Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Abominable Trial of Omar Khadr

Well I see the military jury at the kangaroo trial of Omar Khadr has dropped its pants, squatted over a hole in the ground, its symbolic sentence.  

And no doubt given Stephen Harper a warm fuzzy feeling and/or a woody.

Omar Khar was sentenced today to 40 years in prison for murder, terrorism and spying by a military panel unaware that the confessed Canadian war criminal had agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a sentence capped at eight years and the chance to return to Canada after one more year in Guantanamo.

By sentencing Khadr to FIFTEEN years more than even the war criminals at the Pentagon had demanded.  Even though he almost certainly killed no one, and the only reason he was singled out for prosecution, as I explained in this post.

Was so the Pentagon could lower the bar of justice and international law so much, they could do ANYTHING to ANYONE.

So now all I want to know is when can that jury and that Stalinesque court be arrested for crimes against a child soldier? And what is the Harper government waiting for to demand that Omar be brought home IMMEDIATELY?

For that barbarous sentence only serves to prove beyond all doubt that the trial was a travesty.

"Everything about Omar Khadr's ordeal at Guantanamo Bay over the past eight years has been a fiasco," Mr. Neve said. "It comes as no surprise that the sentencing phase and this stunningly punitive jury decision has so starkly highlighted the injustices of this process."

And sentencing him to spend another year, in a maximum security section of that hideous gulag called Guantanamo, is an abominable act of cruelty and judicial torture.

Oh well. I'll have more to say about this in the days ahead when I'm not so angry. But tonight I just want to pay tribute to the extraordinary strength of that young Canadian, who has been victimized by just about everyone.

His own family, the Taliban, the Pentagon torturers, two Canadian governments. And abandoned by so many of his own people.

But although he is still riddled with shrapnel and blind in one eye, has somehow managed to endure, and is by all accounts a decent and gentle guy.

I also want to salute Khadr's defence team, Canadians like Dennis Edney, as well as the members of the U.S. military, who criticized their superiors and their own government to stand up for the rule of law.

“Al-Qaeda uses kids, they had radicalized him,” Col. Jackson said, reminding the panel that Mr. Khadr is considered internationally to be a “child soldier,” a victim, rather than a combatant who can’t, under United Nation’s protocol’s be held accountable for war crimes.

And by so doing tried to save the honour of their country. Unlike their weak and cowardly President.

The verdict of history will be harsher on Obama, and Harper, and all the others, than today's abominable sentence was on Khadr.

And what else can you say eh?

Except that for Canada the shame will last FOREVER.

And that NOTHING will ever change the truth. Omar Khadr was a child soldier.

And he lives HERE...

Rob Ford and the Homophobes

As you know, I believe that Rob Ford won by such a large margin, partly because he harnessed the twin demons of racism and homophobia.

Now I see that the homophobe Michael Coren at least partly agrees.

Ford not only won, he smashed his opponents and was declared Toronto’s mayor within eight minutes of the polls closing.

The chattering classes are claiming this was because the white, angry, male and suburban people voted for him. Some did. But it takes more than that to win.

What these liberal dinosaurs refuse to grasp and are too insecure to accept is ethnic Toronto is conservative. Smitherman is gay and speaks of his husband. Many Muslims, Tamils, West Indians, Africans and others responded with an electoral “not our values.”

Now it's easy to dismiss someone like Coren, if this hadn't happened.

Or there weren't other troubling signs that immigrants are making this country more conservative.

And the the Cons weren't trying to harness those retrograde attitudes and use them to get a majority.

But I am still hopeful that won't happen in Toronto.

Because I think that in a city as diverse as this one, even the bigot immigrants will soon come to realize, that the Cons are not their friends. And that if they set fire to the social fabric the flames will consume us ALL.

Besides most of the young immigrants are on our side. So Coren can crow all he wants. But  the battle for Toronto is not over, it's just beginning.

Bigotry will not triumph.

And if he squeals too loud and too foul.

The Pig Man will not RULE...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rob Ford and the Fake Tweeter

I don't know about you eh? But I find the weird story about the Rob Ford campaign and the fake tweeter really creepy.

