Sunday, December 06, 2009

Copenhagen and the Climate Denial Criminals

I haven't bothered to write anything about the so-called Climategate controversy, because this little smokescreen from the Big Oil Mafia doesn't change anything

You can't fake spring coming earlier, or trees growing higher up on mountains, or glaciers retreating for kilometres up valleys, or shrinking ice cover in the Arctic, or birds changing their migration times, or permafrost melting in Alaska, or the tropics expanding, or ice shelves on the Antarctic peninsula breaking up, or peak river flow occurring earlier in summer because of earlier snowmelt, or sea level rising faster and faster, or any of the thousands of similar examples.

Science is science and the evidence speaks for itself.

And all this little e-mail tempest in a teapot proves is that climate change deniers are not only a gang of slobbering oil pimps and mentally deranged fanatics, they're hackers and criminals as well.

And one day they will go on trial for crimes against the planet.

Because you can't threaten the lives of a billion people.

And hope to get away with it.

As for our own planet destroying, dirty oil, Con stooges.... their words too will come back to haunt them.

"There's always a lot of hype and drama that gets built into this sort of international event, much of it intended to force the hand of participants," Mr. Prentice said in the prepared speech. "We aren't going to buy into that. We are not going to panic.

For nothing can excuse their ridiculous arguments or their criminal lack of action.

Not in a place like Canada.

Canada has the world's longest coastline, the second-largest land mass and an enviable abundance of fresh water. Thus, by definition, the consequences of atmospheric warming must hit Canada arguably more than for most countries that lack vast territory, immense coastlines and so much fresh water.

Put another way, this piece of geography called Canada is on the front lines of the global warming struggle – although you wouldn't realize it watching the federal government.

And sorry won't be good enough.

We'll make sure of that.

You can fool the gullible, and corrupt the greedy.

Canadians tell pollsters they want “action,” but not if it unduly causes them to alter their behaviour or costs them anything. They want Canada to enjoy a stellar international reputation, but they don't seem too upset that, in the climate-change business, Canada has a horrible reputation that the Harper government isn't going to change.

But they can't betray the future of a generation, and delude themselves into thinking that we will forgive them.

Copenhagen may be the last chance to save the planet from being torched.

Facts are facts.

And the time for action is NOW !!!!!


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