Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why Bullying Kills, and the Demon Homophobia

In Ottawa an expert on bullying explains why it KILLS.

Why does bullying hurt so much?

Studies have shown that humans need to feel part of a group or they suffer. That’s why the United Nations Convention Against Torture identifies solitary confinement as torture.

“Solitary confinement is toxic,” Dr. Vaillancourt said. “The need to belong is part of being human.”

And shunning can be just as painful.

“Social ties are not a luxury. You need them to live,” she said.

In a country where anti-gay bullying is a national sport.

But almost nobody gives a damn.

In New York, a group of Yankee fans illustrate the real problem...

The demon homophobia. And the casual hate that KILLS.

You can't fight one problem, unless you fight the other. 

Down with bigotry. Down with bullying of all kinds.

Break the oppressive silence.

Save our Canadian children...


skdadl said...

For you, Simon, via AntoniaZ:

Simon said...

hi skdadl...thanks for the link. I saw that video and it really is moving. But I thought nobody would want to visit my little blog for twelve minutes, so it would be better off playing at Antonias... :)
The interesting thing about the horrible video I ran in this post is that YouTube first took it down because of the ugly language. But then allowed it to run after the guy who edited it convinced them people needed to see it, to better understand the problem...