Not just because of this:

The Twitter account was the work of the deputy communications director of Rob Ford's campaign, Fraser Macdonald, and was created with one purpose in mind: getting the whole recording of a conversation between Dieter Doneit-Henderson and the candidate, in which Ford promised the fibromyalgia-afflicted man that he would "fucking try to find" OxyContin for him.

But also because of the level of deception. The amount of work that went into it, the buried messages.

And of course, this picture...

Which only makes me REALLY want to know who paid for this homophobic Tamil radio ad. 

Because it seems to me that it achieved two objectives. It reminded people about the Tamils migrants who Ford had attacked.

In a city where anti-migrant feeling is higher than any other place in Canada.

And it reminded people that Smitherman was gay. Just a few days before the election.

Subtle eh?

You know the right-wing media is so busy blowing Ford they seem to be ignoring the role racism and homophobia played in the election.

But I'm not convinced. I still believe both issues helped give him a landslide.

And now that I see the kind of people who are pulling the Pig Man's strings.

I have a feeling Rob Ford's Toronto could become a REALLY scary place...

Rob Ford: When the Downtown Strikes Back

Well it sure has been a scary week. Who needs Halloween when we got Rob Ford?

Because now reality is setting in. And all over the Greater Toronto Area you can hear them screaming: Oh. My. Fordzilla. What have we done !!!!  AAAAAAAAAH !!!!

Although I see the Toronto Sun managed to find somebody to put a positive spin on those low expectations.

Dismissed by opponents as unpolished at best, short on policy and often wrong on the numbers, Ford now enters office without the burden of high expectations, veteran fundraiser and campaign organizer John Capobianco said.

“(People think) he’s a buffoon, he doesn’t know his stuff, he can’t get anything through council,” the source said. “Expectations are low. We’re in a good spot.”

Great eh? Does that mean if the Fordzilla stays sober for three days, he'll EXCEED my expectations?

But it isn't all bad news.You know those downtown latte-sipping elites that the right-wing media has been turning into The Enemy, just like Stephen Harper does?

Well, they're starting to fight back.

To chalk up widespread disapproval of the message he and his supporters sent – that streetcar tracks should be torn up, that downtown voters are objects of ridicule, that a Toronto mayor should endorse the view that gay marriage erodes democracy, that the inability or unwillingness to explain one’s beliefs to voters doesn’t matter – as nothing more than condescending elitism is to almost completely fail to grasp not just “urban sophisticates” but an entire cohort of Canadians...

Most of the country’s supposedly clueless urban elites are not disconnected from the “real” world. They are from it...For one reason or another, they choose a different life.

There are any number of reasons. Some are attracted to urban living, where everything is within range of transit or bicycle. Some want careers that can only be pursued in cities. Some are gay and have bad experiences. Some realize their world views don’t quite mesh with those of all the Rob Fords they know.

Which is sort of how I feel eh? 

I choose to live downtown, not because I'm an elitist.

But because it's the only place I can feel free to be MYSELF...

(Click pic to enlarge)

And for me freedom is EVERYTHING. 

Resistance lifts me like the wind.

Braying jackasses don't scare me.

And the suburbs are just a song...

Hey Toronto. The resistance is RISING.

Have a great weekend everyone !!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rob Ford's Toronto is NOT My Toronto

From where I live, on a late fall afternoon, the city of Toronto looks pretty damn beautiful.

But of course, what I'm looking at is the REAL Toronto, not the Frankencity the Con thug Mike Harris, and his little stool tool Jim Flaherty created.

You think maybe there’s a cultural divide going on here? It’s no surprise that Ford’s support was concentrated outside the boundaries of the original city of Toronto, but the starkness of the division is startling to see. In essence, Toronto is two cities that don’t like one another much but have been forced to cohabitate. And who performed the ceremony? Yes, Mike Harris.

Gosh. Big Hog Mike as Rob Ford's porky daddy. Isn't that a scary thought? You add up both of their IQs and you still get dumb bully or thug buffoon. 

You know as I said the other night, I'm a Montrealer eh? So I could look at that map and the pink zone where I live, and think OMG what have I done? Who knew I'd end up playing Davy Crockett at the Alamo? Gimme a train ticket quick !!!!

