Friday, September 28, 2018

Andrew Scheer and the Con's Dirty Game

Andrew Scheer has always been able to hide his real self behind a bland face and a creepy smile.

So for example, he can claim he's a Christian, but lie like a thief.

Or conceal his alt right sympathies, his racism, his misogyny, and his barely closeted homophobia, by simply opening his mouth and showing his teeth. 

But now he's desperate, everything is going horribly wrong. 

His polls are tanking, Maxime Bernier is stealing his supporters. 

So now we get to see Scheer's inner monster.

And it's not pretty. It's sickening. 

Graphic details about the murder of eight-year-old Tori Stafford dominated question period Wednesday, as Conservatives expressed outrage over news that one of her killers was moved from a maximum-security prison to an aboriginal healing lodge.

Can you believe it?

The Cons are using the 9-year-old murder of a young girl to smear the Liberals.

And what's even more disgusting, they are reading graphic details of her killing into the official record:

From there the debate grew increasingly uncomfortable as Tory MPs Lisa Raitt, Alain Rayes, and Tony Clement continued to press the government for accountability, sharing more details of Stafford's murder with each successive question.

No doubt so they can use the clips during the election campaign, to inflame their bloodthirsty base.

And when Justin Trudeau urged those porno Cons to crawl out of the gutter, and stop playing dirty politics with dead children, this is what their grubby leader had to say:

"If the details of this horrific case are so awful that the prime minister can't stand hearing them, then he should do the right thing and make sure that the killer is behind bars," he told reporters.

Even though it's not the job of the Prime Minister to move prisoners around, and even though there were children in the House of Commons.

When asked if it was appropriate for his MPs to publicize gruesome details about Stafford's murder when 10- and 11-year-olds were visiting in the public gallery, Scheer remained resolute. 

 "These are the types of details that you and every other journalist have put in your papers to inform the public about the nature of these crimes because this person who perpetrated them is such a danger to our society," he answered.

And all you need to do is read that last paragraph, which makes absolutely no sense.  

Or read what what the ghastly Con Tony Clement had to say, to know that they are monsters.

And that Scheer would crawl on all fours through a sewer to be Prime Minister...

It's disgusting, and what makes it even more obscene, is that our useless media is all but ignoring how the Cons are debasing our Parliament with their dirty games. 

And where those games might lead, with an election just over a year away. 

But at least we can say thank goodness for Sheila Malcomson for standing up for  decency.

And at least we have been warned.

Now we know what the coming campaign is probably going to look like.

And to what dark place Andrew Scheer and his Cons might take us...

And why we absolutely must defeat them.

For if we let this evil take root and multiply.

It will end up destroying us...


  1. Anonymous11:10 AM

    A native healing lodge? What a farce. I read about them on CTV yesterday. They coddle criminals there and treat THEM like victims. Absolutely sickening.

    1. For other criminals it's fine, but the severity of the crime and as importantly there are children at this place, you want to place a savage unrehabilited child killer among children while she is still doing her time?

      Look I don't blame the Liberals for this, I doubt that some Liberal Minister made this call. But the Tories are right to press the government to stop this.

      If this had been a white male who'd committed these crimes and then got placed in a nice place like this with children, feminists like you Simon would be screaming bloody murder ten times louder then the Tories are now and you'd be making accusations of white privledge.

      Also think on this if she goes on a rampage and kills again, it will locale FN children that will be the victims, not white children.

      Also when the left calls for gun control after a mass murder is it sickening or is it reasonable to speak out about? Of course the left is right to call for gun control in response to a mass shooting, because they don't want a repeat and it works. It's the same thing here.

      It's not mysgini

    2. Anonymous10:54 AM

      Speaking out for gun control after a mass murder is not the same thing. It only becomes the same thing if those speaking referred to a specific victim and then showed or described how the impact from a high velocity AR bullet enters the body and explodes organs sending flesh everywhere. The Cons always prefer graphic content that bypasses the rational part of the mind and elicits a gut response regardless of who they victimize. When you are a Con winner you really don't care who the losers are, especially if they are doing it with our tax dollars. Scheer, Tony Gazebo, Rebel propaganda videos are already on You Tube, mission accomplished regardless of the fact that their claims contain considerable baloney. McClintic was transferred to medium security under Harper's watch. The healing lodge is both low and medium security. In the past the Harperites claimed the government has no authority over security classification of inmates .. now its a different story as its Trudeau's fault. First Nations do not support the move but they have no say as the Cons defunded them.

