Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spirit Day and a Message from Google

On a day when hundreds of thousands of people in Canada and the United States answer the call of a Canadian teen to wear purple.

The event, called Spirit Day is the brainchild of Canadian teenager Brittany McMillan. The 16-year-old suggested the color purple for a reason. “Purple represents spirit on the LGBTQ flag, and that’s exactly what we’d like everyone to take with them today,” she says.

The idea took off. More than a million Facebook users have pledged to wear purple today. McMillan says that “we will wear purple in memory of the recent gay suicides. Many of them suffered from homophobic abuse in their schools or in their homes. We want to take a stand to say that we will not tolerate this.”

LGBT employees at Google have a message for bullied kids...

Good for Google. Good for Brittany McMillan.

You know how I feel about bullies.

I found a purple baseball cap.

Now please Mr Google, if I promise to be a good gay boy.

Can I have this t-shirt ?


Beijing York said...

Fantastic job from Google. Wow!

Purple shirt for me!

Simon said...

hi Beijing...yes they did do a nice job didn't they? I don't have anything purple except for an old baseball hat that was once blue. But it's the thought that counts. Which reminds me...I absolutely MUST have that t-shirt !!!!!! :)

Beijing York said...

I heard they are selling the Ts through their google store, Simon.