Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stephen Harper and My Horrible Year

Golly. It's the last day of 2009, the day I usually spend looking back at the year that was. But this year I can't do that because it was too HORRIBLE.

What with that ghastly cloud still hanging over our heads, and the twisted evil man who would be our dictator closing down Parliament. Again.

And for what according to this pollster?

"He's really kind of thrown down the gauntlet to the Liberals, saying, 'If it's true that I prorogued last year because I was a bit afraid of the growing power of the opposition parties, this year I am doing it because of the exact opposite, fundamentally. I'm not afraid of them ... and if you don't like what I am doing, I challenge you to call an election.'"

Right. From the miserable Con who claims Canada can't afford an election. But really wants one before the torture monsters and his own demons catch up with him. So he can play his dirty political games, continue to rape our values, torch the planet, and shame us in the eyes of the world.

And the depressing part is that so many Canadians still support him, even after all the foul things he has done. What is wrong with our country? And does it really have a hole in its centre?

We have reason to be proud of our ability to live peacefully together, but, as a marker of national identity, multiculturalism is like a lovely shoe with a pebble inside. New immigrants maintain their traditions, but without being asked to adopt an overarching idea of Canada. What this means now, at a time of crisis, is that there is no hard centre to sustain us.

Could we really have forgotten what once made us great? The time when for a while we were the quiet, decent, peacekeepers and problem solvers of this world. The kind of Canada Stephen Harper hates so much, and is trying so hard to destroy.

Could many Canadians really be too old and tired?

Here’s what we need in 2010 — the youth to take over. Everybody is sick and tired, or at least they should be, of the eternal grip on power of the post-war baby boomer cohort.

These people are old, intellectually worn out, shorn of idealism and duller than the Manitoba tundra.

So here's what I think. Everybody relax. We badly need new ideas and a new/old idealism. But however old we are, our country is still young, so we can make some dreadful mistakes, and it can still come back stronger and more beautiful than ever.

Because it is beautiful eh?

And luckily there are more Canadians who love this country, and its strong but gentle values, than there are Cons who are trying to turn us into a mini version of Ugly Amerika.

So if young and old work TOGETHER we can defeat Harper and his political thugs.

The older ones can provide some wise advice and regain some of their youthful idealism. And the younger ones can teach them some new tricks, and provide some badly needed happy energy.

Like the kids at the Université du Québec à Montréal did, with one of my favourite videos of the year...

So can we save our beautiful country? Let's do it. Do it. Do it.

Of course we can. And we WILL.

To all my readers out there thank you for reading my little blog, and for all your encouragement.

Happy New Year everyone !!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Bonfires of Democracy

Well now we know he is desperate. Now we know he is guilty. Now we know he is a coward. Now we know he is a dictator.

So how do you like my monster now? Isn't he pretty?

I could also ask why so many, were so blind, for so long.

But I won't. Because of course the real question we should ALL be asking ourselves tonight is what are we going to do about it?

Like many others I like what Andrew Coyne has to say here.

The question is: what will Parliament do now? If historical precedent is any guide, it should meet anyway. Let those MPs who wish to do the people’s business convene on the usual timetable, and let those with other loyalties disport themselves as they may.

Because Parliament should keep running. And by so doing send a message to Stephen Harper and Michaëlle Jean: This Parliament belongs to the people and you will NOT shut it down. You crazy power hungry control freak, and you miserable Con collaborator.

But it's got to be more than that, because saving our democracy is the duty of ALL Canadians.

So this is encouraging.

Stephen Harper is a despot. The decision to “padlock” Parliament is a cover up designed to avoid scrutiny over the Afghan detainee issue. The Conservatives have a very thin legislative agenda and no new ideas to put forward.

Because it's good to see our servile right-wing media criticizing Harper, instead of polishing his ass with their noses.

But still it's not enough.

Our leaders need to stop fighting each other while Canada burns, form a broad coalition of national salvation, and call us into the streets.

So we the people can vent our outrage, and let that tinpot dictator know exactly what we think of him.

There will be time in the days ahead to think of the many ways we can bring pressure to bear on this tyrannical government. To come up with many wonderful new and creative ways to attack it and SHAME it into submission.

But tonight I want to suggest that our leaders should organize a series of giant bonfire rallies for democracy across the country. With bonfires so big they will light up the sky the colour of Canada.

Because the old and the boring isn't getting us ANYWHERE. We need to do things differently and make them as big and as spectacular as our great land.

