Sunday, September 30, 2018

Andrew Scheer Is Caught Diddling The Truth. Again

Ever since Andrew Scheer became Con leader, and started attacking Justin Trudeau and his Liberals with the most disgusting attack ads this country has ever seen, I have tried to chronicle his descent into depravity.

And expose as many of his lies as possible.

For in his Con world they believe The Truth is what they say it is, and Scheer lies all the time, just like Donald Trump does. 

So as the creepy religious fanatic tries to use a dead child to smear Trudeau, I thought I'd point out his latest lie, in this latest and truly ghastly attack ad...

How Brett Kavanaugh Destroyed His Own Nomination

I see that the FBI has started investigating Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. 

The FBI has begun contacting people as part of an additional background investigation of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, including a second woman who alleges that the Supreme Court nominee sexually assaulted her.

And one can only hope that Kavanaugh is in better shape than he was at last Thursday's Senate hearing.

When he stunned the world with his Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde impersonation.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Andrew Scheer and the Con's Dirty Game

Andrew Scheer has always been able to hide his real self behind a bland face and a creepy smile.

So for example, he can claim he's a Christian, but lie like a thief.

Or conceal his alt right sympathies, his racism, his misogyny, and his barely closeted homophobia, by simply opening his mouth and showing his teeth. 

But now he's desperate, everything is going horribly wrong. 

His polls are tanking, Maxime Bernier is stealing his supporters. 

So now we get to see Scheer's inner monster.

Why Brett Kavanaugh Was Not Believable

I didn't get to watch much of the U.S. Senate hearing where Christine Blasey Ford testified that Brett Kavanagh once sexually assaulted her.

And Kavanagh screamed that the assault never happened, and claimed that it was all a plot by the Democrats to destroy him.

But I didn't have to watch much of that ghastly spectacle to know who I believed.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

A Crazed Donald Trump Takes Aim At Canada. Again.

It had to be one of Donald Trump's most bizarre and deeply disturbing news conferences ever. 

It lasted for almost an hour and a half. Trump almost never stopped talking, jumping from one subject to another, and praising himself over and over again. 

When it was over I'm sure that millions of people all over the world were left staring at their TV screens with their mouths wide open. 

Wondering whether Trump had finally gone over the deep end. 

For this was crazy stuff

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Sickening Saga Of Doug Ford and Faith Goldy

It's now been four days since Doug Ford and Faith Goldy met at the Ford Fest and had their picture taken together.

And despite the fact that Goldy is a white supremacist and an alt right extremist, Ford has refused to condemn her, or apologize for his bad judgement.

And yesterday was more of the same.

The Day the World Laughed at Donald Trump

It is said to be Donald Trump's greatest fear. The fear of being ridiculed or laughed at in public.

So as you can see from the photo, as he waited to address the United Nations yesterday, he looked suitably solemn. And maybe even a little worried. 

Would world leaders recognize his greatness and surrender without a fight?

Or would he have to threaten them like he's been threatening Canada?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Donald Trump and the Hypocrisy of Brett Kavanaugh

He's a sexual predator himself, a dirty old man who once boasted of grabbing women by their private parts.

He's a grubby lowlife who celebrated the arrival of his youngest son by having a torrid affair with an escort. And then lied about it.

So who can be surprised that Donald Trump should fly to the rescue of another alleged sexual predator?

Monday, September 24, 2018

Now Can We Call Doug Ford A Fascist?

As you know I like to portray Doug Ford as a political ape, a brutish demagogue drunk on power who is leading Ontario to disaster.

But now I think I may have underestimated the threat he poses to this country and its values.

Now I think we can all start calling him a fascist.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Andrew Scheer's Desperate Attempt To Be Recognized

As we all know, Andrew Scheer hasn't been himself recently. He's failing badly, it's all going horribly wrong.

His polls are tanking, Maxime Bernier is stealing his supporters. 

And to make matters even worse, with an election just over a year away, about 30% of Canadians still don't know him from a hole in the wall.

So the Cons are about to launch a massive propaganda campaign with a familiar message.

Doug Ford and the Rise of the Resistance

It's like a nightmare come true. And after only three months in power.

It's Saturday night. Parts of Ottawa are looking like a disaster zone after a tornado hit the region. Thousands are in the dark.

But please don't bother Doug Ford.

He's busy. 

Friday, September 21, 2018

The Abacus Poll and the Incredible Shrinking Cons

Andrew Scheer was absent from Question Period yesterday, and nobody seemed to know where he was.

But I wouldn't be surprised if he was huddled with his ex-Rebel campaign manager Hamish Marshall trying to figure out what's going wrong.

Because so much is going wrong.

A series of devastating polls, have suggested the Cons are heading for a crushing defeat in the next election.

And a new Abacus poll can only make them feel worse.

Could This Be The End Of The Con War On The Carbon Tax?

