Saturday, September 08, 2018

What Donald Trump and Ezra Levant Have In Common

I realize this is a bit of a stretch, and comparisons can be odious.

Especially when you're dealing with such odious characters as Donald Trump and Ezra Levant.

Trump is after all the loser President of the United States, while Ezra Levant is just the loser "Rebel Commander" of the ratty Rebel.

But they both do have a few things in common.

Trump and the Trump effect spread hatred all over the place.  

Want an example of the Trump effect? 

 “Tired of these over paid ignorant blacks telling me what I should believe in. I will tell you what I believe and that is our Flag the National Anthem and America. . . . You don’t like it here go to Africa see how you like it there.”

The Trump effect is a danger to our democracy...The Trump effect debases the presidency. He is unfit to serve the nation.

And so does Levant with his ghastly Rebel Media...

Which is the choice of bigots, including it now seems the murderous.

The man accused of a mass shooting in Fredericton, New Brunswick last month once named Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media as his most trusted source for news.

In a newly surfaced YouTube video, the accused mass shooter can be seen praising the far-right website’s anti-Muslim coverage and suggesting Rebel Media is one of the only news sources around that isn’t “biased.”

Great eh?

Another thing both those hate mongers have in common, is that Andrew Scheer has made it clear that he supports Trump more than he supports his own government...

Even as Trump threatens Canada over and over again. 

And if that wasn't bad enough, Scheer loves Ezra Levant so much he hired his good buddy Hamish Marshall, the co-founder of the Rebel, to be the Con's campaign manager...

Which should if our Con media wasn't so biased, and so many Canadians weren't so complacent, render him unfit to be the leader of any Canadian party.

And the good news, or the light in the darkness?

Both Trump and Levant are opposed by Justin Trudeau, who leads by example...

And has made it clear that he believes in a more tolerant Canada, and won't be intimidated by any right-wing bullies.

As for me, I also believe in a more tolerant Canada, which since I've had to fight bullies from the age of fourteen, happens to mean no tolerance for the intolerant...

And includes the fervent belief that all hate mongers, and those in their foul orbit, should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

And sent to the place where they rightfully belong...


Jackie Blue said...

Ezra may have more in common with Steve Bannon, although Bannon seems more adept at his international Machiavellianism while Ezra is... just Canada's resident Kluless Klutz Klown. Alex Jones minus the trucker speed and fluoridated chemtrail conspiracies. I watched God Save Justin Trudeau, and all the clips of Ezra doing his usual cringeworthy antics on Sun News -- especially the weird and disturbing "Shiny Pony" bit -- made me want to fling my computer across the room. He has all the makings of one of those failed right-wing comedians who complains that SNL (or 22 Minutes) won't hire him due to his his political views, when actually it's because he's "just not ready" for prime time -- in other words, "just not funny."

The common denominator (besides a career of spreading hatred, in particular Islamophobia) is that they're both clients of the Mercers, and I don't mean Rick Mercer. The creepy father-daughter duo behind Cambridge Analytica made a real mess of the political landscape when they bailed out dead Andrew Breitbart's lame right-wing Hollywood gossip blog and turned it into Bannon's personal vehicle for Trumpian propaganda. Bannon, it should be noted, is a failed screenwriter with a grudge against "liberal Hollywood" himself. Trump, too, is a multiple times failed businessman and low-level celebrity for whom the last straw that pushed him onto his presidential run was being humiliated for his racism and stupidity by none other than Barack Obama -- a black man who went from humble circumstances to rock star president on his own merits, without buying anybody off -- at the Press Gallery dinner. Not only did Obama hoist him by his own petulant petard, but he did so in front of all those "beautiful people" who had never welcomed Trump as one of their own.

The general theme that can be found here is like a really bad direct-to-video action/horror flick itself: Gatsby's Revenge. Ezra probably never got to sit at the table with the "cool kids" and neither did Bannon or Trump. But instead of putting grudges aside and making something positive, for their own lives and the world, they let the hate flow through them and now seek to destroy what it is they can't have.

Although in Ezra's case, the obsession with Trudeau hints at something deeper, while Trump hates Obama just to hate him and is fanatically jealous of Trudeau. (Most likely he considers Trudeau "weak" because he could have any woman in the world but is nonetheless faithful to Sophie. Trump doesn't understand love; he only knows sex as a personal vice and a literal "power grab.") I once had the misfortune of stumbling upon a Rebel clip that was literally just Trudeau with Peña-Nieto jogging during the time of the "Three Amigos" summit, while the song "Who Wears Short Shorts?" plays in the background. Ezra also wrote a book (fanfic?) called Trumping Trudeau. Nobody else ever called him "Shiny Pony" and I wonder if that paper doll at the Halifax convention wasn't a loaner from Ezra the loner's room.

Where Bannon turned an Internet "slam book" about everyone on the red carpet into the 21st-century version of Der Sturmer, Ezra's channel is as much a piss-poor (but just as racist and incendiary) ripoff of Fox News as it is a not-so-subtle hate-crush blog about Justin Trudeau. He's a celebrity stalker, a Stan, the Perez Hilton of the right-wing echo chamber. In short, he's a creep.

Anonymous said...

What’s the difference between Trump followers and Trudeau followers? Nothing actually as they are both groups of hardcore fanatics who think everyone is “out to get” their respective messiah.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...Levant is just an opportunist who is in it for the money. Maybe once upon a time he might have been driven by ideology, but ever since he linked up with Big Oil he is just interested in padding his pockets. He was recently forced to put a mansion he was building up for sale, and it’s a metaphor for his whole career. He had big ideas but he never could get beyond his tacky Rebel site which exists only to milk money out of the suckers who follow him....

Simon said...

Hi anon...Don’t be absurd. Trudeau followers are decent Canadians, while Trump.s followers are the dumb white trash that we first saw in the movie Deliverance. I suggest that Trump should start his Nazi rallies by riding in on the back of a humongous hog. I’m sure that would drive the faithful into a frenzy....🐷