But actually, it only makes me proud to live here. A city where white, black, brown, straight, gay, young and old, rich and poor, or whatever live happily together. And Cons are DEFINITELY not welcome.

You know every progressive in Canada should be proud of the REAL Toronto, the  bastion of real Canadian values. The little but mighty fortress that Stephen Harper will NEVER conquer. And the Pig Man will NEVER rule.

But look, if I'm going to play Davy Crockett at the Alamo we're going to have to change the ending eh? In my version WE win, and the porker ends up as bacon, next to the Harper ham. Or just another loser.

The small crowd at Esther Shiner Stadium proved they were up on their current events.

“Gravy train, gravy train,” mocked the Chaminade fans.

In the meantime, on a late fall afternoon, looking across at the REAL Toronto all I can say is this...

(click pic to enlarge)

Hey beautiful... it's me... Simon.... from Montreal. Look I don't know how I ended up living in a fortress under siege.

But I'm REALLY glad I'm here to help defend you. The Cons will not pass.

Now all I need to know is if we can't win back the angry teabaggers in the suburbs.

When can we SECEDE?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rob Ford and the Road to Resistance

Damn. They say you can't put lipstick on a pig. But that hasn't stopped our pathetic right-wing media from trying to do that. 

And looking ridiculous.

And sadly even some progressives seemed to have succumbed to post-election guilt.

“We urban-dwellers need to get our asses out of the downtown core from time to time and listen to what people are saying in the suburbs.”

But not me eh? The only thing I regret is that we lost. Because  the fact is the election of Rob Ford is a disaster for this city. And the guy is a reactionary jackass.

Rob Ford: You know, I'm the only one that can go down there [Inaudible, then, yelling:] Just go get changed! Go! Out! And get changed! Don't worry about the water right now. [Pause.] Sorry.

Carol Off: Well you know that your campaign has been compared to Mike Harris's Common Sense Revolution, to the Tea Party movement, do you see those comparisons?

Rob Ford: I don't see [inaudible] comparisons [inaudible] what, I don't care [laughs]. I just, I just know, know the taxpayers, uh, want, uh, you know, the gravy train to come to an end, and that, uh, Rob Ford's the guy to do it, and uh [inaudible]—

That's a Mayor of  Toronto? Gimme a break.

A man whose victory was fueled by racism and homophobia. A swaggering bully who has put down people with AIDS. A callous freak who says if cyclists are killed by cars it's THEIR fault. A grotesque windbag who is always apologizing for being drunk.

A man who has attacked the homeless.

Who in case the right-wing media don't know, also live downtown. And DON'T drink lattes. 

Nah. I've got a better idea. Instead of deluding ourselves into thinking it could be a good thing. Or apologizing to suburbanites who want to work and play downtown, but don't want to pay for it. I say we RESIST.

I say we ask progressive Councillors to block every bad thing Ford plans to do. Let's make Mayor Idiot look like Mayor GRIDLOCK.  Until he surrenders.... or explodes with frustration. And looks like even more of a jackass.

I say we join city workers in the streets during the strikes and protests that are sure to come. I say we stage mass bike rallies and let Ford know exactly what we think of him, by bringing lots of these.

It just seems so appropriate eh?

And above all I say we try to get progressive residents of the downtown and the suburbs to unite and form one mighty coalition to drive Ford and his Con rabble from power.

If this bigot wants some GRAVY.

I say we give him some...

The Shameful Show Trial of Omar Khadr

I've been standing up for the human rights of Omar Khadr for so many years you can imagine how I feel about his shameful show trial. This horrifying mix of Kafka and Stalin.

Because if this is pure Stalin.

The statement of facts Khadr signed also says he would think back on his actions and the death of the American soldier when he was aggravated by his guards in Bagram, Afghanistan, and "it would make him feel good."

Surely this must be Kafka.

Dr. Welner's conclusions were reached, he explained, based largely on his understanding of the work of a psychiatrist in Copenhagen, Dr. Nicolai Sennels, who published a study of young Muslims in prison there. Although Welner admitted that he hadn't actually read Dr. Sennels's book because it was written in Danish, which Welner can't read.

