Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Collapse of the Harper Regime

I don't want to get too excited eh? Or order the champagne and the fireworks too soon. But the Harper Cons are starting to look a lot like these guys.

A little pale, a lot of crazy, and just about ready to be served with apples in their mouths.

Great Ugly Leader is running out of ammunition.

“Fool me once, shame on me,” he offered, wagging his finger at the other side, “fool me five times, it must be a Liberal.”

The Conservative side howled with delight at this and leapt up to applaud their leader’s phrasing.

His pathetic fart catchers are looking increasingly desperate.

There were groans from the government side, the Conservative members perhaps disappointed to see that Mr. Ignatieff now seems willing to engage in a game they have owned for some years.

Michael Ignatieff is finally landing some blows that hurt. And offering Canadians some clear choices.

Even if Michael Ignatieff’s $1 billion home care plan proves less effective and more expensive than expected, it’s still sound policy, solid politics and money better spent than on a two-day bun-toss and chinwag. Getting the ill out of hospital sooner and keeping the old at home longer cuts institutional costs, eases family stress and is a logical next step for a country that often defines itself by its social conscience.

The Cons got it wrong on the gun registry.

Their census craziness is  backfiring.

Concern among Canadians over Stephen Harper’s decision to scrap the mandatory long-form census isn’t going away. In fact it is seeping into Tory ranks, according to a new poll.

They blew their crime busting act by showing they were willing to risk the lives of police officers. Now they're threatening to kill prison guards.

They are being investigated by the Privacy Commissioner, and attacked and sued by veterans.

The stench of corruption is drifting across Parliament Hill as the RCMP investigate this messy scandal.

The Auditor General will soon be releasing a report on the Porky Action Plan, which should make the sponsorship scandal look like a purse snatching.

And thanks to Lawrence Martin's book, Harperland, Stephen Harper is now looking like a dangerous maniac. And more and more like a LOSER.

Oh boy. You know I have a confession to make eh? Once upon a time I just wanted to see the Cons defeated.

But now I want to see them squirm and squeal a lot. I want to see them dragged in cages through the streets of Ottawa and pelted with pennies and peanuts. 

Before we pack them into a chuck wagon and send them back to Alberta.

It's the last supper baby. The Cons are cracking under the pressure.


Cue the homeless man....


Anonymous said...

As soon as we get rid of this interim republican wannabe government the better. But I agree that seeing humiliation would sure be nice to see. One thing is for sure. They are in trouble

Simon said...

hi anonymous...well maybe I went a bit too far. Pennies and peanuts does seem a bit harsh. How about rotten eggs and tomatoes? ;)
Seriously though, I can honestly say I have never felt this way about any other government before, and I hope I never will...