As we all know Andrew Scheer is on a creepy crusade to destroy Justin Trudeau.

And he was counting on the federal government's carbon tax to help him do that.

The plan was he would attack the tax like a rabid hyena. Trudeau would defend it. The mob would scream for money, or blood.

Until Scheer destroyed Justin and became Prime Minister.

In fact, so confident was Scheer that he couldn't lose, that he even challenged Trudeau to "Bring it on." 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Candice Bergen and the Summer of Failure

Candice Bergen, the Con house leader, is one of the loudest and most vile members of Andrew Scheer's Con Clown Circus.

Her hatred for Justin Trudeau is so great it's deeply disturbing, and can only make many Canadians question whether she's losing her marbles.

So when her creepy Con leader decreed that this now dying summer should be known as Trudeau's "Summer of Failure."

Nobody could control her or hold her back.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Incredible Failure of the Failing Andrew Scheer

As we all know Andrew Scheer and his ghastly Cons try to use the word "fail" as many times as possible when talking about Justin Trudeau.

In what is clearly a crude attempt to brainwash us.

Or treat us like Pavlov's dogs, who when they heard a bell started slobbering.

It's beyond belief, and this is outrageous.

The Cons and the Defector Who Came In From the Not So Cold

For almost two days, Leona Alleslev and Andrew Scheer were the toast of Con Canada. And what a show it was.

I mean just LOOK at them. Have you ever seen two politicians fall in love so quickly? And still manage to look and sound so ridiculous

The Liberal defector made it sound like she had escaped from a prison camp in North Korea, where her opinions had been ruthlessly stifled.

While the Con media heaped praise on the failing Scheer for managing to reel in a Liberal AND a woman.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels, and the Toadstool Nightmare

As we all know, Donald Trump's mental state is continuing to deteriorate. 

He should be concerned about the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, but he's clearly more worried about Hurricane Mueller.

Those who know him claim he's desperately afraid of being humiliated, by being dragged out of the White House in handcuffs.

But if humiliation is what he fears, this should practically kill him.

The Absurd Reimagining Of The Con Clown Andrew Scheer

It was the opening of the fall session of Parliament, and the unofficial start of the next election campaign.

And Andrew Scheer was in a triumphant mood.

He had a Liberal defector Leona Alleslev to show off. 

And even though, as you can see, she didn't look too happy, the Cons were howling that it was the beginning of the end for Justin Trudeau.

And there was even a new propaganda video trying to reimagine Scheer as "strong and ready."

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Strange Defection of Leona Alleslev

Until I saw her angry face on TV, with Andrew Scheer smirking in the background, I must admit I had never heard of Leona Alleslev.

So I was surprised to learn she was a Liberal MP who had just defected to the Conservatives. 

Ontario MP Leona Alleslev is crossing the floor from the Liberals to join the Conservative party caucus — the first such loss for the governing party since the last election.

And the more I learned about her the more surprised I became.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Why Doug Ford Will Be A One-Term Premier

I'd hate to meet Doug Ford after midnight, because as I'm sure you know, he's bestial enough in the daytime. 

Crude, ignorant, demagogic, drunk with power, a bully if ever there was one. A puppet of the Harperite cult one should definitely try to avoid.

But sadly, many decent Toronto City councillors will not be able to avoid meeting the Fordzilla after midnight.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Donald Trump's Horrible Hurricane Problems

As Hurricane Florence churns across North and South Carolina, Donald Trump has more than one hurricane on his mind.

For while Florence should be occupying his limited attention span now that it's a killer. 

He's also obsessed with Hurricane Maria that struck Puerto Rico last year, and that he claims hardly killed anyone.

Chairman Max and the People's Party of Canada

It was for Maxime Bernier the end of a long journey. And the beginning of a whole new adventure.

He finally got to see the Wizard, and he got his new party.

But he didn't get a brain.

And sadly it shows.

Justin Trudeau Prepares To Go After Andrew Scheer

For over a year Justin Trudeau has somehow managed to restrain himself, and not attack Andrew Scheer as he has attacked him.

Even though as we all know, the creepy Scheer seems obsessed with destroying Trudeau, by trying to smear him over and over again. 

And his Cons are little more than a giant attack machine spewing hatred out of every orifice.

But now at last it seems that Trudeau is preparing to go after Scheer.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Doug Ford and the Harperite Conspiracy

It was a scene I never thought I would see in Canada. It could only happen in Doug Ford's Ontario.

And it can only be called fascism.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government has tabled legislation that uses the Constitution’s notwithstanding clause to push through a bill slashing Toronto council in half because of a judge’s decision earlier this week to strike down the law because it violates the rights to free expression and to elect effective representation.

