Monday, September 24, 2018

Now Can We Call Doug Ford A Fascist?

As you know I like to portray Doug Ford as a political ape, a brutish demagogue drunk on power who is leading Ontario to disaster.

But now I think I may have underestimated the threat he poses to this country and its values.

Now I think we can all start calling him a fascist.

Firstly because this investigation would be nothing more than a fascist circus. 

Calling it the “biggest scandal” and “worst political coverup in Ontario’s history,” Premier Doug Ford has called yet another investigation into the former Liberal government’s accounting. 

Ford’s government announced Monday it’s calling for a select committee of the legislature to investigate the province’s deficit, which now sits at $15 billion. The committee still has to be approved by MPPs, but once struck, it would have the power to call witnesses, compel documents and gather evidence.

For the very simple reason that Ford knew the answer to the questions he wants to ask well before the election. 

Before the spring election, Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk said the two accounting changes would add $5 billion to this year’s deficit. That, plus changes to revenue and expense projections, have hiked the deficit from $6.7 billion to $15 billion.

As reporters would have reminded him, if they had been allowed to ask questions.

So as the Globe called it, it's nothing more than a tired old trick.  

Designed by the sleazy Harperites running his government, for the dual purpose of  pleasuring Ford's bestial Trumpling base.

At Saturday’s Ford Fest in Vaughan, Ont., people in the crowd chanted, “Lock her up!” in response to Ford’s comments about how the governments of Kathleen Wynne and Dalton McGuinty racked up the deficit.

And setting the stage for brutal cuts to education, social services, and medicare...

And if that isn't fascist enough, then there's the question of the white supremacist Faith Goldy, seen here cuddling up with Ford at last Saturday's Ford Fest.

And gushing all over him after their short but steamy photo session was over.

Which would disgust most decent people, but judging from what happened at Queen's Park today, is just fine with Dougie.

Even if that means embarrassing his own trained seals.

But then why should anyone be surprised when Ford has been Goldy's friend for a long time...

As is Andrew Scheer, who used to love to cuddle up with her on the set of the bigot Rebel...

Because he's a religious fanatic, and so is his darling Faith.

And the good news of the day?

Goldy was bounced from a mayoralty debate in Toronto, when she turned up uninvited.

And by a black police officer no less, which must have practically KILLED that grubby white supremacist.

And all I can say is, in my Canada neo-nazis and other fascists have no right to speak, and dishonour the memory of all those Canadians who died fighting to defeat them.

In the age of Trump there is nothing more more important than keeping them out of power, or evicting them from power should they make it past our defences.  

And thank goodness that at this dark time.

We have a Prime Minister who is ready, willing, and able, to take them on.

Whenever and wherever they rear their ugly heads... 


  1. Anonymous8:13 PM

    The Auditor General was proven to be in error regarding the pensions by a committee of actuaries. However Doug Ford is using the auditors methods of accounting Of course.


    1. Hi UU...It is all a shell game played by Con artists. With every passing day the Ford regime reminds me more and more of the Harper regime. But of course it would since a hard core of Harperites are telling dumbo Ford what to do...

  2. Jackie Blue9:50 PM

    Achtung baby indeed. First thing the Liberals need to do in 2019 is strengthen and update the hate speech laws to bring them in line with the more enlightened countries of the EU. Like France, for instance, where Marine Le Pen has been ordered to have her head examined due to her obsession with posting terrorist snuff videos all over the Internet. Ironically, her fascination with footage of beheadings has rendered her no different in the eyes of the public -- and the law -- from the same Daeshbag extremists she claims to denounce... and in the country that once sent Marie Antoinette to the cheese grater. She's lost her head, all right! Lock her up!