So the whole world can hear our message. And the sinister political thug that is Stephen Harper will see his fate writ large.

In Canada democracy LIVES.

We WILL get our country back.

And the monster will be DEFEATED...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jason Kenney and the Apocalypse

I used to think that Jason Kenney was just another Con buffoon. Especially after he declared that gay people could get long as it was to someone of the opposite sex.

Because more offensive and dumb than that, and they give you your own freak show eh?

But now I think he's one of the most dangerous politicians in Canada. A man who when he forgets to shave reminds me of the idiot version of Joe McCarthy. A man determined to change Canada from a secular democracy into a quasi-theocracy.

Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

A nasty political thug who smeared a decent Christian aid organization like KAIROS by calling it anti-Semitic. And then had the gall to deny it.

Heaven only knows what went on here. Maybe it's just general hamhandedness. Maybe they hoped the benefits reaped whilst people assumed they'd taken a stand against anti-Semitism and/or for Israel would outweigh the damage reaped by disavowing the idea on a day when everyone's shopping instead of reading the Star...

Whatever happened, it's a complete insult to Canadians' intelligence — and Israelis', come to think of it. And it's proof positive, as if any was needed, that nobody should put any stock in what any Canadian politician says. Ever. About anything.

The man who if you check the record seems to define EVERYONE by their religion.

The Con operative who bounces around like the energizer bunny... with Jebesus as his battery...promising conservative religious groups that when they get a majority, women and gays will know their place in the New Canada.

Stephen Harper's faithful little SoCon Chucky who makes Jonathan Kay swoon.

The supporting-actor award goes to Jason Kenney. If you told me 10 years ago that a religious, unapologetic, hardcore conservative like our current Citizenship Minister would have a prominent role in government, I wouldn't have believed you. But there he is, doing his thing. And in today's Canada, he gets away with it.

But what is Jason Kenney REALLY getting away with? And why are these Harper Cons always trying to make people believe that they are the only ones who care about Israel ?

Answer: He's getting away with catering to the insane views of the Religious Right. Because the message is only partially aimed at Jewish voters. It's mostly aimed at the members of their rabid religious base, who are obsessed with Israel not because they care about Israelis. But because that's where they believe their Christian Messiah will appear, and float them up to heaven...leaving the Jews and the rest of us behind.

But not before a great battle takes place. A battle that many of these Con fanatics are obsessed with. The one Harper's little pet, the homophobe porker Charles McVety, is always babbling on about.

The Battle of Gog and Magog.

Oh. My. Goggy. I apologize for the length of the video, and its disturbing content. But believe me it was the shortest one I could find. And it does explain why these Cons claim to love Israel more than the Israelis. Why they are opposed to a Palestinian state.

Why they smear decent people who criticize Israel's policies for the most moral of reasons, by calling them anti-Semites and terrorist supporters.

And yes I know it sounds crazy. And it is. But then that's what shocked Chirac.

Stranger still are new accounts emerging from France describing how former president Jacques Chirac was utterly baffled by a 2003 telephone conversation in which Bush reportedly invoked fanatical Old Testament prophecy – including the Earth-ending battle with forces of evil, Gog and Magog – in his arguments to enlist France in the Coalition of the Willing.

And since Jason Kenney was one of the strongest supporters of the Iraq War, and so was Stephen Harper. And Harper belongs to an apocalyptic church, and his PMO has more powerful SoCons per square foot than George Bush's White House can happen HERE.

And it already is. These ugly Cons are stealing our beautiful country from right under our noses.

We know what they want. We know who they are.

Fight them. Fight them. Fight them. Don't let them win.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Horror of Gaza: One Year Later

It's been one year since shells and bombs started raining down on Gaza, and predictably both sides are claiming victory.

The Israeli hawks say it greatly reduced the number of rockets raining down on Israel. The Hamas hawks claim they won because they weren't eliminated.

But who in their right mind can call this victory?

When so many children were killed and so many are still suffering.

"Often they wake up in the night shouting," she said. "Every time they hear tanks on the Israeli side of the border, they think we are going to be attacked again. They feel they have no future."

"This is a traumatised nation....Young children in Gaza are surviving under extreme levels of stress, which will pose long-term dangers not only for their mental health, but for the future of the region."

So I'm going with this verdict.

