this campaign. If Harper does not get the most seats, he has promised to resign. If that happens and Harper resigns will the Conservatives support the Liberals if they come first or will they support the NDP. Will the Libs support an NDP minority or vica versa. All of this is unclear.

    1. Anonymous5:37 PM

      trudy has repeatedly stated that he will NOT form a coalition with the NDP. It's okay to vote for a Soviet-style bill like C51 but not okay to insure that a psychopath like heil harper gets defeated in October by forming a coalition with the only party that stands a chance at actually defeating harper.
      he and his party deserve to get their proverbial teeth kicked in in October and be relegated to the same esteemed position in history as ignatieff and mcguilty.

    2. hi John....everything is indeed unclear, and as I said in my post unless the NDP and the Liberals act decisively Harper will use every trick in the book to try to get a new election rather than resign. Both the NDP and the Liberals need to rise above their narrow partisan interests and put Canada first...

  7. Hi Simon, Are you wearing a side arm as you paddle your way to the Magic Island? I hope the Harper scare tactics aren't getting to you!

    1. hi I don't own a weapon, I never have, and I never will. I have reason to believe that some Cons would like to do me harm. But those internet terrorists are being closely monitored, and I do have an excellent bodyguard ;)