With the official opposition being expelled from the legislature, old people being led away in handcuffs, and the bestial Ford acting like Big Brother.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Donald Trump’s Hideous 911 Horror Show

As you know, yesterday was the 17th anniversary of the 911 terrorist attacks. A day to remember the dead, and all those who lost their loved ones.

And a day when the President of the United States is supposed to set aside his partisan instincts and act like the comforter in chief.

But sadly Donald Trump was unable to restrain himself.

And his crude behaviour shocked the nation.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Doug Ford and the Day of the Dictator

When I saw the look on the faces of Doug Ford and his Con handler, I didn't need to turn up the sound on the TV to know what he was going to say.

I had predicted what was about to happen long ago.

And sure enough I was right.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Andrew Scheer Plays The Racist Card. Again

When Mad Max Bernier stormed out of the Conservative Party to begin his racist crusade, the failing Andrew Scheer had a big choice to make.

He could repudiate Bernier, and try to fool Canadians into believing that his Cons are a moderate party attuned to Canadian values.

Or he could try to match Bernier's bigotry, or even try to out racist him.

Well now we know which way Scheer has chosen to go.

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Donald Trump and the Plaid Shirt Guy

Well there he was the other day in Billings, Montana, bathing in the love of his grubby supporters.

Slurring his words, comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln, demanding the head of the person who wrote that anonymous op-ed piece in the New York Times.

Only to have a young man standing right behind him quietly make it clear he wasn't one of Trump's monkeys.

What Donald Trump and Ezra Levant Have In Common

I realize this is a bit of a stretch, and comparisons can be odious.

Especially when you're dealing with such odious characters as Donald Trump and Ezra Levant.

Trump is after all the loser President of the United States, while Ezra Levant is just the loser "Rebel Commander" of the ratty Rebel.

But they both do have a few things in common.

Friday, September 07, 2018

The Increasing Desperation Of The Con Clown Andrew Scheer

Lordy, what are we going to do with that old Con artist Andrew Scheer?

He's still claiming he's more popular than Justin Trudeau, even as his nose grows longer and longer.

The Con website is still running that ridiculous graphic, right at the top of their page.

Even though the latest polls suggest Scheer and his Cons are not going up, they're going down. 

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Is Donald Trump Now Too Dangerous To Be President?

I can only imagine what Donald Trump's mental state must be like, but I'm sure it's not a pretty sight.

Not after Bob Woodward in his new book Fear, claimed that Defence Secretary James Mad Dog Mattis had once lamented that Trump had the mind of a "fifth or sixth grader."

Which must have hit Trump's fragile ego, like a cruise missile in the nuts.

And not after the New York Times brought his paranoia to a boiling point by revealing that The Resistance is EVERYWHERE. 

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Justin Trudeau and the Man Who Didn't Fall To Earth

Adam Scotti

I think it's fair to say that Justin Trudeau has had a challenging month. 

The pipeline decision, the NAFTA negotiations with the maniac Trump, the crazed old racist screaming at him at that corn roast in Quebec.

The creepy Andrew  Scheer stoking the flames of racism.

That's the kind of stuff that can really ruin your summer.

And now to make matters worse, our shabby Con media has just launched an all out assault on him.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Donald Trump and the Crazytown Nightmare

It's the most devastating portrait of a President ever written. And its title "Fear" couldn't be better chosen.

For Bob Woodward's new book about Donald Trump reveals a President and a presidency in the throes of a nervous breakdown.

And that should scare everybody.

Doug Ford and Andrew Scheer's Assault On Our Universities

At first glance, you wouldn't think that Rob Ford had anything in common with Andrew Scheer.

Scheer is a sinister religious fanatic and alt-right sympathizer, who despite the creepy smile that he glues to his face every morning, is consumed by his hatred of Justin Trudeau.

While Ford is a brutish political ape, who is so dumb he's dangerous. And only thinks about himself.

But as it turns out, the two Cons do have something in common.

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Donald Trump's Failed Attempt To Intimidate Canadians

It was a deadline that Donald Trump insisted Canada must respect. In the language of the gangster in the White House, an offer it couldn't refuse.

Canadians had until Friday to sign a new NAFTA deal dictated by himself, or there would be trouble.

But Team Canada stood its ground refusing to be intimidated. The deadline came and went.

And it was Trump who ended up being humiliated.

Andrew Scheer and the Curious Case of Ethical Oil

As you probably remember, when we last left Andrew Scheer he was bobbing up and down in a tarry pool, attacking Justin Trudeau as usual, and making wild claims about oil.

Which had many wondering whether he was losing his marbles.

So now the Cons are trying to explain what their leader REALLY meant.

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Randy Rainbow and the Trump Impeachment Song

By now I'm sure he only sees what he wants to see, only hears what he wants to hear.

But it's going to be hard to avoid that new poll. The one that suggests that Trump is not only incredibly unpopular.

But also that a record number of Americans want him to be impeached.