He "expressed no interest in developing himself academically," said Welner, because when given U.S. schoolbooks - not classes, just books - he did not show much interest in reading them. Instead, he read Harry Potter, which Welner characterized as a form of "escapism."

The fact that Khadr is surrounded by all Muslim prisoners - a choice made by the U.S. military, not Omar Khadr -- is also a strike against him, said Welner. He's been "marinating in radical Jidahism," Welner said several times on Tuesday. Welner had not spoken to any of the other prisoners in Camp 4, and the source of his information about those prisoners and their beliefs was unclear.

Kafka.Or Dr Strangelove. Or just Dr Welner the inventor of Depravity Scale. 

Because let me get this straight. They riddled this kid with shrapnel. Then shot him twice in the back.

They then tortured him, and locked him up in Guantanamo, and now because he spent so many years there, he's too dangerous to release?

Oh boy. Here we go again . For the record, Khadr's guards say he is a decent young man. Not a religious fanatic. He almost certainly did not throw any grenade because he was too badly wounded.

The real war criminals are in the Pentagon.

Obama is a weakling. Stephen Harper is a sadistic monster.

The trial is a travesty.

And whatever they say or whatever they do.

Omar Khadr WAS a child soldier.

And he lives HERE...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When a Husband Confronts Anti-Choice Protesters

His wife is about to have an abortion because the fetus has a congenital deformity and no chance of survival.

When he see anti-abortion protesters screaming at people entering the abortion clinic.

So he decides to confront them...

Wow. That'll teach them to torture women, and their lovers, on one of the worst days of their lives.

I don't blame him for being angry.

And I sure love this message:

Consider this my plea: stop terrorizing women. Stop adding trauma to their trauma. If you’re able, stand up to these bullies in nonviolent ways. Speak out. And if you have a camera, use it.

Stand-up. Speak out. Remember Dr Tiller.

"Anti-abortion forces have succeeded in restricting the availability of abortion through lots of means short of outright prohibition — everything from punitive regulations... to physical intimidation and harassment of abortion providers,"

Fight them, fight them, fight them.

Don't let them WIN...

Rob Ford: When a Bully is a Bigot

Well I see that the day after this grotesque right-wing  bully became Mayor of Toronto, the right-wing media is going hog wild.

As if those who believe in a modern, more livable city were THE ENEMY. And the grubby uneducated and the boors bores from the suburbs were the future.

And nowhere in all the coverage do I see the word RACISM. When in fact that was the main reason Fordzilla won. 

“We can’t even deal with the 2.5 million people. How are we going to welcome another million people in? It is going to be chaotic…. I think we have to say enough’s enough.”

For saying aloud what I hear so many in this city muttering to themselves.

While Premier Dalton McGuinty was lambasting Ford’s comments last month — “I just don’t think it’s representative of Canadians” — we now know that Ford was more in tune with Ontarians, for better or for worse. The latest Angus Reid poll shows opposition to the boat people is strongest in this province.

Because in Canada we like our bigotry DISCREET. And that includes new immigrants, who see other immigrants as competition for low paying jobs. And as the right-wing libertarian Tasha Kheiridin exults, see their new land as a jungle.

Newcomers to Toronto don’t have time to dwell on how to make Toronto “inclusive”. They aren’t interested in funding alternative art exhibits. They could care less about bicycle lanes. They are busy working night and day to feed their kids and put a roof over their heads. They don’t sympathize with “fair wage” policies that pay inflated prices to keep unions happy, at the expense of hard-working taxpayers like themselves.

And for many of these first generation immigrants, just like Ford's bigoted old white supporters, homophobia is a bonus.

And Ford never stopped reminding people that unlike Smitherman, he was married to a woman. With predictable results...

That's the main reason he won. And that's why I agree with Glen Murray.

Glen Murray, the minister of research and innovation and a former Winnipeg mayor, wrote in a post on his Twitter account on the weekend that “If u vote Ford u r voting for bigotry."

Even though Murray has now apologized.

Because there may be other reasons people voted for Ford. But nothing can change the cold hard fact.

The bully is a bigot.

The lout is a liar.

And the asshole is an asshole.

That's a Mayor of Toronto?