Today it is more shameful to be an Israeli because the world, as opposed to Israelis, saw the scenes. It saw thousands of dead and injured taken in the trunks of cars to something between a clinic and a primitive hospital in an imprisoned and weakened region one hour from flourishing Tel Aviv, a region where the helpless had nowhere to run from Israel's arsenal. The world saw schools, hospitals, flour mills and small factories mercilessly bombed and blown up. It saw clouds of white-sulphur bombs billowing over population centers, and it saw burned children.

The world saw the Israeli Goliath strike mercilessly at the Palestinian David. It saw the balance of killing: one Israeli to every 100 Palestinians, and the Israel Defense Forces' new and terrifying doctrine by which almost everything goes if it prevents casualties on our side. The world knew that in this case a democracy was striking a region that does not enjoy self-determination, whose inhabitants lack basic human rights - refugees and the children of refugees living under siege. So the world responded with justifiable severity toward us; it refused to forgive and be silent.

And this brutal fact:

A year later, with $4.5 billion collected to rehabilitate Gaza lying in banks' basement vaults because Israel refuses to open Gaza's gates to let in supplies, the world is silent, leaving Gaza to its fate, to its ruins. But Gaza has not forgotten its wounds - it cannot forget them. The 325,000 people whose homes were destroyed, 1,300 bereaved families and thousands of injured and disabled, debilitated by anxiety and terror, remain in Gaza. Their suffering has not dissipated.

My hope is that one day Israelis and Palestinians will learn to live in peace with each other, and that in the words of Bradley Burston, who was like a beacon of decency in the darkness of the Gaza war, peace, justice and reason will finally prevail.

"Yehudim, Aravim - M'sarvim L'hiyot Oyavim" Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies.

I want a word with the people - my people and theirs - Who treat land as sacred, and people not theirs, as dirt: My war with you is over. My enemy today is the word Never.

But for now the call of humanity is the same as it was a year ago. Stop the violence.

Open the borders. Save the children.

Let Gaza live...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

What Christmas Means to Me. Again

It's Christmas Eve, and once again I have to explain to my friends, that although I'm an atheist. And believe that our beautiful planet is our heaven and our hell.

And although I hate the shopping and the greed.

And although I know that it can be a lonely time for many, including all those gay people who have been rejected by their families.

I do love this time of the year. The lights, the colours, the snow, the food.

And all those sweet little stories that moved me when I was a child.

Like the one whose happy ending made me cry when I was nine-years-old, and was spending Christmas in hospital recovering from meningitis.

The story of the poor little old donkey and his friend, who was ordered by his father to sell him. But the only one who wanted him was a tanner... for his hide.

Until the kind stranger arrived...

Because even back then I loved animals,and I wanted the humble to inherit the earth.

And now that I know that there are so many of them.

Even in Canada...

I believe that more than ever.

And I won't support any government that doesn't put them FIRST.

And then there's the music...and the songs like this one that I used to sing...when I was a budding juvenile delinquent dressed up as an angel.

In a choir like this one...

The words still don't mean anything to me eh? But isn't the sound of gentle humanity GLORIOUS ?

Imagine what kind of beautiful world we could build if there really was peace and justice on Earth?

From me and Sébastien, my beloved companion who illuminates my life like those Christmas lights do.

And picks me up when I sometimes despair that we'll never be able to build that kinder, gentler world...or even save the planet.

And of course, from our little old donkey reindeer...

Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël, Happy Holidays, Happy Festivus everyone !!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Heart of Darkness

They say the days are getting longer, but in Canada it's so hard to notice, because it still seems so dark.

Great Ugly Leader toys with the country, like a cat plays with a ball of wool. And to make matters worse there seems to be nothing we can do to puncture his balloon. Or so the Con media says.

The Harper government might not lose many votes over its controversial stance on climate change even though half of Canadians disapprove of its policies, says a new poll.

But don't believe them. I don't. All I know is that three years ago I was just about the only one calling Stephen Harper a monster. And now many in the MSM are calling him worse names than that.

Like dictator.

The extent of Harper's misuse of power becomes clearer when you realize that the Conservatives are replicating some of the worst practices of the Republicans under George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Or smear artist.

Like the Bush administration, the Harper government uses Karl Rovian tactics to smear and intimidate not just opposition critics, but parliamentary officers, heads of quasi-judicial agencies and tribunals and even Canada's seven major Christian churches.

Who's next?

And don't forget the best is still to come. The Auditor General is investigating the Porky Action Plan. Which promises to be a pig roast.

