Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Absurd Reimagining Of The Con Clown Andrew Scheer

It was the opening of the fall session of Parliament, and the unofficial start of the next election campaign.

And Andrew Scheer was in a triumphant mood.

He had a Liberal defector Leona Alleslev to show off. 

And even though, as you can see, she didn't look too happy, the Cons were howling that it was the beginning of the end for Justin Trudeau.

And there was even a new propaganda video trying to reimagine Scheer as "strong and ready."

But unfortunately for Scheer it all looked a little desperate, and the suggestion that he is ready to go "nose to nose" with Trudeau had many howling...with laughter.

For obvious reasons...

Scheer is such a ghastly serial liar, that his nose is practically a dangerous weapon.

He's almost as cowardly as his mentor Stephen Closet Harper. And he's not winning, he's losing.

His polls are tanking. Maxime Bernier's new party is threatening to make them even worse...

The economy is booming, so there are no winning conditions to be found there.

And as Chantal Hébert points out, Scheer will have his hands full just trying to keep the Cons from fragmenting, or blowing apart. 

With all the friendly fire coming his way, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer may need a political flak jacket to campaign in next year’s federal election. The next 12 months are about to test his capacity to keep the conservative movement from splintering into fratricide factions.

For while Bernier is already using Leona Alleslev's defection to claim that there is no difference between the Cons and the Liberals...

Which must have Scheer squirming, even as the hapless Con clown also has to worry about Doug Ford's brutish assault on the Charter of Rights.

Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star

The Conservatives under Stephen Harper spent more than a decade fending off calls from the religious right to use the notwithstanding clause of the Constitution to turn back the clock on abortion rights, same-sex marriage and/or medically assisted suicide. 

For all of its efforts, the party could never completely dispel suspicions that it had a hidden social conservative agenda. Ford’s move will provide Scheer’s opponents with fresh ammunition.

Keeping the coalition Harper rebuilt together could be Scheer’s biggest pre-election challenge.

So even the Con fluffer John Ivison is forced to admit that Alleslev's defection may give Scheer a short-lived boost, but the odds still favour Justin Trudeau.

While the thrill may be gone, Trudeau retains a commanding lead in the polls. His default response during question period was that unemployment is at 40-year lows, half-a-million full-time jobs have been created and Canada led the G7 in growth last year.

Before the Ontario election in June, the Liberals and Conservatives were running neck and neck, but voters seem to have vented in the provincial election. The Liberals once again have a commanding lead in most polls, thanks to a recovery in Ontario and overwhelming support in Quebec. 

The election campaign may be underway, but the failing Andrew Scheer is not a winner just a loser.

Soon to be running for his life from all those who want his job.

And crying like a baby...


  1. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Shame shame shame on the traitor Leona Alleslev for betraying her constituents who voted overwhelmingly for her and team Trudeau in 2015.

    Shame shame on the CONservative Party’s for bribing her to do so.

    Looking forward to Prime Minister Trudeau launching a public inquiry into this illegal financial activity of the CONservative Party.

    1. Hi anon...yes, Alleslev should be ashamed of herself. She is betraying her constituents, who didn’t vote for a Con. So she should resign as quickly as possible so a by-election can be held...

  2. Anonymous11:06 AM

    I love it when the Cons get their hopes up only to see them smashed. About two months ago they were leading the Liberals and now they’re in the toilet and just about ready to be flushed. The Con cult must be almost ready to start mixing up the Jim Jones Kool Aid !!

    1. Jackie Blue11:48 AM

      Here's the perfect anthem for Justin, from America's tough but sensitive blue-collar bard.


      ...and here's the perfect one for Andy Banana and his clown car. Please clap.


    2. Hi anon...well that’s awful. How could you suggest such a thing? However, if you need any help mixing the Kool Aid, I’m available !! 😺

    3. Hi Jackie...two excellent choices from you, as usual. Bruce Springsteen for Justin Trudeau and Mr Yakety Sax for the loser Scheer. Indon’t Know where you find these videos but I love it!,,,

  3. Anonymous11:18 AM

    That first picture really tells a story. The traitor is sitting in the Con benches and looking VERY unhappy. Maybe it’s just the stench of Con BO, or maybe she’s realizing already that she made a big mistake. Like most Cons she looks like she isn’t playing with a full deck.

    1. Jackie Blue11:40 AM

      Speaking of Harpies who aren't playing with a full deck (or, in this case, wallet): Ezra's cantankerous British nanny, Katie Hopkins, has been forced to file for insolvency protections after going broke paying out in a libel case to a food blogger she accused of vandalizing a war memorial.


      Hopefully the same thing happens to Ezra himself, his Internet hate mouthpiece and Hamish's mouse trap troll farm operation. One thing's for sure: Ezzie won't want anything to do with her anymore, now that she's one of "those people" he doesn't like: not a Muslim or a Romani or a godforsaken liberal but... a POOR PERSON!