    3. Hi anon11:10 AM...Native healing lodges are a useful part of the justice system which I remind you is not solely intended to punish people, but also rehabilitate them. The prisoner in question has spend nine years behind bars, and her fate should be in the hands of penitentiary officials not politicians...

    4. Hi Gyor....No, I'm afraid that once again you make assumptions about me that are totally wrong. My position is and always has been, is that in a civilized country the courts not politicians must determine the course of justice. And as for the mob it should have no role at all. What kind of society would we end up living in if we didn't have those guidelines? And what information do you have that you would label the prisoner an unrehabilitated savage child killer who might go on another rampage. If prison officials believed that she never would have been recommended for transfer to a healing lodge. As I said in my post the Cons are trying to seek political advantage by stirring up their bloodthirsty base, and it's absolutely disgusting..l

  2. Jackie Blue11:10 AM

    Why the hell is Tony Gazebo reading snuff porn aloud during Question Period? Looks like the Beach Week calendar Andy borrowed from Brett Kavanaugh must be turned to the wrong page, because Halloween isn't for a month yet and he's already scaring little kids like Pennywise the clown. Which means the Cons must be getting their talking points from Republicans. We know they're pretty much Kochroaches sponsored by stink tanks like Atlas and the Fraser Institute to begin with, that the Rebel is doing PR for them and that Ezra cut his teeth at Koch sleepaway camp. So no surprise the Cons would recycle the same agitprop formula that exploited Kate Steinle and Mollie Tibbetts' respective cases in the U.S. "Bring out your dead."

    Scheer must be watching Christine Ford's testimony with orgasmic delight and creaming himself over the fantasy of appointing Jian Ghomeshi to the Canadian Supreme Court. Wasn't it recently they were calling Trudeau a terrorist sympathizer again in response to Marisa Shen's murder, and calling him a "failure" for letting any refugees in at all? The more desperate Scheer gets, the more he reveals himself to be an unhinged sociopath -- just like Kavanaugh. I'd love to know what kind of "boofing" he was into at seminary school. Actually, no I wouldn't.

    I am so sick of these people, not just the men who turn my guts and make me want to punch walls, but the craven, sellout women like Raitt and Rempel, or Kellyanne Con Artist over here, who back them up. They can all go directly to hell and do not collect $200.

    1. Hi Jackie...not only is Gazebo reading disgusting things into Hansard, he is also suggesting that the Liberals are encouraging "vigilantism." When in fact it's our dirty RepubliCons who are doing that. The idea of a government dictating who should be punished and how is totalitarianism pure and simple. It's disgusting and unforgivable, and like you I too am sick of the filthy Cons on both sides of the border. Scheer is a grubby political pervert and we can't get rid of him soon enough...

  3. Anonymous3:13 PM

    The Cons have always used crime to stir up their brain dead base. And since Scheer hired the Rebel Media's Hamish Marshall we can expect more of the same during the election campaign.

    1. Hi anon...yes they have, they learned how to play the dirty game from the Republicans because they are more American than Canadian. And yes, with the grotesque Rebel operative Hamish Marshall managing their campaign , you know it can only get dirtier...

  4. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Blandy Scheer is a disgusting pervert. He has taken his party lower than it has ever gone. Even Harper was better than him. But he will suffer the same fate as Steve.

    1. Hi anon...I never thought that anyone could stoop lower than Stephen Harper, but I too am beginning to think that Scheer could be the man, or the monster. He is truly an absolute political pervert, who should be shunned by all decent Canadians...

    2. the good news is that while Steve worked the mailroom at Exxon before becoming great leader, weak andy has a very weak resume

  5. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Absolutely disgusting and but not at all surprising. The media cronies are in full support mode; good thing for us, the CPC is entering life support mode, with their support falling like a stone. The sooner we get rid of them, the better. I can only hope that Rempel and Scheer lose their own seats, but Calgary Nose Hill loves conservatives, so more Twitter blocks and drunken rants are expected, sadly.

    1. Hi anon.. The Cons wouldn't be crawling through the gutter if they weren't absolutely desperate. They are dirty people, who lack a moral compass, and like Rempel, the longer they are Cons the more disgusting they become...

