Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Should Homosexuals Face Execution?

Believe it or not, that's the outrageous question the BBC thought was worth debating.

So they shouldn't have been surprised by comments like these:

Totally agree. Ought to be imposed in the UK too, asap. Bring back some respectable family values. Why do we have to suffer 'gay pride' festivals? Would I be allowed to organise a 'straight pride' festival? No, thought as much!! If homosexuality is natural, as we are forced to believe, how can they sustain the species? I suggest all gays are put on a remote island somewhere and left for a generation - after which, theoretically there should be none left !"

"Bravo to the Ugandans for this wise decision, a bright step in eliminating this menace from your society. We hope other African nations will also follow your bold step."

Just ashamed of themselves for asking that question in the first place, and for trying to defend their disgracful decision.

Liliane Landor, the BBC World Service acting head of Africa region, defended the radio programme and talkboard post, saying it allowed gays and lesbians from Uganda, whose voices have never been heard in the UK, to talk with dignity about the impact the legislation would have on their lives.

And for inviting guests like these, for a "dignified exchange" on whether gay people should be murdered.

The show also included the opinion of those who supported the anti-homosexual legislation, including religious leaders, she said. "The programme was a dignified exchange between people who have differing beliefs," Landor added.

Because NOBODY has the right to debate the existence of gay peopleT. Or whether genocide is justified. Would they have written that headline if it was Jews, or blacks or any other group? I don't think so.

Why did their gay and lesbian employees have to beg their managers to change it ?

The BBC Pride board, composed of gay and lesbian staff at the corporation, lobbied the World Service to change the headline and close discussion "to minimise negative reflection on the BBC".

And of course the Big Question: why do so many straight people hate gay people so much?

Not just in genocidal Africa, or supposedly civilized Britain.

But right here in Canada.

Good for the Globe for disabling the comments, so gay people didn't have to read even more homophobic garbage aimed at them just because of who they are.

But when the Globe is forced to do that, you can only imagine how ugly those comments must have been.

And all over a picture of two gay guys and their dog.

Oh well. I guess we'll have to fight them FOREVER.

What a sick world...


WILLY said...

In answer to the bigot's suggestion:

There would just a younger generation of people trying to buy a ticket to the island.

Fuck the sick world, love your neighbors and yourself.

Niles said...

Yes, the BBC went to sleep at the wheel. In a country where they should have said "Should Captain Jack of Torchwood face execution for his rowdy bedromp pursuits of male associates?" to bring it home to Brits just how appalling the concept is.

The mouth-frothing idiots closed down over Brison's holiday greetings card gave the bucolic beaus more publicity. Them and the roguishly winsome blonde in the middle of the scene.

But yes, we will be fighting them forever, because idiots come with each generation, ready, willing and able to be somebody's pawn in the constant power struggle among humans.

All you can do is push back and live free. Which is what you and Sebastien seem to be doing and what M. Brison and his partner are doing.

Simon said...


There would just a younger generation of people trying to buy a ticket to the island.

Good one. :)

And this one too:

Fuck the sick world, love your neighbors and yourself.

I've got the last one covered, and I'm working on the first two... ;)

Simon said...

hi Niles...I must admit that I'm disappointed that the BBC would make such an idiotic mistake. I thought they were an oasis of sanity in a crazy news world.
But yeah you're right:

All you can do is push back and live free. Which is what you and Sebastien seem to be doing..."

Because is the only way to live. and me and Sebastien do live free and PROUD... :)