Friday, September 07, 2018

The Increasing Desperation Of The Con Clown Andrew Scheer

Lordy, what are we going to do with that old Con artist Andrew Scheer?

He's still claiming he's more popular than Justin Trudeau, even as his nose grows longer and longer.

The Con website is still running that ridiculous graphic, right at the top of their page.

Even though the latest polls suggest Scheer and his Cons are not going up, they're going down. 

In fact as the CBC's Éric Grenier points out, the Liberals are now enjoying their widest lead over the Cons since February 

And are at this point at least, heading for another crushing majority.

And that's before Maxime Bernier unveils his new party next week, which could cost the Cons even more support. 

Mr. Bernier is claiming momentum, pointing to recent polls, including one conducted for The Globe and Mail, showing that up to 17 per cent of Canadians are considering voting for the new party. 

 “That’s even before it has a name and an organization,” Mr. Bernier wrote. “This is a strong base on which to build, and it shows that the new party has tremendous potential.”

Which makes the fact that Scheer is still claiming he's winning even more bizarre, and even more pathetic.

But if you want to know how desperate him and his ex-Rebel campaign manager Hamish Marshall are, all you have to do is check out this chart.

Where as you can see, the Cons began their brief rise in the polls in February, which just happened to be during Justin Trudeau's visit to India.

So now Scheer has announced he too will visit India. 

Justin Trudeau went and did his very particular thing in India in the winter, and so naturally it’s Andrew Scheer’s turn in the fall. The Official Opposition and Conservative Party leader has a nine-day trip to the South Asian nation on his calendar for October, for some reason.

In an obvious and crass attempt to try to recapture some of that old magic...

Even if he isn't fooling anyone.

But really, why is Andrew Scheer going to India? I’d venture it has more to do with domestic politics than the “symbolic and cultural bonds borne from decades of migration.”

Traipsing around India in a suit for nine days in October to own the Libs—that’s a new one, Mr. Scheer.

And will only make himself look ridiculous...

Can you believe it? What a loser.

The creepy Con who likes to call Trudeau a "failure" over and over again, is now well on his way to becoming the biggest failure of them all.

While the man he would destroy, prepares to destroy him...

Now isn't that poetic justice?

Andrew Scheer should never have been chosen Con leader.

He has debased this country with his foul attack ads, his misogyny, his racism, and his stealthy homophobia.

And as far as I'm concerned he can't be punished enough...


  1. I was listening to one of those loaded panels on CFRB. Deb Hutton saying what a failure JT is, Jim Warren had the termidity to correct her and say what possible good could it be for Canada to have Scheer running interference for Trump. She just said something about on the outside looking in, disgraceful.

    These weighted panels are such a joke. They have an NDP on for the left who has nothing good to say about the Liberals and they call it fair and balanced.

    1. Hi Steve...I understand your frustration, as I'm sure do all the Canadians in this country who support Justin Trudeau. But as we all know most of the media in this country is not known as the Con media for nothing. And most slavishly follow the wishes of their Con managers. There is also another problem. The people who book guests for shows are usually the lowest ranking employees, who have neither the experience, or in many cases the smarts, to prepare a truly balanced panel. As a result we get what we get and it is truly appalling...

  2. I forgot to watch AT ISSUE last Anyone else?

    1. Hi Kathleen...I watched that panel and let me assure you, it was ghastly so you didn't miss anything. Rosemary Barton lived to her nickname of Con Barton, giving Andrew Scheer a full body massage. And Andrew Coyne was his usual self, which wasn't much better. Chantal was Chantal, and the other panelist from some polling firm was equally useless.
      The CBC should get out of the opinion business before its reputation is completely destroyed...

    2. Anonymous9:36 AM

      On the House radio today Chris Hall pulled out all the stops in interrupting the Lib minister and not listening and attacking in a partisan way. Rude.
      Soft balled the interview with Cons and NDP. Quite friendly in fact. Cordial.
      By the way why doesn’t Nathan Cullen just face up to it, and join the Conservatives? Cross the floor Nathan. Make it official. You’ll be happy.

      John W

  3. e.a.f.2:23 PM

    at Issue? pass the tissue. Between Tennis and Rachel Maddox, why watch at Issue?

