Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When a Husband Confronts Anti-Choice Protesters

His wife is about to have an abortion because the fetus has a congenital deformity and no chance of survival.

When he see anti-abortion protesters screaming at people entering the abortion clinic.

So he decides to confront them...

Wow. That'll teach them to torture women, and their lovers, on one of the worst days of their lives.

I don't blame him for being angry.

And I sure love this message:

Consider this my plea: stop terrorizing women. Stop adding trauma to their trauma. If you’re able, stand up to these bullies in nonviolent ways. Speak out. And if you have a camera, use it.

Stand-up. Speak out. Remember Dr Tiller.

"Anti-abortion forces have succeeded in restricting the availability of abortion through lots of means short of outright prohibition — everything from punitive regulations... to physical intimidation and harassment of abortion providers,"

Fight them, fight them, fight them.

Don't let them WIN...


Jim Parrett said...

When I lived in Montclair CA, I lived across the street from an abortion clinic. Everyday, the same people stood on my sidewalk protesting and shouting at anyone who ventured near the clinic. They would park in my space and all along the street in front of my house. They would throw shit on the lawn and block my freedom of movement on the sidewalk. These people are horrible stains on society. They are amoral to the nth degree. I moved not long after I moved in. It was unbearable.

Simon said...

hi Jymn... all I can say is you must be a very patient guy. If I had that ghastly spectacle going on in front of my house, I probably would have been arrested for wielding a high power fire hose... :)