Hee Haw. Hee Haw.

Don't make me laugh VOMIT...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rob Ford: The Night Hogtown Got Its Hog

Well oink oink. Isn't  that  a pretty sight? And who says racism and homophobia aren't a winning combination?

Because only that can explain this landslide of pig shit. Or how this grotesque right-wing hog could be mayor of Canada's largest city.

Oh well. There will be time to analyze what happened and what this means for the way progressives fight the right.

God save us from the electoral idealists who want you to "vote with your heart." Time after time, they are the right-wing’s secret weapon.

But tonight I just want to say this:

Toronto a world class city?


Cue the Mexican clowns....

And of course eh ?

We know a bigot when we see one.

And the resistance begins TOMORROW...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rob Ford's Assault on Gay People

I suppose it was inevitable. Even in the most diverse city on earth. When they got tired of attacking George Smitherman's policies, they'd go after his gay family

"Should Muslim vote for him who married a man?" the crudely designed signs read. Attached to the sign is a photograph of Smitherman and his husband Christopher Peloso, and a clipped newspaper headline referring to their adoption of a child.

And then there was that disgusting radio ad. You don't have to understand the language... 

To SMELL the homophobia.

But here's the thing eh? When you attack one gay family, you attack them ALL. When you pit one community against the other in a city as diverse as Toronto, the flames will scorch the clouds.

Burn baby burn.

But never forget who lit the fuse.

Rob Ford’s long-held belief in traditional marriage has exploded into a campaign issue now that he has endorsed the views of a fundamentalist Christian pastor who suggested online that same-sex marriage could “dismantle” a “healthy democratic civilization."

Never forget his other explosions.

Never forget who are his friends.

Never forgive the idiot progressives who could help Rob Ford blow this city apart.

Pantalone and his supporters will have a lot to answer for if Ford gets to unleash his tsunami of misery on the city because they have downplayed the risks.

God save us from the electoral idealists who want you to "vote with your heart." Time after time, they are the right-wing’s secret weapon.

Burn baby burn.

And what does that grotesque bigot bully have to say about all of this?

Great eh?

Being gay is a "lifestyle." People CHOOSE to be gay. At a time when gay people are mourning the deaths of so many teenagers who killed themselves because they couldn't HELP being gay.

You couldn't have attacked a community as savagely if you had stuck a knife in its heart.

Oh boy. So many people are so angry tonight.

Toronto is a great and diverse city.

Don't let it BURN...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

When a Fordzilla Attacks Toronto

Gawd. Living in Toronto isn't easy eh? First we had the G20 to show us how it feels to live in a police state. Nasty. And now we're under attack by a humungous Fordzilla.

A crass right-wing bigot bully who could be the city's next mayor. 

And here's the problem. Like many other lefty types I'd like to vote for Joe Pantalone. But unless his supporters switch their votes to George Smitherman, Ford will probably win.

Mayor Joe isn’t going to happen. He’s lost. A vote for him is a statement of principle they could make much more eloquently — and risk-free — with a blog, a Tweet or a letter to the editor explaining why they voted for their second choice.

So I'm with Jonathan Goldsbie:

“I am not a fan of strategic voting,” he wrote, “but neither am I a fan of regret and ridicule; I want to be able to live with myself for the next four years.”

And with Alice Klein

Democracy is not soul food. Elections are not some romantic ideal designed to inspire potential voters. They are duke-outs for the reins of real power. They absolutely have consequences that affect us all, and they demand a healthy, critical rationality.

God save us from the electoral idealists who want you to "vote with your heart." Time after time, they are the right-wing’s secret weapon.

Because it's so true. Progressives need to get real. Stop picking the lint out of their navels, while the bad guys win.

Smitherman is a bit too right-wing for me. And I'm sorry Pantalone is not more popular. But anyone who thinks Smitherman is as bad as Ford is either a Con or an IDIOT.

And surely we can all agree.

That ANYTHING is better than this... 

Yup. Sharpen your pencils everyone.

The alarm bells are ringing. Progressives need to get real.

And the Fordzilla must be DEFEATED...

