Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Journalistic Spanking of Christie Blatchford

When Christie Blatchford's smear job on Richard Colvin first reared its ugly head, I noticed something strange.

Although getting some leaked e-mails should have been a big scoop, no other Globe reporter was touching the absurd chickenhawk's story.

But as Paul Wells notes, they've more than made up for it since.

In 20 years in journalism I have never seen anything resembling the systematic and sustained repudiation to which Christie Blatchford, the Globe and Mail’s marquee columnist, is being subjected by her own newspaper. There is room in any good paper for disagreements among colleagues, and frankly there should, for a long time now, have been room for more of that at the Globe. But this goes further. This is breathtakingly methodical. And I believe it was needed.

I don’t think hanging Blatchford out to dry has been the Globe’s goal here. But because she wrote what she did, and Globe reporters keep finding what they do, hanging her out to dry has become necessary to the larger task.

Oh boy have they ever.

Christie. Crusty. Canadians want journalism out of Assghanistan, not Con propaganda.

Or all that jingo nonsense and all that manly musk.

Never have I witnessed such a journalistic spanking. And never was one more DESERVED.

ATTEN- SHUN !!!! One, two, three, four.

Once more with FEELING.

Oh what a lovely war...


Balbulican said...

Tsk. You're just being mean. You think Senate Appointments for journalists come easy?

CK said...

Simon, a pic of Blatchford? I have a much better pic if you want to use it;A montage created by loving hands and a twisted mind.

Balbulican, I figured while Stevie is in power, 'journalists' with that good ol' right slant should get an easy in to the senate.

I stopped taking it seriously when I found out that literacy was optional.

Bina said...

Finally, that reactionary harpy got what she had coming. Just a pity it's taken this long. It's not as if she hadn't deserved more censure, and looooooong when she wrote for the Sun. But then, everyone there was just like her, so that wasn't surprising either.

Simon said...

hi Balbulican... Oh I couldn't be too mean to Crusty, she's from Rouyn-Noranda eh? And if you've ever been there in winter you know what I mean. ;) But as for the Senate stuff I hadn't thought of that horrible possibility. But don't you think that the object of her affection...Blowhard Hillier...will make it there first?

Simon said...

Hi CK... A montage created by loving hands and a twisted mind?
I want it !!!!

As for:

I stopped taking it seriously when I found out that literacy was optional.


Simon said...

hi Bina...yes I feel the same way. I didn't mind her tawdry crime reporting. I have a weakness for those kind of stories. ;)
But as soon as she started making Assghanistan sound like Gunga Din, I tuned her out.
Because we need chickenhawk cheerleaders like we need a hole in the head...