Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Doug Ford and Andrew Scheer's Assault On Our Universities

At first glance, you wouldn't think that Rob Ford had anything in common with Andrew Scheer.

Scheer is a sinister religious fanatic and alt-right sympathizer, who despite the creepy smile that he glues to his face every morning, is consumed by his hatred of Justin Trudeau.

While Ford is a brutish political ape, who is so dumb he's dangerous. And only thinks about himself.

But as it turns out, the two Cons do have something in common.

Ford wants to use an extreme form of free speech as a weapon against colleges and universities. 

Ontario colleges and universities must come up with free speech policies or face government funding cuts. The Progressive Conservative government issued the warning Thursday, saying the schools have until Jan. 1, 2019 to develop, implement and comply with those policies.

And Scheer couldn't be more delighted:

Because he's also a big believer, or should I say a fierce BELEIVER in free speech...

But only of the kind that would allow people like alt-right extremists, neo-Nazis and anti abortion fanatics to invade campuses.

In practice, Ford’s policy would effectively create a safe space for anti-abortion groups and alt-right speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos or neo-Nazi Richard Spencer who have seen their university circuit speaking tours disrupted by protests.

With students and student unions who object to their presence also being punished. 

Ford’s speech policing directive also calls for “discipline measures” against students who engage in “disruptive protesting that significantly interferes with the ability of an event to proceed” and requires student unions to comply with the rules otherwise their “ongoing financial support or recognition” will be revoked.

Which will almost certainly turn campuses into battlefields.

Just so Ford, like Scheer, can pleasure his rabid religious base...

Who just happen to be the same cruel monsters who are demanding that LGBT kids in Ontario schools be sacrificed on the altar of their bloodthirsty ideology...

Something that Ford is only too happy to do, even if it kills the kids.

And is for that reason alone, unfit to be the leader of a province like Ontario.

Just like Scheer's other good buddy, and fellow religious fanatic Jason Kenney, is unfit to be the Premier of Alberta...

Scheer, Kenney, and Ford have other things in common, like their determination to destroy carbon taxes, even as the planet burns.

But it's their strange fixation with what they call free speech that reveals the most about them... 

And yes, when you put it all together it starts to look more and more like a Con conspiracy to change this country beyond recognition.

A conspiracy powered by religious fanatics like the ones who are Donald Trump's most faithful supporters. And fuelled by so-called dark money.

It's sickening that this could be happening in a country like Canada, but there is a positive side to this fascist horror show.

The brutish hog Doug Ford is showing Canadians what could happen if Andrew Scheer ever became Prime Minister...

And his behaviour should ensure that Scheer never gets anywhere near the throne of power.

We have seen the future.

And one bestial Con is more than enough....


  1. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Free speech are you kidding me? These are the same Cons who are throwing a hissy fit because Nike decided to sponsor Colin Kaepernick for a couple more years. Throwing out Nike shoes and even lighting clothes on fire. They're trying to organize a boycott on twitter! https://goo.gl/gxQkfj

    1. Anonymous2:01 PM

      Yep, burning shoes and clothes they've already bought! That oughta hit Nike right in the pocketbook! LOL! They aren't the brightest primates.

    2. hi anon@1:01 PM...yes the Cons are hypocrites. Everyone know that in a right-wing regime here is no freedom of speech. And that what the Cons are really talking about is hate speech, which cannot be justified and should be banned...

    3. Hi anon@2:01 PM...I understand that some of those Cons are so dumb they have been accidentally setting themselves on fire. So that's definitely a trend we should support... ;)

  2. Anonymous1:43 PM

    What a jackass, as if he didn't already have enough court battles to contend with. Trying to trample on students rights related to freedom of expression and assembly in favor of promoting thinly veiled hate speech should be a good one!

    1. Hi RT...yes, it's not exactly a genius move. But then ask mentioned in the post it's probably not his idea. His Harperite handlers are telling him what to do, and give the ape a banana he will do what they want. At this rate he'll be spending more time in court than he spends at Queen's Park...

  3. It a condrumdrm. I believe in free speech. Hate speech not. We need lots of rulings quickly. However when the COCK bros sponsor the Faith Gold tour there has to be a remedy.

    1. Hi Steve...it's easy to believe in hate speech when you are not the one targeted by bigots. And please the Koch brothers name is pronounced like COKE. In life you can't have everything you want... ;)

  4. Anonymous2:09 PM

    "alt-right" speakers events being cancelled at universities tend to be when the school cannot guarantee the speaker's or audiences' safety. Is Doug going to provide campus policing and guarantee safety of all involved?

    Also, hate speech is not free-speech.


    1. Hi UU...I fear that Ford will use university demos to flood campuses with cops, and turn Ontario into a quasi police state. Ford may be brutishly dumb, but he's as reactionary as they come...

  5. Silly me ... I thought that saying Milos is wrong was free speech.

    1. hi rumleyfips...Milo is a pathetic loser, and a total wimp. But unfortunately some of the right trade he attracts is nasty and Nazi. Apparently he's trying to mount some kind of comeback, but life is too short to check out that rumour...

  6. Yeah I believe this is coordinated attack by us the Harperites backed by US money (Ie Adelson and others) This is not the old conservatism principles vs liberal principles stuff. This is batshit crazy US corporatism dressed in populist dog whistlers. The crazies (religious and or racists) are getting the message, The old white conservatives still think we're still in the twentieth century.

