Friday, September 14, 2018

Justin Trudeau Prepares To Go After Andrew Scheer

For over a year Justin Trudeau has somehow managed to restrain himself, and not attack Andrew Scheer as he has attacked him.

Even though as we all know, the creepy Scheer seems obsessed with destroying Trudeau, by trying to smear him over and over again. 

And his Cons are little more than a giant attack machine spewing hatred out of every orifice.

But now at last it seems that Trudeau is preparing to go after Scheer.

By among other things, branding him as just another Stephen Harper. 

Liberal Party strategists have started their 2019 campaign preparations in earnest, focusing their energies on Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and their plan to aggressively brand him as "Stephen Harper 2.0" ahead of the next election. 

And why not? 

"The Conservative Party of Stephen Harper has built a strategy on fearmongering, on pitting Canadians against Canadians, and we're witnessing a repeat of that strategy today in the House of Commons,"

When Harper was the one who brought those vile Republican-style attack ads and the ugly politics of division to Canada.

Scheer was his protege, both are religious fanatics, misogynists, and homophobes.

Both have used xenophobia and racism for crass political purposes.

Harper with his grotesque Cultural Barbarism freak show....

Scheer with an even uglier version of that hideous campaign...

And as I pointed out yesterday, these three Cons are heavily influenced by Harper's monstrous legacy...

And if they ever get to work together, they could gut the Charter of Rights and rip the heart right out of this country.

It's a scary situation, but don't expect our shabby Con media to understand the mortal threat we face.

Because judging by the ghastly At Issue panel on the National last night they believe the very idea that Scheer could be Harper 2.0 is simply outrageous.

Outrageous I tell you.

When in fact what's outrageous is that so many in our shabby media still don't understand why so many Canadians hated Harper so much.

Or understand why so many Canadians rejoiced when he was finally toppled...

Or why the last thing they want is another Harper or another dictator.

Which means those Con media stooges will probably be stunned, stunned I tell you, when Justin Trudeau wins the next election by an even bigger margin than he got last time...

But that election is still about 400 days away, so anything could happen.

And the only sure thing, is that the Battle for Canada is about to begin all over again.

And if we love our country, failure is not an option...


  1. Last night's 6PM Power and Politics features the collected wisdom of Christie, Wall and Charet. All sides represented as long as they are regressives.

    1. Hi rumleyfips...I don’t know who books guests at the CBC, but their panels are so unbalanced it has to be comebody with close ties to the CPCHQ. The whole thing is insane considering that Andrew Scheer has promised to kill CBC News if he becomes Prime Minister...

    2. e.a.f.9:11 PM

      Don't watch P & P any more. It used to be better, but once Mansbridge left, their new format is just awful. About all I like these days is Katie Simpson. Wish they'd get rid of a lot of them and keep her and the Vancouver guy.

  2. Anonymous4:59 PM

    I saw that At Issue panel and it was a disgrace. The segment might as well have been produced by the Con's propaganda department. But as you said it doesn't really matter. If Justin can tag Scheer with the Harper 2.0 label nothing will save him.

    1. Hi anon....I’ve seen some bad CBC panels, but that one was an absolute joke. A joke made worse by the smarmy Rosemary Barton chuckling away and going about how lucky we are to have her and the others back again for another season...🤡

    2. e.a.f.9:12 PM

      Don't know what happened to Rosemary Barton, she used to be better,, but the new job seems to have really f..ked up her thought processes.

  3. Jackie Blue5:45 PM

    Simon, when I saw that black-and-white graphic you made of Kenney, Scheer and Ford the first thing that came to mind was that they should be tagged as Moe, Larry and Curly. All the world really is a Stooge, and Stephen Harper's all-star cast of Apprentice rejects are two-bit just not ready for primetime players. I guess that makes Max, what, Shemp in the sidecar? And Chuck Todd Coyne and his fake-news bobbleheads: "Press... press... pull!"

    1. Hi Jackie...The Three Stooges are too nice to be turned into Cons. Although I may make an exception for the bestial Premier Moe from Saskatchewan... 😉

  4. e.a.f.9:13 PM

    Wouldn't even say Scheer is Harper 2.0. He is actually Harper minus 2.0. Harper was just as nasty but a tad smarter than Scheer.