    2. I think I heard of Katie Hopkins but the name really meant nothing to be but I love this excerpt from the Guardian:

      Earlier this year, she successfully won a complaint against the Daily Mirror after its website gave the impression that she was prevented from leaving South Africa for taking ketamine. She said the claim could be damaging to her reputation as, in reality, her passport had been briefly confiscated over allegations she had been spreading racial hatred, rather than for using medically-prescribed drugs.

      Overall, she sounds like a good fit with Ezra.With any luck, she will up the Rebel's legal bills in no time at all.

    3. Hi anon@11:18...yes she does look a little down doesn’t she? And I have another pic where the Cons are all on their feet clapping like seals, but she’s sitting down looking very unhappy. I do hope she realizes she has made a mistake, so she can spend all the time before the election kicking herself for being so dumb and impulsive...

    4. Hi Jackie...yes I heard about Katie Hopkins’ unfortunate financial situation, and it was music to my ears. Hopkins is one of the foulest bigots around and deserves everything that is coming to her. From the Daily Mail to the Rebel it has been quite a fall. But I think Ezra will still keep her. He knows she has nowhere to go, and he likes to have his scummy staff under his thumb. Hopefully though, she will make a mistake and put another dent in the Rebel. In which case she will definitely be fired...

    5. Hi jrkrideau,..yes I remember the incident well. She suddenly collapsed in the street from a ketamine overdose, and I thought she was taking it for party purposes and roared with laughter. It turns out she wasn’t, but the sight of that rotten professional bigot lying there in the street is one I’ll treasure for a long time...😎

  4. Jackie Blue11:33 AM

    More like the thrill (or delusional fever) is gone in the USA, and Trudeau looks like his dear old dad staring down the elephant on stampede. Andy Doody, Harper's puppet, "strong and ready"? HA! That spineless inchworm (and I say that with up-front apologies to spineless inchworms) would have crawled all over the floor of the Offal Office, and Canada would have been Anschlussed on the Fourth of July!

    Look at how quickly his boss snuck out the back door like the stealth attack cat he is, and went and collaborated with Leisure Suit Larry just to stab Justin in the back. Now Ezra's been making home movies in Moscow for Ruble Media. Hamish says dasvidanye in the Hall of the Rat King. Like everyone else in the party of litter clumps, Andy is a no-good dirty rat. "Strong and ready"? More like (you guessed it), a low-energy, failing, lying, dopey crooked clown. SAD!

    1. That was as impressive video. It did take me a few minutes to realize Scheer was the topic though.

      With the currant imbroglio at Queen's Park, I wonder how happy Scheer's handlers are with that rousing endorsement from Doug Ford?

  5. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Defining Trudeau as the antichrist and Sheer as the white knight seems a really dumb strategy. Perhaps if Scheer was a crass business tycoon but as a Con brand he fails miserably. Just a watered down version of the Real Thing.
    Framing the opposition leader as an incompetent villain worked for Trump but the GOP spent millions softening Hillary up with high profile Federal investigations before hand and then came the high powered election hacking teams and associated criminal activity. So far the Canadian Con set up has been wailing about a minor ethics violation and boring one sided propaganda media with no alternative solutions or leadership. Mad Max saw him as a negative Trudeau Lite and decided to split rather than waste any more of his time. Perhaps the Cons have a marvelous election hacking strategy safely tucked away in the closet. If not, Scheer had better start eating some of the baloney his team is shoveling out as there are lean time ahead!

    1. Hi RT....I always thought the way the Cons have tried to demonize Trudeau was a huge mistake. Whatever people might think of Justin most people know he’s a decent human being. And when you attack someone like that it only makes you look like a bully. But the Cons are too bestial to understand that, and that attitude will probably cost them the next election as it did the last one...

  6. After the last election I had a discussion with a co-worker, who is a Liberal partisan.

    We were talking about the potential replacements for Stephen Harper. My position was it really did not matter who the Conservatives chose to be their leader because they would be a seat warmer and nothing more.

    I said it then and I will say it again, the next Conservative Prime Minister of this country is not on anybody's radar right now.

    Even before factoring in the departure of Mr. Bernier the most likely outcome of the 2019 election is a Liberal majority. That outcome becomes much more likely with his departure.

  7. Hi Ottlib....I agree with you. In fact I was surprised that no serious outside candidate ran for Con leader. There was one guy whose name I can’t remember, and Kevin O’Leary who was more of a buffoon than anything else. The problem is that the Cons are now more like a cult than a party and no decent person is willing to risk their reputation at this time. It will take another crushing defeat before the party realizes it has been going down the wrong path, and if it doesn’t it’s doomed...

    1. Ironically they are following the same path the Liberals did after they were first defeated by the Harper Conservatives.

      It took being relegated to Third Party status before the Liberals became serious about party renewal.

      Here is hoping that the Conservatives continue on that path.