    1. Hi ffibs...yes, ever since the Harperites were defeated they have been planning how to take power again by going through the provinces. And the fact that Scheer, Ford, and Kenney have such similar platforms shows a hidden hand at work. The Trumpling influence in all three parties is also very strong, so I don't doubt that they are getting at least some of their funding from the evangelical groups that are telling trump what to do. Let's just hope Canadians understand what is happening before it's too late...

  7. e.a.f.3:56 PM

    there sure wasn't much free speech when harper was P.M. and Scheer said nothing. Harper and his freaks went through the personal medical files of Veterans who opposed them and used it against them. That wasn't free speech.

    This wasn't Ford's idea, that was Gordon Campbell, in my opinion. Ford isn't that smart. Campbell is. by changing the rules regarding "free speech", it enables Ford and his ilk to bring speakers onto campus, who will preach hate and misogyny. They will insist the OPP protect these speakers also. if they don't watch them replace any number of high ranking OPP personnel. Its how they changed the narrative in the U.S.A. and given how well its worked in the U.S.A., they have decided to change the narrative in Canada also.

    My suggestion, the Universities do not comply, take the financial hit and head to court. I'm sure that nice Toronto lawyer who won 8 cases against the Harpercons will be more than happy to take on the cases. Its time for Ontario to fight back and the easiest way to do it is through our court system. Good luck, because there will be more to come as Ford and Campbell work towards making "Canada great again" and in the image of their hero, Trump. Remember Campbell was the only the second Canadian the Bilderberg group, invited to attend. The first was Peter Mansbridge. My thoughts are, they invited Mansbridge to see how Canadians thought and Campbell how to dismantle a province and unions and the social safety net. Its going to work even better in Ontario than it did in B.C., from their perspective.

    As this progresses, there will be more than one person of colour who voted for Ford regretting their choice. The attacks on people of colour will start and the universities will be ground zero. What Ford wants is to have a place to bring in racists/fascists, etc and have them spew their hate. Now that may not have been what people thought Ford would do, but they like many Americans who voted for Trump, just were looking for an easy fix.

    1. Hi e.a.f...I agree. Some of the visible minorities who voted for Ford are going to get a very big shock when they realize what they have done. There are fascist groups forming all over Ontario, and they all love Dougie. I simply won't stand for it, and will be down at the U of T or wherever making it clear how I feel about them and their bestial ape Ford...

  8. Jackie Blue4:29 PM

    Worth noting that this is how Ezra Levant began his career as an attention-seeking shit disturber. His own Wiki page says this about his time at U. of Alberta:

    As head of the university's speakers committee, Levant organized a debate between Doug Christie, a lawyer known for his advocacy in defence of Holocaust deniers and accused Nazi war criminals, and Thomas Kuttner, a Jewish lawyer from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission.

    ...all in the name of "freedom of speech." But don't call Ezra or Rebel Media Nazi sympathizers or "Nazi friends" or he'll accuse you of anti-Semitism (as he did to Gerry Butts on Twitter, when Gerry spoke disparagingly of "Infowars and other Nazi friends of the Rebel" writing copy for the Cons). Self-serving, self-loathing hypocrite.

    The U.S. is showing the world what happens when Popper's paradox of intolerance is ignored in favor of an outright anarchic (and hypocritical) First Amendment viewpoint, that places Nazis and other such bigots and domestic terrorists on an "equal platform" with those speaking truth to injustice. These fuckers need to be behind bars before someone gets hurt. Words ARE weapons. As some of us say down here in the Untied States of America: The First Amendment loads the gun and the Second Amendment pulls the trigger. Canada would do well to not let it happen up there.

    And speaking of Levant and his Rebel scum stormtroopers, Faith Goldy and some other wacko religious group gathered in Toronto recently to film a video where they called for Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh to face execution! She and some of her incel brownshirt brigade also posed for a photo with members of the Toronto P.D., which is troubling in that it appears to indicate this sort of hatred carries sympathy and support among actual cops. The dark side of the Force is strong with these ones, all right!

    Then there's Lisa Raitt's hypocrisy, which I'm sure you've seen on Twitter. She threatened to doxx an activist who called her on her BS. Meanwhile, Rempel has blocked half the country and Scheer still won't take unscripted questions about Rebel Media. Free speech for me, not for thee...

    Lock them up! Lock them up!

    1. Hi Jackie...yes, Raitt's threat to dox one of her critics was the absolute limit. I marked the occasion by playing a video I made years ago on my Twitter feed. It's called Lisa and the Losers. And although it was made when I was just learning to edit video, I have to admit I laughed so much I had tears rolling down my cheeks.
      You can watch it here if you wish:
      As for hate speech, I have no tolerance for it at all. As you say words are weapons, and I've never seen a bully I haven't wanted to attack. Ford is well on his way to turning Ontario into a fascist backwater...

  9. Anonymous5:19 PM

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    1. Jackie Blue12:36 AM

      Funny, I don't see Trudeau calling for debate on the validity of the Holocaust. In fact wasn't it Lorrie Goldstein a couple weeks ago who made fun of him for crying at the Auschwitz memorial?

      The Scheer Hatred hardcore circle-jerk crowd who tolerates no opinions counter to the Ruble Media talking points whining about this. You can't make this crap up.

  10. Sorry anonycon...I've warned you before, I will not publish any of your vulgar comments. What's a matter feeling particularly disaffected? You know here's the ironic part. You hate me so much it's ruining your life, and I couldn't be happier. Keep up the good work!! 😎