Yum. Yum.

The Afghanistan issue won't go away. Sooner or later Canadians will start to wonder what IS Stephen Harper trying to HIDE? And when it comes to torture ...what is his heart of darkness?

Just like they'll wonder whether the Cons are planning to use their reckless porky deficit as an excuse to destroy government.

Like the Con dwarf Jimbo Flaherty once did in Ontario.

And left it in RUINS...with more poor people than you could count.

As for climate change...Harper's pathetic performance in Copenhagen will also come back to haunt him. As the debate heats up over the next year, it will force him to decide whether he is the Prime Minister of Canada, or the Prime Minister of Alberta...and a stooge of Big Oil.

Who is setting provinces against each other, and threatening national unity.

Yup. I think we can work with that. Of course we'll have to be a lot smarter and bolder and try some of the things Chantal Hébert talks about here.

Over the past 25 years, the Liberals have lost all but one (2004) of the campaigns they fought against a united Conservative party. They are now a spent force in large areas of the country. The dice are loaded against their return to power, especially with a national majority.

Instead of responding with new original moves, the Liberals and, to a lesser degree, the NDP have persisted in playing checkers on what had become a chessboard.

Because doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result, is the very definition of insanity.

But we can do it. We can save Canada.

If we hit the Cons harder than we ever have.

We can pop the Great Dictator's balloon...

If he doesn't pop it first.

Because you know what they say eh?

Con times are grim times.

But it's always darkest before the dawn...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Afghan Committee and the Torture Cons

I see the Afghanistan committee met today without the Cons, who would rather sabotage our democracy or slurp eggnog.

Than allow the truth about how we treated our prisoners to come out.

But there's one thing about this Torture and Rape Scandal. Just when you think it can't get any worse it does.

More horror stories.

A transcript of one of the interviews with the Military Police Complaints Commission investigators reveals the army police compound in Kandahar could do nothing as the detainee baked in 140-degree heat in a detention centre designed to hold a handful of prisoners for a maximum of 96 hours.

The man, later released to his family with gifts intended to make amends, was suffering to the point his screams prompted soldiers in a nearby compound to ask the police if they were keeping a dog in the detention centre.

More evidence the war was being micromanaged from Ottawa.

A military police officer told the commission investigators that commanders in Ottawa repeatedly denied pleas to release the man, and his plight became a "nightmare."

"They could not release him," Sgt. Utton said. "They wanted to release him but we got orders from CEFCOM (Canadian Expeditionary Force Command in Ottawa), the task force commander, that we could not release ... I mean, we did everything we could, it was just our hands were tied between, it was the political stuff in Canada...

More evidence that the generals didn't care about the fate of our prisoners.

Military police Maj. Rowcliffe suggested to the commission investigators he did not get a positive response from Lt.-Gen. Gauthier when he raised concern over the lack of information about detainees after Canadians transferred them to Afghan forces. He likened Lt.-Gen. Gauthier's response to the lack of interest he received from the Kandahar base police commander.

And neither did the Cons.

"As his [Lt.-Gen. Gauthier's] adviser, I was making him aware of these concerns as well, that we're handing them over but we don't know what happens afterwards, and the message I was getting back, that we need to hand them over, I think it's in 72 hours, that's the maximum and basically (censored). I was a little bit skeptical of that whole scenario, but that was the position of the Government of Canada and that was the position I was getting from the military."

Even though they knew what was going on.

Officially, the Red Cross would only say the talks focused on topics including Afghanistan, humanitarian law in modern conflicts and co-operation with Canada.

Unofficially, sources in Geneva said the international agency, whose functions include monitoring the treatment of prisoners, was growing frustrated over Canada's tardy notification of its handover of captured suspected Taliban to Afghan authorities. The delay could often be as much as 34 days, making it difficult to track the detainees.

And easier for the Afghans to torture them or KILL them.

Oh boy. You know the other day on my way home from work I came across this sign.

And I couldn't help thinking that if Stephen Harper was prepared to allow a badly wounded Canadian kid like Omar Khadr to be tortured in a place like Guantanamo.

Would anyone really be surprised if it turns out he was a torture enabler in Afghanistan?

I realize a lot of Canadians probably wish this story would just go away. And from what we know now, I also understand why the Cons are doing their best to stop the truth from coming out.

But they must not be allowed to get away with it. Because some stories are a measure of the kind of Canadian values most of us still love and believe in.