    The next thing will be to hire a Robert Mueller of the North to have Harper's IDU brought up for a thorough investigation, and Ruble Media along with them. With Bannon being a shit disturber in Italy and setting up Analytica-style "war rooms" throughout the EU, there's no telling what that prick will do in Canada, or who his backers or interested supporters might be. Cons will complain that Trudeau is the real "fascist" were he to do this, but now is not the time for politeness and giving the "loyal opposition" (disloyal, that is) the benefit of the doubt. This is not politics as usual; this is fifth-column reactionary warfare. Besides, it's not like it's a "member of the government" who'd be under investigation. Harper is a "private citizen" now! His goons and even his Con media PR hacks all say so!

    1. Jackie, Marine's father Jean-Marie Le Pen was a torturer (and killer, and I don't mean soldier fighting on the battlefield) in Algeria. There were far-right groups in France at the time not only refusing Algerian (and generally, African) independence, but longing for the return of collaborationist Pétainists.

      Daesh is a far-right group, as any democrat in the Maghreb or the Levant would tell you. Just of a slightly different hue, and draped in a perversion of Islam along the same lines as the perversion of Catholicism seen under Franco or Pinochet.

    2. Hi Jackie....I couldn't agree with you more. The hate laws in this country are far too weak. As I've said many times if we had the same laws Britain has, Ezra Levant would have been jailed long ago. Cons like Scheer would wail about freedom of speech, but all he seeks is freedom for hate speech, and there is a clear difference between the two. A society that allows hate mongers to poison it, is a society that will soon be a jungle. I also agree that someone should investigate Harper's IDU, for it's a sinister group and I wonder whether it is providing money and other assistance to right-wing groups all over the world. We are now in a war with the right-wing extremists of this world, and the old ways of dealing with the don't work anymore...

  3. Anonymous10:00 PM

    The Ontario government transferred the debt held by the Crown Corporations onto their books so they could obtain a lower interest rate and save the taxpayers money. It was a responsible move as the debt was there anyway but it will be an excuse for Dougie to slash and burn while making the swamp creatures that follow him rich.

    1. e.a.f.1:59 AM

      Interesting, because in B.C. Ford's advisor, Gordon Campbell, moved debt onto crown corporations, which he moved into the private sector so the other political parties could ask questions about it. How that worked was you take a Crown Corp, privitize it, then the provincial government owns all the shares. We had the B.C. Ferries. El Gordo ordered a couple of ferries built in Germany. Cost a few billion, at 10% interest. Had it been a real crown corp. the interest rate would have been 3%. Then while he was borrowing money from the German banks he got an extra $750M and charged it to the B.C. Ferries Corporations and put the money into general revenue and declared the budget balanced.

      Kathleen Wynne did the smart thing by lowering the interest rate on all the government debt, but guys like Campbell and Ford don't care because its the tax payers who have to come up with the money, not them.

      while I'm on the topic of fun and games with government money, another Campbell trick which I'm sure he'll pass on to Ford is, making Crown corporations pay dividends to the province. The B.C. Lieberals starting with el gordo would have I.C.B.C. and B.C. Hydro cough up $500M a year. If the corporations didn't have the money they had to go borrow it on the open market. Yes, be prepared for all sorts of stuff but there is nothing you can do about it, Ford has a majority and don't expect any of his MLAs to speak out against him. They all have their own turf to protect.

    2. Hi RT... That's interesting, I didn't know that. But yes, Ford is playing the same dirty old Con game. Claiming that the situation is desperate, and that desperate measures are required to correct it. Which means massive cuts to government, from a demagogue who promised during the campaign that nobody would lose their job. It's simply pathetic how easily some people can be fooled...

    3. Hi e.a.f...thanks for that, the more I hear about Gordon Campbell the more I hate British Columbia...😉

  4. the goverment should be on the internet. Every cent, salary and glass of orange juice. if you serve the public they should have an itemized bill.

    Has anyone else noticed that every time Obama used air force one there was a media story about the cost of his "vacations". Never a period published about Trumps cost.

    1. Hi Steve...There have been some stories about the cost of Trump's trips. The golf trips he used to criticize Obama for taking only to take ten times as many. And all the trips that end up putting money into Trump's properties...

  5. Speaking of the Rebel Media, did you see this? Levant's attempt to revive the Rebel Cruise went down in flames.
    Good riddance.

