Monday, November 18, 2019

Ron MacLean and the Horror of Cherry Nation

I watched Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday to see what the show would do now that Don Cherry is no longer there.

And although I was happy to see that Coach's Corner has apparently gone down with him.

I thought what Ron MacLean had to say was absolutely appalling.

The Ugly Cons and the Shining Example of Maddison Yetman

As you may know, I thought the last election campaign was one of the most disgusting spectacles I have ever witnessed.

With Andrew Scheer and his filthy Cons taking us to a very dark and dirty place.

But in the midst of that darkness, a young woman in Winnipeg named Maddison Yetman shone like a beacon of decency.

Even as she lay dying.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Andrew Scheer And The Curse Of The Religious Fanatics

I wish I could have been there when Hamish Marshall told Andrew Scheer that he was not going to win the election after all.

But was going to be humiliated by Justin Trudeau.

But then you can't have everything, and at least the humiliation continues.

For this is ridiculous.

Roy MacGregor and Don Cherry's Ultimate Epitaph

It's been almost a week since Don Cherry opened his big mouth, let out another bigoted roar, and for once didn't get away with it.

And while his supporters are trying to whip up support for him.

So is Cherry, even more desperately...

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Justin Trudeau and the Con Babies

It couldn't have been easy for Andrew Scheer to meet with the man he had demonized  for so long, but still managed to defeat him.

And the more Justin Trudeau smiled, the more humiliating it must have been.

Although it couldn't have been that enjoyable for Trudeau. He may have forced Scheer to drop his demand that the carbon tax be killed.

But he still had to listen to the Ugly American accusing him of threatening national unity.

When there is no more divisive leader than Andrew Scheer.

And Scheer should focus on his own divided party.

But then, as if that pathetic spactacle wasn't enough, Trudeau met with the hayseed premier of Saskatchewan Scott Moe.

Who seemed even more uncomfortable in the presence of the leader he had insulted so much.

And when the meeting was over vomited up more of the same nonsense.

And as we all know, if Jason Kenney had been there the separatist bullshit would have been even louder.

So I'm really glad to see somebody calling on those absurd Cons to stop acting like spoiled children. 

In the almost three weeks since Liberal MPs were shut out of Alberta and Saskatchewan on election night, Conservative politicians in those provinces haven’t stopped complaining long enough to realize that they are behaving like a spoiled child that didn’t get its way. 

So here is a message to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, and federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer on behalf of the millions of Canadians who did not vote Conservative across the country — stop lying to Canadians and pouring gasoline on the embers of western alienation.

For that really needed to be said.

Those Con babies should cease playing dangerous games with the future of this country.

Recognize that we won, and they lost.

And that we have the prime minister we need to put those separatists in their place.

And keep our Canada together...

Why Don Cherry's Firing Is Good For Hockey and Canada

I'm not surprised that Don Cherry could not bring himself to say sorry for his most recent racist comments 

“I could’ve stayed on if I wanted to and knuckled under, and turned into a simp, but that’s not my style,” Cherry said Monday night in an interview with Toronto radio station Newstalk 1010.

Cherry stands by his remarks. “That’s the way I feel and I’m not changing it and I don’t regret a thing,” he said on Newstalk 1010.

He actually said the other day that Canada hadn't changed, when the problem is it has, and he hasn't.

So this is outrageous.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Remembrance Day 2019

I wrote this post a few years ago, but I can't think of anything else to say about the horror of war, that would not bring back some more nightmare memories for me and my companion. So here we go again...


It's Remembrance Day 2019, and a time to remember all those who fought and died for our country.

A time to remember and celebrate my fighting grandfathers.

Jason Kenney and the Wacky Wexit Weiners

I have always believed that Jason Kenney's religious fanaticism, his inner demons, and his burning ambition, would eventually threaten the survival of this country.

And sure enough, first he stoked the fires of western alienation to unite the Cons and get himself elected premier. 

Now he's using the threat of separation to try to blackmail Justin Trudeau, and force him to surrender to him and Big Oil. 

For now, in his mind at least, he's Kenney of Albertonia. 

Why Don Cherry Should Be Fired Immediately

Don Cherry has always been a crass, loud mouthed bully and buffoon, and a terrible example for young Canadians.

He glorifies violence, he is a Trump groupie, he calls decent progressives "pinkos" and those who believe in climate change "cuckaloos."

But now he is suggesting that immigrants are less patriotic than other Canadians because he claims many don't wear poppies.

And enough is enough.

Saturday, November 09, 2019

The Con Media Finally Goes After Andrew Scheer

In one of my last posts I wrote about Andrew Scheer's bizarre performance after emerging from a bruising seven-hour caucus meeting.

And how he tried to convince us that his Cons were united, and that he was really a winner not a loser.

Which didn't really surprise me. They don't call him a serial liar for nothing eh?

But what did surprise me, was the way the Con media is going after him.