Friday, December 18, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Colossal Fossil

He came. He hid. He bombed.

Canada’s 2020 target is among the worst in the industrialized world, and leaked cabinet documents revealed that the governments is contemplating a cap-and-trade plan so weak that it would put even that target out of reach.

Canada’s performance here in Copenhagen builds on two years of delay, obstruction and total inaction. This government thinks there’s a choice between environment and economy, and for them, tar sands beats climate every time.

And Canada was embarrassed. Again.

Once we were seen as a decent people, who tried to help heal the wounds of this world. Now we're seen by many as greedy planet destroyers, dirty oil pimps, torture pigs, and the last of the Bush Cons.

Nice eh?

Think of thirty years when the betrayed generation looks back in anger at this pitiful deal.

"The city of Copenhagen is a crime scene tonight, with the guilty men and women fleeing to the airport...It is now evident that beating global warming will require a radically different model of politics than the one on display here in Copenhagen."

There will be Stephen Harper's bobble head staring back at them, at the Colossal Fossil Awards... that Canada WON.

Oh well. At least there was some comic relief. The desperate attempts by the Harper Gang to get a photo-op, a pat on the back, a doggie bone, from Obama and his people.

And the equally desperate attempts by the Obama people to avoid being photographed with the Calgary Oil pimp.

And who can blame them eh?

How can they hope to spin failure into victory, with Harper in their corner...or in their pocket. They know a Kiss Fossil of Death when they see one.

When will Canadians see the same danger ? Recognize the terrible damage Harper and his hideous Cons are doing to the reputation and soul of this country.

Which reminds me... at least we have this to look forward to next week..

Because after this disgusting Con performance it should be obvious, that if we're going to help save the planet.

We're going to have to save Canada first...


Anonymous said...

In my 65 years of living on this planet--and most of that in this country--I have never felt such shame and embarrassment coursing through me. I blame Harper and the Canadians who voted for him and his rogues gallery of MPs. That's the price we pay for dirty tricks and dirty campaigning and having a gullible public who don't read and think critically. Alan Bloom wrote a book a long time ago about the closing of the American mind.
Guess what, folks, it's spread to Canada

Harper, and his poisonous views of society, is a good reason for the citizens to take to the streets and mobilise to get him out of power.

He's not only a colossal failure on the environmental front, he's a failure on every front.
Good of you to use the Guardian as your source of information. It's a paper more editors should try to emulate.

Oemissions said...

Maybe he thought that Canadians would like him being the strong, silent type.
It will be interesting to see if his rating goes down.
Loved the Tim Horton's sign up at the Awards ceremony.
Atleast we have a healthy sense of humour.
There are many belligerents in this world. They have lost a great deal of ground.Having watched on the livestreaaming, I was thrilled to meet so many wonderful, caring, thoughtful persons.
The photographic timelapse show on the glaciers is a must see.
I hope to get a copy and ask my local grocer if I can run it in the store.