Thursday, December 10, 2009

Peter MacKay and the Con Doggy Act

Well it's day 22 of the Peter MacKay political death watch, and I STILL don't know whether he's going to resign or be fired. Or when.

So I can't send out any invitations to my Bye Bye Dumbo party. Or even know what party hat I'm going to be wearing...the blue one or the black one.

How annoying.

But at least judging by this photo today, the end cannot be far off.

Because if those bags under Dumbo's eyes get any bigger he'll have to check them when he travels.

And as for his mental state, it's clearly even more fragile.

The Bloc’s Claude Bachand stood and suggested that an internal military investigation was not sufficient, that a full public inquiry was necessary. Mr. MacKay seized on this as a demonstration of disloyalty. “That again really portrays something quite obvious,” he said. “We support the forces, their success and the success of our country. He cannot say the same.”

The Bloc’s Pierre Paquette attempted to quote from Abraham Lincoln. Mr. MacKay rose to suggest the words actually belonged to P.T. Barnum, then seemed to imply some comparison between himself and Mr. Lincoln. “I will tell him what Honest Abe did do, he tried to unify a nation,” Mr. MacKay declared. “He tried to bring people together during a time of war. That is what great Canadians do.... The honourable member continues to play cheap politics, continues to use wedge politics. We will support our forces. We will see our country succeed with no help from him.”

Lordy. Can you believe that? Dumbo MacKay comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln?While trying to smear the opposition like Joe McCarthy.

Just like he tried to destroy the reputation of an honourable Canadian like Richard Colvin.

You know nobody has ever called Dumbo a classy guy, and he has been accused before of playing doggy games in Parliament.

And of borrowing a dog to make people feel sorry for him.

But this is even more shameful.

Colvin did his duty by speaking truth to power. MacKay responded by tarring the diplomat.

Self-serving from the outset, that smear no longer hides that this government knew, or should have known, as early as June 2006 that continuing to transfer prisoners was wrong and potentially illegal.

The good news? Decent Canadians are speaking out.

Two critical masses are forming here. One is that Colvin was far from alone in worrying about how Afghanistan treated prisoners and warning that Canada had a serious problem. The other is that those accustomed to serving their country silently are starting to shout that they are mad as hell and won't take it any more.

Stephen Harper's polls are going DOWN.

And sooner or later so will Dumbo.

Because watching his precious majority slip away is enough to make Harper squat on his hind legs, howl at the moon... and bite people. And because Dumbo's too doggy to stay in Parliament.

Which reminds me eh?

I'm still not sure what party hat I'll be wearing to my Bye Bye Dumbo bash.

But I'm sure I'll be playing this one ...

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