Friday, September 20, 2019

Justin Trudeau and the Con Media Assault On Our Democracy

I watched Justin Trudeau's town hall in Saskatoon last night, and I have never been more impressed with our prime minister.

Not just because of the brilliant way he handled the questions from the more than 600 people in the auditorium.

But also because he's still looking good, or still alive, after the grotesque onslaught from our grubby Con media.

Which included this outrageous suggestion that he should resign from the Con hack David Akin.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Justin Trudeau and the Fake Aladdin Scandal

I must admit when I first saw the picture of Justin Trudeau dressed up as Aladdin I found it hilarious.

Oh sure, I knew some of the friendly snowflakes I know would soon be screeching at me: 

"Simon How DARE you find THAT funny #@!!!!"

To which I would coolly reply: "Please go away, go fight the real racists, or just get a life, before you drive me CRAAAAZY #@!!!!"

But sadly I was not able to remain cool for long. Not when I saw the way our shabby Con media was covering the story.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Bianca Andreescu And The Unspeakable Depravity Of The Cons

As you may know Bianca Andreescu is Canada's newest and brightest professional tennis star.

The first Canadian to win a Grand Slam singles title.

So the other day about 10,000 people in Mississauga held a "She The North" rally to celebrate their hometown hero

Meet Another Of Andrew Scheer's Ghastly Religious Fanatics

Heather Leung is the Con candidate in the B.C. riding of Burnaby-North Seymour, and a bit of a mystery woman.

One who hasn't granted the media an interview since she was nominated in May.

So most people wouldn't have known anything about her, if she hadn't made a terrible mistake.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Will Maxime Bernier's Debate Dates Help Finish Off The Cons?

Well it's definitely not as good as the original Wizard of Oz. How could it be with Maxime Bernier playing the scarecrow?

And screaming all day long about how he wants a brain AND a debate.

But it does have a happy ending, sort of...

Andrew Scheer's Ugly Toilet Bowl Moment

I have to admit I'm stunned. I honestly thought that Andrew Scheer had hit rock bottom when he refused to apologize for comparing LGBT Canadians to dogs.

And exposed his naked homophobia.

But I was wrong. Somehow Scheer managed to sink even lower into the steaming bowl of excrement.

And now he's accusing Justin Trudeau of dating Faith Goldy !!!!!

Monday, September 16, 2019

The Day Andrew Scheer Revealed His Naked Homophobia

I can only imagine how desperate Andrew Scheer must have been to think he could  solve his big bigot problem, with a hastily arranged late night scrum in a plane heading for British Columbia.

But you can see the desperation in his eyes.

And not surprisingly the hasty scrum didn't work out well.

In fact it was an absolute disaster.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Monstrous Bigot Party

Almost every day for more than two years Andrew Scheer has attacked Justin Trudeau in the vilest and most cowardly manner.

But now that the Liberals are exposing the bigotry and religious fanaticism of one Con candidate after the other, he's not happy, as you can see from the look on his face.

And from the way the Con campaign is going up in flames.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Holy War On Universities

A few days ago flyers like that one began appearing on Canadian university campuses.

The Cons didn't want to talk about why they were attacking professors, like the far-right does all the time in Trump's America.

But eventually Andrew Scheer couldn't dodge questions from the media any longer, and this is what he told them.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Andrew Scheer's Ugly Bigot Debate Moment

As I said in my last post, I had trouble staying awake during the Maclean's Debate. It was that boring.

So while I was struck by the weird way way Andrew Scheer was behaving, and how he began every answer no matter the question with the words "Justin Trudeau."

I missed some ugly Scheer moments.

Like when he went after asylum seekers. Again