Sunday, September 02, 2018

Andrew Scheer and the Curious Case of Ethical Oil

As you probably remember, when we last left Andrew Scheer he was bobbing up and down in a tarry pool, attacking Justin Trudeau as usual, and making wild claims about oil.

Which had many wondering whether he was losing his marbles.

So now the Cons are trying to explain what their leader REALLY meant.

And are not only sounding ridiculous. 

“In the tweet, Mr. Scheer is referring to the excellent ethical and environmental standards of oil extracted in Canada in comparison with oil extracted in many other parts of the world,” Schow said in an emailed response to National Observer‘s questions.

But also sounding a lot like the well known oil pimp Stephen Harper...

Scheer’s “story” was told in great detail by the government of former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper, which budgeted tens of millions of public dollars for an advertising campaign promoting the Canadian oil industry in the U.S., Asia and Europe.

And worse, if that's possible, also managing to sound a lot like the gang from Ethical Oil, the astro turf organization founded by Ezra Levant...

With the help of the man who  is now the Con's campaign manager, Hamish Marshall.

When Levant launched the Ethical Oil campaign to extol the virtues of Canadian-extracted petroleum, it was Marshall who designed the online presence for the campaign, under his former business Newclear Productions. Kathryn Marshall, Hamish’s wife, was the spokesperson for the campaign.

You know Hamish, the one who was caught in the act cavorting with members of the Rebel at the recent Con convention.

And Kathryn, his wife, seen here with Con's digital director Stephen Taylor proudly displaying their "Hamish said hi to me" buttons.

Small world isn't it?

Which makes me wonder who is really running the Cons these days, Scheer or Marshall?

As well as wonder whether Scheer is aware of this six-year-old video that makes fun of Kathryn Marshall, Levant, and the whole idea of "ethical oil."

Because if they ever remake that video Scheer would fit right in, along with his friends from the Rebel.

You know there's a hash tag going around called #WeakAndy. 

And it couldn't be more aptly named.

Scheer is a weakling, who may be a puppet of the alt-right operatives he himself hired.

And if only for that reason cannot be trusted, and is unfit to be the leader of any Canadian party...


Jackie Blue said...

Hamish's former company was called "Newclear" Productions? As in, NUCLEAR? I'm reminded of the very early '80s New Wave hit "Turning Japanese" by a group called the Vapors, off their album New Clear Days. Not surprisingly, the album's theme was atomic warfare. So, um... Andy might wanna ask the people of Fukushima, Japan how "clean" THAT energy source is. Or Three Mile Island. Or Chernobyl. Or, why not, Li'l Kim in North Korea. I'm sure all those popular travel destinations have "glowing" reviews. Maybe Andy should see if William Shatner, the Priceline Negotiator, can beam him elsewhere, as in change his upcoming itinerary from India to one of those attractive vacation spots where he can stay for awhile. He can bring Hamish with him as his emotional support chipmunk. Or Scumbag Steve can pay a visit and have Andy tag along in the children's seat. Fat Cat and Little Boy.

Oh, and speaking of dirty swamp creatures, Evan Dyer of CBC is reporting via Twitter that the Saudis are using Baird's inane Trudeau-bashing as official propaganda for the regime. Why isn't this fucker in prison yet? Especially now that the stranded med students are looking to claim asylum. Again the cons won't know what to do, bash Trudeau for welcoming Muslims or bash Trudeau if they get recalled and Canada loses out on future doctors. Baird is a fifth columnist whose ties to the regime pose a threat to these students, and at the very least he ought to register as a foreign agent. As far as I'm concerned, so should Harper, and a thorough investigation be opened into what exactly is he doing with that "organization" of his, the IDU. Something's rotten in the nation of Canada. Drain the swamp.

e.a.f. said...

Ethical oil, thankfully I read this at night and not over morning coffee. That isn't even oil, its tar. About the cleanest oil there is comes out of the middle east. A couple of years ago there was an article about Iran and solar energy. They were giving subsidies to their citizens if they converted to solar energy. Given the amount of oil Iran has, they must know something to want their citizens to use solar energy.

it truly would be simply if all new homes built in Canada has solar panels installed on roofs.

poor Scheer can't even figure out we have the most unclean oil in the world. yikes some one send that kid back to school.

Steve said...

Oil Sands is an oxymoron. No matter how much lipstick you put on it the tar sands are just one peg above coal as the dirty of the dirt. I dont understand why they cant just put the crap in a cracker, hit it with lasers or infrared and the sell the left over solvent free sand to make roads or cement.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...If you haven't seen this video from Hamish Marshall's Newclear productions, you should check it out, because it explains why him and Scheer see politics as war.

And why the Cons are so dangerous...

dave said...

I agree with Simon 99.99% of the time. But I will just say that there is an argument to be made that we do have ethical oil in comparison to other oil sources. Largely thanks to Justin Trudeau's leadership.
We are a top country in clean tech, and have record investments in science. And we care about solving climate change. And oil money will contribute to these goals, ironically.

When you get oil from USA you are not supporting these initiatives, it's counter-productive. When we reach new markets, we are cutting into USA's market share, that is a good thing.

And then there is conflict oil in the middle east and human-rights disaster Saudi Arabia who also has no concern for environmental regulations.

So I think at the end of the day, if we leave the oil in the ground, the oil consumption does not change, just the market share does. Lets do good things with our oil money. (Big shame on new ontario government though)

Andrew Scheer is 100% wrong to blame Trudeau and label him a failure. Trudeau has done everything right to get the pipeline built, and it just needs time. A judge ruled we did not properly consult the indigenous, so now we should properly consult them.