And this story is one of them. Which is why now more than ever, for the sake of our soldiers, for the sake of our country.

We need a public inquiry.


P.S. And Omar Khadr does live here. So bring him home TOMORROW..

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Grunter and the Hate Speech Gang

I've been trying to get in the mood for Chrissymas, but it's not easy when the homophobic vultures are all over the place squawking out their message of hate.

Are religious liberties in Canada under threat? Pew does not say so. But I think it is fair to say they are, particularly from human rights commissions intent of subjugating religious practices to gay rights.

It seems only a matter of time before one province’s or another’s commission attempts to make churches marry gay couples, regardless of those churches’ doctrines.

Oh sure. I realize that one should try to ignore The Grunter. Because he's not just a feathered bigot, but a climate change denier AND one of the Free Hate Speech Gang. Which means if he loses any more I.Q. points they are going to have to water him eh?

And if he gets any crazier they're going to have to lock him up.

But even a dumbass like him isn't going to get away with that vile nonsense. Because gay people aren't victimizing ANYONE. We are the victims of the hatred and intolerance of others.... just because of who we are. Nobody should have the right to attack us for that. And nobody but NOBODY is going to tell us how to live or love.

Besides, who are these so-called defenders of free speech anyway? I'm not an expert on crawling life, so I asked this Con buffoon to shine a light on them.

And what a scary sight it was. Connie and Marc Fournier, Deborah Gyopang, Barbara Kay, Joseph Ben Ami, Randy Hillier, Brad Trost and only Jebesus knows how many other right-wing kooks and homophobes.

The kind of people who guard freedom, like a fox guards the chicken house.

Oh well, Bruce at Canuck Attitude has some fine words on The Grunter.

And Dr Dawg sums up the right-wing kooks and the Free Hate Speech crazies as only he can.

Defending vicious homophobes and neo-Nazis against the fearsome Human Rights Commissions is, we are told, a matter of principle. It's all about freedom of expression, not the substance of that expression. Odd, then, isn't it, that those who crush that freedom with guns and truncheons attract the cheering support of these erstwhile libertarians?

But I just want to add this eh?

If any of those feathered bigots come anywhere near my back yard in the next few days.

I'll set my cat on them...

Because NOBODY is going to ruin my Christmas.

In fact, I just asked Santa to bring me one more gift: the slow and agonizing death of the National Post. Because I've been such a good boy and I soooooo deserve it.

And so does that filthy rag...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stephen Harper and the God Squad

Two years ago I started writing about how a group of religious fanatics were quietly taking control of Stephen Harper's PMO.

And how nobody in the MSM was writing about it, because they didn't want to mix religion and politics. Even though these SoCons were using their narrow beliefs to shape government policy.

So I was glad to see today that The Star has discovered the God Squad.

"Harper has given the religious right a welcome and access in Ottawa and government they've never had before – and they've become used it."

Because every Canadian should know that the PMO is being run by Christianists who believe that protecting gays from hate crimes is something the Nazis would do.

Or that gay rights should be scrapped, abortion should be severely restricted, and that their God has called them to remake this country:

"Only God can make Canada a truly Christian country... We are called to speak biblical truth to seek justice – and that obviously has implications for our political life."

Of course, it's an even bigger conspiracy.

And this strikes me as a bit naive:

It's unclear whether Harper shares their social Conservative – or theocon – beliefs. That's the big question that only one or more majority governments can answer. How far would Harper go on the hot-button social issues of the religious right, including abortion, same-sex marriage, easy divorce and public day care?

Because Harper has been one of THEM since his breakdown meltdown born again experience in 1993.

And now that we know what he's like with a minority, how far does anyone think he might go with a MAJORITY?


Which is why I don't agree with this:

"Is he really a fanatic?" she asks in an interview. "I do not believe he is. I think he's a very wily strategist... I see him as tacking on a sailing course."

Because he is a cold hearted fanatic who is ripping the soul out of this country.

Why I'm afraid of this:

However, if he were to do something, McDonald concludes, it would be irreversible by the time it was detected and "would change Canada in a profound way... People seem to wake up to what Harper is doing too late."

And why I believe that if Canadians don't see the danger, or understand how these theocons are shaping policy. And the opposition doesn't have the courage to confront this religious right agenda.

And doesn't do whatever it takes to drive these sinister Cons from power.

We really will wake up some day, in a country we don't RECOGNIZE...