    1. Anonymous3:21 PM

      Here's another good one.

    2. Hi Joe...thanks for that, that's really good to know. The world is closing in on Levant and his bigots. I only hope that those who paid for that cruise get their money back...

    3. Hi anon@3:21 PM...Oh no, I'm terrified. Not the hijab wearing coffe thrower. I know Levant and his bigots comb the web looking for any crime committed by a Muslim, as opposed to one committed by a Christian or a Buddhist or whatever. But that's ridiculous, Levant must be desperate....

  6. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Ford’s fellow fascist in Washington is reported by our Ottawa media as snubbing Trudeau at the UN.
    It’s scary to realize that every time it comes down to a Trump versus Trudeau dispute or conflict our home media in Ottawa always comes down firmly on Trumps side.
    Maybe Trudeau is snubbing Trump!
    I’m sick of our media especially the CBC presenting every speech or action by a Trudeau as insincere.
    So far Ford treated with respect.
    Remember Trudeau Castro controversy or Aga Khan? Ford cozy with Goldy going back years and a pass.

    J. W.

    1. e.a.f.2:04 AM

      The media does this because reporting real news would take time, money and talent and that is in short supply. It so much easier to attack Trudeau than to actually report the news.

      The Canadian MSM was in a round about way suggesting Freeland might apologize to the Saudi's during her meeting with them at the U.N. No one in the media got and did an article about how the Saudi's with Trump's support are starving the people of Yeman. No one seems to want to talk about the terror the Saudi's are raining down on Yemen and the starvation, faced by the children. Oh, but we can see Trump had his nickers in a knot about Iran. haven't seen them do anything untoward but Saudi Arabia is exterminating people in Yemen while every one sits around and ignores it. Perhaps the CBC, CTV, Global might want to do something really in depth on that. Oh, right that would require work and no criticism of Trudeau.

    2. Hi JW....I agree it is scary and extremely depressing to see how so many in our media are so biased against our government they seem to be cheering for someone like Trump. And the way the CBC behaves is even more depressing as well as making absolutely no sense. Not when Andrew Scheer has promised to kill CBC News as soon as he becomes Prime Minister. It's madness and it needs to end...

  7. e.a.f.1:52 AM

    Of course you can call him a fascist and a whole lot more.
    Da deficit, Da deficit, boss, de deficit. OMG, yes, this is the start of the fun times Ontario will experience and B.C. had when el gordo was in office.

    Northern Reflections had a good post up yesterday regarding this alleged deficit, but its really all about where you "place" the pension plan monies for the government workers. One column, its a deficit, the other not so much. Ford will waste a fortune on this "investigation". all his friendly lawyers will make a mint and then the tax cuts will start for corporations. About the same time expect cuts to health and education because they just don't have the money. Then you will notice the private clinics moving it.

    B.C. now having an NDP government has started by purchasing two of the private MRI clinics. While the B.C. Lieberalcons, starting with Gordon Campbell, Ford's advisor, were in office, they defunded health care so badly that of course people wanted their MRIs and couldn't get them so enterprising doctors set up private clinic and people paid big time. No real money was put into the public system to deal with the problems and the whole while the population was increasing.

    The people of Ontario wanted change, well they're going to get it in spades. They won't like it and you can bet the sell off of provincial assets will begin shortly,. el gordo did it in B.C., tried to fire sale provincial lands. Then they will decrease the royalties mining companies have to pay, you know to create jobs, but there won't be more, just less revenue coming into the provincial coffers.

    During the Campbell and Clark years, with the B.C. LIeberalcons governance, B.C. had for 14 out of 15 years the highest rate of child poverty in Canada. the one year we didn't "win" we were tied with Manitobia. Ontario hasn't seen anything yet. Your homelessness will increase because under Campbell's advise to Ford, there will be no further government housing built. there will however be a big increase in condo sales and they'll all be luxury condos. I don't know what the regulations are for tenants in Ontario, but expect them to be more favourable to landlords. B.C. started to have a lot of renovictions.