    Now on to Scheer. he just doesn't have what it takes. He may have been able to arrange to become leader of the Cons, but it isn't going to work. Bernier and his new party are simply trying to capitalize on what he may believe is dissatisfaction with "immigration/refugee issues, but I don't see his party going much further than Quebec, unless he has been able to appeal to the old Progressive Conservatives. However, in my opinion that is doubtful. Most of them are sitting at home wondering why their original party was sold out.

    For the future, if Scheer doesn't win this election there will be a call for a leadership review and that will either bring Bernier back into the fold or Ambrose will have been away long enough to make a clean start in politics and bring the Conservative party back to its Progressive Conservative roots.

    Regardless of what we here may thing of the Conservatives, they have a place in our political landscape. Without viable options for people to vote for, they will disengage and that would lead to a situation like the U.S.A., low voter turn out and a few deciding who gets to run the country. In a democracy, having at least 4 viable party, is a good thing. It gives everyone a chance to decide to vote for something/someone which represents their values. we don't have to agree with their values, but we need to ensure there is room for them at the political table. With out that space, you wind up with a problem. Trudeau is doing a good job now, but what if he weren't the leader of the federal Liberals and some idiot took over? You always need a good and vibrant opposition it keeps everyone else in line and its good for democracy.

    1. Jackie Blue6:32 PM

      I think the cons need to start over and spend some time purging the Harper connections completely if they're going to be viewed as credible ever again. Which may not be possible if they're not willing to do the hard work of saying a very Canadian sorry, and then backing it up by actually "reforming" and going back to being Progressive Conservatives. But at least they'd only have maybe 10 or 15 years -- 25 at most, the collapse of the PCs -- to work through. The GOP has at least twice that, five decades of reactionary malevolence going back to the "Southern Strategy." They are now as toxic of a brand as tobacco companies or Nazi Germany. No one's fault but their own, of course, and Obama finally came right out and said as much today. An appropriate counterpart to Trudeau's "The Politics of Fear."

      Trudeau is doing a good job, and he seems to do best when underestimated. ("Just watch me.") But he has admitted, including in his book, that the role of a political "prodigal son" is a double-edged sword: people respond to the name, for better or worse depending on how they felt about his father. The "Maple Kennedy" moniker is inescapable. As to who leads the Liberals later on, though, I don't think it would be "some idiot." I see only good things for the Tru' Grits going onward, based on the team he's assembled thus far and the message he puts forth. Most likely when JT retires in the future (I mean, it will happen, I hope it's not right away but Trudeaumania II: The Jedi Strikes Back won't last forever), it'll probably be Freeland as leader and likely P.M. And perhaps by that point Trump and Putin alike will be senile or dead, the hate having consumed them like the decrepit villains they are.

      Also, since Justin was the Youth Minister in Opposition and a former schoolteacher (and a forward-thinking Trekkie, lol) he values the contributions of the next generation. He's made it a top priority to cultivate younger and more diverse voices in the party, particularly women, LGBTQ+ people and underrepresented minorities. Incorporating diverse voices, especially among millennials, would likely push them further leftward (perhaps diagonally, with a few zigzags and fits and starts along the way) and, thus, steadily away from the batshit insanity that's gripped the U.S.: the internecine warfare among the Democrats and the dirty old white money men of the GOP stomping their boots (or expensive wingtips) on the faces of the populace for the foreseeable future. But the kids, as they say, are all right.

      And speaking of the kids, there's always the possibility that history will repeat and a Trudeau Trilogy comes about. Prime Minister Xavier Trudeau? Or Ella-Grace or Hadrien or even one of Sacha's kids? Who knows, leadership is in their blood -- I mean, I don't think anyone really figured on Nixon being a prophet in 1972... 😏

    2. Hi e.a.f... I've never demanded that the Cons cease to exist. And I would welcome the return of the Progressive Conservatives who at least I could be sure would defend our Canadian values. But I think that time has passed, the Cons are now the Trump Party North, and are bound to remain that way for at least a generation....

    3. Hi Jackie...I agree that the Con are too far gone, too corrupted by alt-right sympathizers, to reform themselves and become a more moderate party. I was struck by a photo I saw recently of the members of a Con club at the University in Calgary. Many of them were wearing MAGA hats, and t-shirts, and their leader had just hot in trouble for backing a ban on citizenship for foreign babies born here. So as you can see the corruption runs deep. On the other hand, Justin Trudeau's attempt to harness the power of the new generation may be one of his most lasting legacies. For the new generation is being stifled in this country, and those who lead them out of the desert and at least point them in the direction of the promised land, will earn their respect and their support, and will shape the future of all of us...