Copenhagen: Disappointment and Hope

It's hard not to be depressed about the way the Copenhagen summit ended in chaos, failure, and shame.

Or angry like George Monbiot.

First they put the planet in square brackets, now they have deleted it from the text. At the end it was no longer about saving the biosphere: it was just a matter of saving face...

This has not happened by accident: it is the result of a systematic campaign of sabotage by certain states, driven and promoted by the energy industries. Corporate profits and political expediency have proved more urgent considerations than either the natural world or human civilisation.

Or bitter like Johann Hari, over all the good ideas the summit leaders discarded.

Discarded Idea One: The International Environmental Court. Any cuts that leaders claim they would like as a result of Copenhagen will be purely voluntary. If a government decides not to follow them, nothing will happen, except a mild blush, and disastrous warming. Canada signed up to cut its emissions at Kyoto, and then increased them by 26 per cent – and there were no consequences. Copenhagen could unleash a hundred Canadas.

And their failure to accept the obvious.

We will have to pay higher taxes and fly less to make the leap to a renewably powered world – but we will still be able to live an abundant life where we are warm and free and well fed. The only real losers will be the fossil fuel corporations and the petro-dictatorships.

But our politicians have not chosen this sane path. No: they have chosen inertia and low taxes and oil money today over survival tomorrow.

It's all true and beyond disgusting. But strangely enough I also feel encouraged by what I saw. The rich nations and the poor ones may have screamed at each other, but at least they're fighting over the future of the planet. Talking about the REAL problems that threaten our common survival.

And that will inevitably lead to the trial of a global economic system that allows some to live lives of greedy luxury, while condemning others to lives of poverty and misery. A world where a billion human beings go to bed hungry every night.

Because we won't be able to save the planet, from climate change or anything else, unless we change that inhuman system.

Change the system, save the world, save the poor, save the children...

As John Sauven, the executive director of Greenpeace U.K. said tonight:

It is now evident that beating global warming will require a radically different model of politics than the one on display here in Copenhagen."

If Stephen Harper and the planet destroyers think the battle is over, they should know that it's just BEGINNING.

This time there were tens of thousands in the streets.

Next time there will be MILLIONS...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Colossal Fossil

He came. He hid. He bombed.

Canada’s 2020 target is among the worst in the industrialized world, and leaked cabinet documents revealed that the governments is contemplating a cap-and-trade plan so weak that it would put even that target out of reach.

Canada’s performance here in Copenhagen builds on two years of delay, obstruction and total inaction. This government thinks there’s a choice between environment and economy, and for them, tar sands beats climate every time.

And Canada was embarrassed. Again.

Once we were seen as a decent people, who tried to help heal the wounds of this world. Now we're seen by many as greedy planet destroyers, dirty oil pimps, torture pigs, and the last of the Bush Cons.

Nice eh?

Think of thirty years when the betrayed generation looks back in anger at this pitiful deal.

"The city of Copenhagen is a crime scene tonight, with the guilty men and women fleeing to the airport...It is now evident that beating global warming will require a radically different model of politics than the one on display here in Copenhagen."

There will be Stephen Harper's bobble head staring back at them, at the Colossal Fossil Awards... that Canada WON.

Oh well. At least there was some comic relief. The desperate attempts by the Harper Gang to get a photo-op, a pat on the back, a doggie bone, from Obama and his people.

And the equally desperate attempts by the Obama people to avoid being photographed with the Calgary Oil pimp.

And who can blame them eh?

How can they hope to spin failure into victory, with Harper in their corner...or in their pocket. They know a Kiss Fossil of Death when they see one.

When will Canadians see the same danger ? Recognize the terrible damage Harper and his hideous Cons are doing to the reputation and soul of this country.

Which reminds me... at least we have this to look forward to next week..

Because after this disgusting Con performance it should be obvious, that if we're going to help save the planet.

We're going to have to save Canada first...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Richard Colvin and It's a Con Life

Well I see my hero Richard Colvin is a WINNER. He must be if even Don Martin says so.

His 16-page rebuttal, running up against a Conservative boycott of a committee probing the Afghan detainee controversy and curt "no comment required" from the Minister's office, suggests a Richard Colvin public relations victory is possible, if not probable.

So watch the government's behaviour in the months to come. If it keeps obstructing documentation, boycotting committees or even proroguing Parliament, those will be the sure signs Richard Colvin's one-man battle to free the truth is triumphing over a government cover-up

Even if he practically CHOKES on it. But who cares eh?