  6. Native traditions go back thousands of years, lets not discount them.
    The fact is weakandy is all snarl and no bite

    1. Hi rejecting the idea of a healing lodge the Cons are also showing their contempt for native people. Which should be no surprise for Scheer's pervert gang are as racist as they come...

  7. what Scheer and others don't understand is that the P.M. nor the Cabinet Minister have anything to do with who goes to which prison, what level of prison, what half way house, or what healing lodge. Perhaps it is time to understand this work is done by people far removed from the political level they are hired to do this work because of their education and/or experience. scheer, nor the people who comment here are qualified to make these decisions.

    I do not know how many years this person was sentenced to, however, prior to being released the majority of prisoners go to min. security or half way houses. for some its beneficial and assists them into a smoother re integration process.

    For Scheer or anyone else to make a political foot ball out of this is simply ridiculous. so this person went to a health lodge, whats the big deal is she is going to get out in a few years. better she goes to a healing lodge now, to deal with issues which may have led her to be involved in this murder. none of us know this persons history, what led them to be involved in the murder, etc.

    Our judicial system is not set up on a revenge basis. its to try to rehabilitate. They all get out sooner or later. if Scheer is so concerned about people who kill children perhaps he might do something more to help children, when they are children, so they don't grow up to commit crimes, but as we know the cons just aren't into that. Its all about tax cuts.

    1. Hi e.a.f...right on. Scheer's claim that the Prime Minister should determine the fate of prisoners isn't just crazy it's dangerous. And he knows it, but is just desperate, and will do anything to try to smear Justin Trudeau, who is a far better and more Canadian leader than he is. However, the good news is that by behaving like a depraved beast, Scheer has once again shown his totalitarian instincts, which is yet another reason he should never be Prime Minister...

  8. Anonymous7:32 AM

    From Facebook:

    Dear Mr. Trudeau,

    My name is Rodney Stafford, father of kidnapped,raped & murdered 8 year old Victoria Elizabeth Marie Stafford.
    I plead to you as a father & a proud Canadian citizen who, even after this traumatic experience, tries to live a normal tax paying life.
    I really have to question our Federal Government as to why convicted child murderers ,such as Terri Lynne McClintic, deserve more rights than their victims & law abiding Canadians? I may not have grown up living a perfect life, but I grew up to learn that I love the country I live in and I know right from wrong! It's a safe and beautiful country. Now I see so many hearts breaking because people are no longer feeling safety & reassurance within our laws.
    This is an ever changing world that hosts a whole new world of manipulative monsters that our nation needs to protect its citizens from!
    Terri Lynne McClintic is a dangerous predator, who has repeatedly engaged in violent altercations both within society & while incarcerated, boasting of not being able to do more damage!
    I would like to ask you , with no ill will, one question though if I may,
    "From father to Father... Could you kneel before your child's headstone , knowing they spent the last 3 hrs of their life begging & pleading for Mommy or Daddy to come save them, Alone,8,Scared? Can you sleep soundly knowing there is more injustice unfolding before you?"
    Is this enough to remember that not all issues are political? Some are moral!

    God bless & I pray for you to do the right thing, which is to ensure this injustice is reversed and a child killer is returned to prison to finish her sentence behind bars!

    Thank you for your time
    Rodney Stafford

  9. Hi anon...thank you for relaying that letter from Rodney Stafford. I feel very sorry for him as I do for all victims of crime. However that does not change my position on the question. The Justice system does not exist to feed a desire for revenge. Or cater to mob rule. Victims get a chance to contribute impact stems ta during the trial. But when it's over and the guilty have been sentenced, it's up to the justice system to determine their fate. If Stafford has a complaint he should complain to its officials, and not allow himself to be used by the Cons to smear Trudeau or stir up their bloodthirsty base...

  10. Anonymous3:48 PM

    What a sad spectacle of poor Tori being used and exploited even in death. The Cons gare sickening, creepy and deplorable. Stafford likes the attention. He’s exploiting his own daughter. Shameful.
    What a spectacle next weeks vote will be. The Ottawa media, cheering on Scheer and his grotesque ambition at all costs cheapening the public discourse once again.

    J. W.

    1. Hi J.W....Yes, it is a sad and sordid spectacle, and actually holding a vote on this in the House of Commons is about as low as you can go. What damage the Cons have done to Canada. But I for one don't intend to sit quietly and watch them turn this country into a toilet...