Friday, December 04, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Humiliation Tour

OK. This is the limit. We simply can't let Stephen Harper travel abroad again. It's just too embarrassing.

Yesterday he was publicly humiliated and screwed by the Chinese. Today he's screwing the truth and pleasuring himself in public by posing as a human rights champion.

"Our government believes and has always believed that a mutually beneficial economic relationship is not incompatible with a good and frank dialogue on fundamental values like freedom, human rights and the rule of law."

Stephen Harper a human rights champion? OMG. When will this sinister authoritarian nerd stop torturing reality? I can't STAND it anymore.


Oh sure, I see that some Cons are claiming that by getting China to grant Canada Approved Destination Status old leather face came away with a sore behind, but a moral victory.

Oh really? You mean the same Approved Destination Status Zimbabwe received FIVE years ago? Some status, some victory.

And then there are other Cons like Andrew Coyne, who admit that Harper was humiliated, and are practically quivering with outrage.

It is just sick-making. Is there no indignity this country will not swallow? Is there no bottom to our cravenness, our endless capacity to rationalize, explain away and blame ourselves? If the Chinese had done this to any other world leader — to the President of France, say — do you think their opposition parties would be taking the side of the regime? Do you think their president would stay in China another day?

Golly. Is there no indignity hysterical nonsense this country will not swallow?

Perhaps Coyne and the other miserable members of our hack media should spend a little less time swooning with indignation, and a little more time questioning Stephen Harper's human rights credentials.

Or ask themselves why DID Stephen Harper wait so long to visit China? Was it really a question of human rights or was it a question of religious ideology?

The fact is Stephen Harper belongs to one of the most aggressive Christian missionary churches in the world.

The Canadian church's website features a list of sample prayers "for the lost," so members can pray for sinful non-Christians they hope Jesus Christ will save from "eternal damnation."

They want to a chance to go after those billions of potential converts more than they want ANYTHING...except the end of the world. But the Chinese won't allow those missionaries into China, so that's why Harper hates them.

That's why the two biggest China bashers after Harper are Jason Kenney and Stockwell Day. Christianists who put their religious beliefs before the interests of Canada. And in the land that still worships Norman Bethune...someone these fascist Cons never mention... turned us from friends into enemies. And cost us BILLIONS.

You know the really frightening thing is how so few Canadians understand what really motivates Stephen Harper. The man who is just a few percentage points away from changing this country beyond recognition.

Oh boy. Are we in trouble. This secret religious fanatic and political thug is preparing to kill our country.

And we don't even KNOW him...

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