I LOVE war crime stories with happy endings.

Or is it just a dream?

Meanwhile back in Potterville Harperville...

And so does the nightmare.

The Prime Minister is now in such command that he can get away with pretty much anything. And he is lauded for his conquests.

The key is that once you've established such a pronounced degree of control over the levers of power, you're in position to strong-arm your way past anything. And so the government has halted hearings on the detainee file by boycotting them. And so the government is threatening to prorogue Parliament again so it doesn't have to face more detainee music.

It's more evidence from a stockpile of how the system's been brought to heel. It's democracy Canadian-style.

Oh boy. From a parliamentary democracy to a banana republic...or Big Brother's House of Shame ... in just 1,410 days. Never has a great country gone down the toilet faster.

Will the left ever unite .... or form a mighty sweep these sinister Cons from power FOREVER?

How soon can we have a public inquiry?

When will this bad movie FINALLY be over ?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Should Homosexuals Face Execution?

Believe it or not, that's the outrageous question the BBC thought was worth debating.

So they shouldn't have been surprised by comments like these:

Totally agree. Ought to be imposed in the UK too, asap. Bring back some respectable family values. Why do we have to suffer 'gay pride' festivals? Would I be allowed to organise a 'straight pride' festival? No, thought as much!! If homosexuality is natural, as we are forced to believe, how can they sustain the species? I suggest all gays are put on a remote island somewhere and left for a generation - after which, theoretically there should be none left !"

"Bravo to the Ugandans for this wise decision, a bright step in eliminating this menace from your society. We hope other African nations will also follow your bold step."

Just ashamed of themselves for asking that question in the first place, and for trying to defend their disgracful decision.

Liliane Landor, the BBC World Service acting head of Africa region, defended the radio programme and talkboard post, saying it allowed gays and lesbians from Uganda, whose voices have never been heard in the UK, to talk with dignity about the impact the legislation would have on their lives.

And for inviting guests like these, for a "dignified exchange" on whether gay people should be murdered.

The show also included the opinion of those who supported the anti-homosexual legislation, including religious leaders, she said. "The programme was a dignified exchange between people who have differing beliefs," Landor added.

Because NOBODY has the right to debate the existence of gay peopleT. Or whether genocide is justified. Would they have written that headline if it was Jews, or blacks or any other group? I don't think so.

Why did their gay and lesbian employees have to beg their managers to change it ?

The BBC Pride board, composed of gay and lesbian staff at the corporation, lobbied the World Service to change the headline and close discussion "to minimise negative reflection on the BBC".

And of course the Big Question: why do so many straight people hate gay people so much?

Not just in genocidal Africa, or supposedly civilized Britain.

But right here in Canada.

Good for the Globe for disabling the comments, so gay people didn't have to read even more homophobic garbage aimed at them just because of who they are.

But when the Globe is forced to do that, you can only imagine how ugly those comments must have been.

And all over a picture of two gay guys and their dog.

Oh well. I guess we'll have to fight them FOREVER.

What a sick world...

Richard Colvin and the Torture Cons

He was a reluctant whistleblower. Just a quiet, professional doing his job, and telling the truth about torture.

The Cons tried to silence him, and when they couldn't do that anymore they smeared him and tried to destroy his career. But today that quiet Canadian came back at them, and blew their dirty criminal cover-up to pieces.

Former Afghanistan diplomat Richard Colvin slammed back at some of the testimony heard from witnesses at the committee investigating the Afghan detainee affair, insisting that he had warned Canadian officials that prisoners were being abused.

In his letter, Colvin highlights six reports sent to Ottawa in 2006, including one he said noted that "torture is rife" in Afghan jails.

My hero Richard Colvin.

There are so many stunning revelations it's hard to know where to begin. But this is what we now know:

We handed over all kinds of prisoners to the Afghan authorities, including many on the battlefield so they wouldn't be classified as our detainees, and we could wash their hands of them. Even though the Generals should have known they might be tortured.

It was generally known that prisoners in Afghanistan are routinely tortured or abused. In Kandahar, the risk is even higher than in the average province. Kandahar is on the front lines of the insurgency. Each side treats the other with brutality, and NDS officers and their families are regularly targeted and killed. About half the NDS's staff formerly served in KhAD, the KGB‐trained Soviet‐era intelligence service, which also had a well‐deserved reputation for ferocity.

