Monday, December 14, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Con Klowns

It's hard to believe that Stephen Harper and his planet destroying Cons could blow Big Oil even more than they already have.

But apparently that's exactly what they are planning.

The Conservative government has considered abandoning some of the greenhouse gas reduction goals set out in its 2007 green plan and allowing weaker targets for the oil and gas sector, documents obtained by CBC News suggest.

The draft proposal suggests Canada should set new targets that would be lower than what was originally proposed by the Conservatives.

For example, the proposal suggests that the oil and gas industry would have to cut 15 megatonnes of emissions, rather than 48 megatonnes under its Turning the Corner plan.

Can you believe these criminal klowns?

No wonder the whole world is laughing at them.

"The idea was to confuse the Canadian government, which set up a war room to positively spin their position in the debate even though everyone here knows that their position is a cruel joke."

No wonder the Americans don't want anything to do with them.

It makes you wonder when the U.S. Secretary of Energy is embarrassed to have a public photograph taken with the Canadian Minister of the Environment.

Holy Beaver. Has any Canadian government ever been so HUMILIATED? Have Canadians ever been so embarrassed ?

But then I guess we should have seen it coming after this ridiculous end of session newser.

When the screamer John Baird said this:

First up, Baird, who delivers an upbeat recap of the session - jobs! families! crime! -- and reminds that now is not -- I repeat, *not* -- the time to Change The Course (tm). He then moves to more comfortable ground: savaging the Liberals for politicizing everything, from H1N1 to the Olympics. Boo, Liberals!

And the loose loser Cannon said this:

"We have restored Canada's international reputation."

Oh really. Muahahahaha.

Before reporters started asking about the Con Torture and Rape Scandal and they turned around and ran.

He then flees - in fact, they all do, being herded by the suddenly border collie-like moderator. Exeunt, pursued by pointed questions.

Gawd. I've got to remember to save up my scorn. And my jubilation.

Because the best is still to come...

Golly. Is that a Con limousine or a bumper car?

C'mon people. Before they turn our country into a cheap circus act.

Let's tell the world we're better than the Cons.

And then give those klowns the HOOK...

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