Monday, December 07, 2009

The Lesbian Bishop and the Gay Genocide

I see that after that a long period of tortured contemplation Rowan Williams has finally made up his mind.

He will speak out about the election of a lesbian Bishop in California and threaten to expel the Episcopal Church.

"The election of Mary Glasspool by the Diocese of Los Angeles as suffragan bishop elect raises very serious questions not just for the Episcopal Church and its place in the Anglican Communion, but for the Communion as a whole," Williams said in the statement.

But he won't speak out about Uganda's plans to murder gay people.

Or expel the Ugandan church from the Anglican communion, for supporting the plan. Or denounce this Bishop's genocidal words.

In Africa and the world over, there were many wizards, every village had at least one. Being a wizard was as much a vice as homosexuality and lesbianism. It would overwhelmingly possesses the victims and enslaves them just as homosexuality does to its victims since it is a spiritual and moral matter.

It was the case of being disoriented. Wizards would kill people, play with dead bodies, molest animals sexually, did many dirty things. They possessed unexplained drive, they were disorientated. But with the coming of the light of the Gospel of Christ. such tendencies have been wiped out or tremendously reduced much as communities and societies fought to eliminate such anti-human behavior.

Today's "Rights" activists would love us respect them and legitimize such vices: what blindness! What a fallen race!

Or should that be what a fallen and barbarous RELIGION? And how on earth did a man like Rowan Williams end up in such evil company...and such a moral swamp?

Consider the case of two Anglicans of the same gender who love one another. If they are in the USA, the Anglican church will marry them and may elect one of them to office. If they are in Uganda, the Anglican church will have try to have them jailed for life, and ensure that any priest who did not report them to the authorities within 24 hours would be jailed for three years; anyone who spoke out in their defence might be jailed for seven.

Under Williams, the church that marries two women who love each other is to be thrown out of the Anglican Communion. The church that would jail them both for life, and would revile and persecute their defenders,stays snugly in his bosom.

Great eh? Religious homophobia rears its ugly head again.

Just like it does in this video of gay men getting flogged in Pakistan.

If Rowan Williams doesn't recognize brutal state sponsored homophobia when he sees it.

Or hear the voices of the oppressed crying out for justice.

He's leading his church to a very dark place.

And he should get his soul examined...

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