Lieutenant‐General Gauthier commanded Canadian troops in Kandahar in 2002, and General Hillier commanded ISAF in Kabul in 2004. It is implausible that they would not have known how Afghans treat their prisoners.

But still we rushed these prisoners into the hands of the NDS and then took as long as possible until we notified the Red Cross.

According to testimony to the Military Police Complaints Commission, it was CEFCOM in Ottawa, not military officers in the field, that made decisions about each detainee, and urged the field commanders to transfer them to NDS as fast as possible. It was also CEFCOM that created the artificial delays that kept out ICRC monitors during the critical first days when detainees were being interrogated by the NDS.

So the NDS could have more time to torture or rape them.

And how did CEFCOM respond to Colvin's warnings?

I informed an interagency meeting of some 12 to 15 officials in Ottawa that, "The NDS tortures people, that's what they do, and if we don't want our detainees tortured, we shouldn't give them to the NDS." (The NDS, or National Directorate of Security, is Afghanistan's intelligence service.) The response from the Canadian Expeditionary Force Command (CEFCOM) note‐taker was to stop writing and put down her pen.

And how did the Cons react?

Interdepartmental Coordinator for Afghanistan David Mulroney suggested that the only reason reports were edited was to remove 'opinion' or 'non‐fact based' information. This is not correct. Instead, embassy staffers were told that they should not report information, however accurate, that conflicted with the government's public messaging.

By turning truth into propaganda. And by trying to smear the messenger.

On the question of credibility, some officials have suggested that I only left the PRT once and was mostly confined to compounds. For the record, I went "outside the wire" in Kandahar at least eleven times, including attending a shura of 300 elders in northern Kandahar (which was widely covered by the media), visiting villages in Arghandab, and spending the night at a forward operating base in Panjwayi. In Kabul, I left the protected embassy zone (presumably "the wire") an average of twice a day ‐‐ probably 500 times in total.

Which is more than those Cons, or those Generals, or that chickenhawk Christie Blatchford ever did.

So how are the Cons reacting to Richard Colvins's demolition of their cover-up?

By parroting the Big Lie, and trying to hide behind our soldiers. The miserable sleazy COWARDS.

Enough of this criminal charade.

We need a public inquiry NOW...

Homophobe Buju Banton Gets Busted

I don't usually enjoy seeing anyone brought down by Amerika's draconian drug laws. But I think I'll make an exception in the case of this ugly homophobe.

Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton is facing charges that he attempted along with others to buy a large quantity of cocaine from an undercover law enforcement officer.

Banton, 36, faces a charge of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine, which carries a maximum 20-year prison sentence.

Because a thug who sings about how gay people should have acid poured on them...or should be shot in the head....

(Boom boom boom) Boom bye bye Inna batty boy head.
Rude bwoy no promote the nasty man
Dem haffi dead
Boom bye bye....

Or burned alive....

Dis is not a deal
Guy come near we
Then his skin must peel
Burn him up bad like an old tire wheel.

And has a background like this one.

Banton was charged in connection with a 2004 incident in which he, as part of a group of about a dozen people, allegedly beat six men believed to be homosexuals, after forcing entry into a house in Kingston, near Banton's recording studio. One of the victims lost use of an eye in the attack. Charges against Banton were dismissed by the judge in the case in January 2006, for lack of evidence.

Deserves to do some REALLY hard a jail full of gay thugs. And certainly doesn't deserve to win a Grammy.

Oh yeah, guess who his idiot supporters are blaming for the Buju bigot's arrest?

On Monday, in South Florida and Jamaica, callers burned up radio airwaves, calling the arrest a ``conspiracy'' to get him after his recent controversy that included protests by local gay-rights advocates over a Halloween concert in downtown Miami.

``What they are saying is that he got off that time and they are fixing him now.''

Right. The batty boys. Because in the U.S. gay people are so powerful they tell the police what to do, and can hypnotize bigots into wanting to buy several kilos of cocaine. And then lick the blow off a knife... while the cameras are rolling.

Which reminds me...since unfortunately I love reggae dare this homophobic thug call himself a rasta?

Buju. Bigot. Bumbaclaat. Real rastas don't do that nasty shit cocaine.

They sing about love and revolution not crazy hate.

And they only do the holy herb...

May the real rastas like Peter and the Great Bob live on forever.

May the evil homophobes rot in jail.

Boom Boom Batty Buju.

Bye Bye BIGOT...