  4. Jackie Blue3:08 PM

    Andrew Scheer doesn't care about brown people. His base calls the people of India "street shitters," "dot-heads," and "cheap tech support"; his own caucus members made derogatory and bigoted comments in a session of Parliament about traditional cultural garb being a "costume"; the whole party alienated 500,000 Sikh Canadians by lumping them in as terrorists; and his hero Trump mocked Narendra Modi with a put-on accent like Apu from The Simpsons. What a fucking joke! This racist, xenophobic Austrian poster artist has the damn nerve to talk about "cultural bonds of migration," as his Ruble Media trolls plaster memes all over the Internet of skeery-looking dark men with mysterious suitcases crashing the border in response to "Justin's tweet." I'll be eager to see him goose-step the Bhangra. Wait, no I won't.

    What the hell does he think he's going to accomplish, besides more shit-disturbing of ethnic tensions that India has enough of already and doesn't need? Is he going to inflame other separatist movements, or do only white ones like Brexit, Albexit and the Diane Blain version of Québexit count? Also, does he know they just legalized same-sex relationships? Perhaps a Bhangra festival full of rainbow flags will be enough for Andy Griswold to call up his travel agent and cancel National Lampoon's Passage to India aboard Ezra's sinking ship. "Hallelujah, where's the Tylenol?"

  5. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Scheer has loser written all over him. The only time he got a boost in the polls is when Justin Trudeau went to India, and only because the MSM made idiots out of themselves. The idea of Scheer going to India to try to get another boost in the polls isn't just desperate it's crazy.

    1. hi anon@5:17 PM...As I said in my post, the idea of going to India so the media can run more pictures of Trudeau in Indian garb, and Blandy Scheer can look like a "statesman in a suit" only tells us how desperate the Cons are. If we had a more responsible media they would have mocked that plan already. But instead they will no doubt play along, and it will make absolutely no difference...

  6. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Poor Hamish, he only has 1/3 of the Trumpian formula for political success to work with. The Cons have the attack propaganda (Crooked Hillary/Bozo Trudeau) down pat but have fallen far short on the other two ingredients. Trump had an appealing regressive action plan for his audience such as build walls, expunge immigrants,screw climate change, aggressive self serving foreign policy, etc. Because the Cons are a big tent party they can only allude to these things but cannot actually state policy around them because they would offend and loose some of their members. The third ingredient and perhaps the most important is that Trump portrays himself as an ostentatious (jackass) self made billionaire. His base can relate to the ostentatious part and on whimsical days can see themselves in his shoes. They know they could never be an elite billionaire as they don't have the pedigree but a jackass billionaire as the result of a mega lotto win, that's something they can dream about. Scheer fails on both counts as he is not a self made billionaire and because of the big tent effect can only allude to hard core language while relying on his base to fill in the blanks to their own preferences. This is a real leap in faith for many of them. As a result Mad Max decided to split as he knows how to "tell it like it is" jackass style but also fails in the wealthy self made category. Where are the political Dougies and Kevins as Hamish desperately needs material to work with. The use of social media to promote a digitally personalized Scheer and a nefarious baloney laced Con platform just doesn't seem to work as well as it used to!

    1. Hi RT...You make a good point. The Cons are attack ad specialists, but that's all they have. They have no discernible policies, apart from the usual law and order and lower taxes mantra. And it makes them look like lightweights, and unfit to govern. And yes as you point out, anyone who is impressed by Scheer must also be a loser. Or a Howdy Doody impersonator. Harper kept such a tight grip on his party, that any talent was discouraged, and seen as a threat to Great Leader. And now they are paying the price, and will probably have to lie in the bed he made for at least a generation...

  7. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Scheer's plan to try to gain some popularity back by visiting India has to be the most absurd idea I have ever heard. The man is a Con clown as Simon has always called him, and deserves a cheap ticket to oblivion.

    1. hi anon...thank you, I started calling them Con clowns long ago, and I have never been disappointed... ;)