Bullying and the Journey from Anger to Peace

When I was a teenager the bullies made me angry. And because, unlike other gentle kids I was able to fight back, that anger almost consumed me.

Because I felt I was alone, I could never allow myself to be a victim. Only a fighter. Who learned how to fight in the mean streets of Glasgow.

So now that so many others are speaking out about bullying. And how it does get BETTER.

And sending out  such powerful messages of hope.

I'm having trouble telling my story. Because it seems so inadequate and so wrong.

But it is a story about a journey from anger and violence, to love and peace.

So although I'm not religious, when I heard that a gay choir in Texas, had joined singers from 30 other religious institutions, to remember some of the bullied kids who didn't make it.

And that the concert included Bach's DONA NOBIS PACEM (Grant Us Peace) from his Mass in B Minor.

I thought I'd play it tonight...

From anger and violence, to love and peace.

I'll keep trying to tell my story.

But it does get BETTER.

Have a great weekend everybody...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Horror of Iraq

OK. Please play this YouTube but don't bother to watch it all. Because I just want to use it as background sound, to set the mood for what follows.

Now click on the following link to see revealed, on one page, the full horror of the Iraq War.

And of course, don't forget to read this brutal indictment :

The bottom line:

The Iraq war wasn't just a horrible mistake, it was a war crime.

George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Tony Blair, and a legion of other neocons should, if there was any justice, be charged with crimes against humanity.

And of course, if Stephen Harper had been Prime Minister, we would be wiping the blood and the shame off OUR hands.

"Mr. Speaker, the issue of war requires moral leadership. We believe the government should stand by our troops, our friends and our allies and do everything necessary to support them right through to victory."

Stephen Harper, supporting the American invasion of Iraq, House of Commons, April 1, 2003.

And don't  you love this one?

"This government's only explanation for not standing behind our allies is that they couldn't get the approval of the Security Council at the United Nations - a body [on] which Canada doesn't even have a seat."

- Stephen Harper supporting the American invasion of Iraq, CTV's Question Period, March 30, 2003.

From the guy whose disgraceful behaviour just cost us a seat on the Security Council.

Yup. We can't change what happened in Iraq.

But for our own safety, and the security of the world.

We can and must get rid of Harper...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Are the Harper Cons Talking in Tongues?

As if it wasn't bad enough that every time Stephen Harper answers a question in the House of Commons these days, he sounds like he's talking in tongues. All you can make out is the word COALITION. 

And this kind of insane gibberish.

"The real issue here raised by the Leader of the Opposition is his priorities,” the Prime Minister declared, carrying on quite demonstratively as if to warn the villagers of this monster’s imminent arrival. “He says that he would ground the Canadian Air Force. He says that he would put criminals out on the street. Why? In order to justify a bunch of tax increases he wants to bring on employers. That is the kind of thing that would put the Canadian economy into a deep ditch.”

Today we had the ugly spectacle of  the Con stooge John "Screamer" Baird answering another reasonable question from Ignatieff like this.

The crudest response to Mr. Ignatieff’s questions in this regard was by now no doubt obvious, perhaps even inevitable. And though for a moment it seemed no one would dare say it, after a third and final question from the Liberal leader, Mr. Baird could apparently not contain himself.

“I am pleased to talk about the Liberals record on foreign takeovers,” he said. “I think they had a foreign takeover of the Liberal Party just last year.”

“The Conservative side loudly expressed its delight at this and, returned to his seat, Mr. Baird smirked with great self-satisfaction.

Great eh? Ignatieff as the foreigner, the outsider, the TRAITOR. Ha. Ha. Ha.

God fucking help us. What dark parallell universe are these sinister Cons inhabiting? Why are they oinking and defecating in OUR parliament? Why can't they answer a simple question? Why have we come to accept this? 

And while we're at it, why does the CBC, which is funded by the Canadian people, not see fit to cover Question Period ? So more Canadians can see what these totalitarian hogs are doing to our country.

Oh well. Best line of the day from Scott Brison:

“Does Canada not deserve better, than a finance minister who cannot add and a Prime Minister who can only divide?”

Good question. Too bad so few heard it. Thank goodness for Aaron Wherry.

As for those Cons...I can only conclude that they have added yet another step to the bizarre way they prepare for Question detailed in Lawrence Martin's new book.

First they all kiss Great Ugly Leader's ass reverentially....on both chubby cheeks. Then they pray for victory over the godless foreigners. Then they memorize their lines as prepared for them by the thugs in the PMO.   

Then they take out their secret weapon. Tongues for Dummies. 

And start brushing it up on it.

Like these guys...

And if you thought Stephen Harper and John Baird sound ghastly talking in tongues eh?

Just wait until you hear Vic Toews talking about those dangerous refugees.

Aka Baraka Coalition Macaca. They're Coming in a Honda !!!! 

Those hideous freakish Con BASTARDS.

When can we get rid of them ?

Who Cares About the Blog Awards?

I was surprised to see that the Canadian Blog Awards are back. 

Because after last year's fiasco I thought they were dead and BURIED.

Which is why I'm so amused to see that those who created the biggest fuss over the awards last year, are the ones most eager to be nominated this year.

But who really cares eh?

If it was a serious contest, where the nominees were chosen by a jury of other eminent bloggers, it might be worth something. But it's not. It's just a popularity contest where those who win have the most Facebook friends.

And besides I can never forget how two years ago, when I was nominated, a friend told me he wanted to vote for me, but couldn't because somebody had used his office computer to vote for somebody else. 

Oh sure, I guess the "contest" does serve some purpose by introducing me to some blogs I'd never heard of before. But like most other Canadian awards, it's usually the same people nominated over and over again.

Who then bombard us with posts BEGGING us to vote for them, because they need to show us how much better they are than the rest of us. How annoying. 

Or how BORING.

And as far as self promotion goes, well I don't call my dog Kerouac for nothing.

You know just do it eh? Write as honestly as possible, and leave it at that. If people want to read you they will, and if they don't too bad.

After 1,775 posts, all of them written by me, if I depended on the encouragement of others, I would have quit long ago.

Which reminds me, you don't think there is something we can do something about cross posting do you?

So two identical posts from some blogging conglomerates, don't force two other humbler ones into the blogging basement, before we have a chance to read them.

No. I didn't think so.

Oh well. To all the other bloggers out there who didn't make the short list, don't be discouraged, because it doesn't mean ANYTHING.

As for The Chosen... whoopee shit.

Gimme me a drum roll.

And cue the big monkey....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Cons and the F35 Fiasco

Now that it appears the Harper Cons are going to buy more of these F-35 fighters than Britain.

Future prospects for the F-35 joint strike fighter program got a lot murkier Tuesday after British government officials announced plans to delay and dramatically trim their purchases of the warplane from Lockheed Martin.

Even though they are way too expensive, we don't really need them. The only reason the Cons want to spend so much money is so they can pump up the deficit, and use it as an excuse to kill medicare.

And as usual they are lying like thieves.

The 2006 agreement for developing the controversial F-35 stealth fighter jets contains a withdrawal clause that would allow a new government to end Canada's participation with no penalties and appears to contradict the government's claim that Canadian firms involved up to now would suffer.

Maybe it's time to seriously consider other options. And other planes.

The most likely avenue of attack from the air on Canada today is not from a lumbering Bear bomber, but rather a small privately owned commercial aircraft. The American Norad commander, Admiral James Winnefeld, recently called for aircraft that can fly "low and slow" in order to counter this threat; "F-16s don't fly slow very well," he said. The same could be said of the F-35.

A turboprop aircraft like Embraer's "Super Tucano" or Beechcraft's AT-6B (whose engines are manufactured by Pratt & Whitney Canada in Nova Scotia) would easily fit this bill. At roughly $6-million per copy, we could outfit the air force with 10 times the number of airframes.

And if not turboprops, why not drones?

Just months before the Harper government announced it would spend an estimated $16-billion on new fighter jets, a report for the Defence Department recommended using “flocking” pilot-less drones to enforce Canada’s sovereignty in the Arctic.

And BTW, if anyone thinks that pilotless aircraft are not the future of military aviation.

They really should take a look at these nifty robots...

I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

Forget those old fashioned F35s. Send the Cons to the cleaners.

And gimme a quadrotor for Christmas...