Friday, October 15, 2010

Maxime Bernier and the Con Plot to Kill Medicare

As I'm sure you remember, when we last left Maxime Bernier, the Bobo from the Beauce, he was on his way to ask the Wizard to give him a brain.

The good news? The Wizard did give him half a brain. Because that's all a Con needs.

The bad news? He lost it on the way back to Canada.

Conservative MP Maxime Bernier on Wednesday proposed scrapping the Canada Health Transfer and giving the provinces dramatically more flexibility in how they deliver services — ideas quickly condemned by critics as a possible trial balloon revealing Prime Minister Stephen Harper's "real vision" for health care.

Bernier didn't specifically advocate for more private health-care delivery, though he did say that a one-size-fits-all model "precludes experimentation, kills innovation and makes it awfully difficult to extricate oneself from failed policies."

The BEST news? Since Bobo was the one who first suggested that the long-form census be killed. And we know that not only did Stephen Harper go for that one... like a fat trout goes for a juicy worm.

He spent YEARS being supported by and working for the National Citizens Coalition that was FOUNDED to destroy medicare.

The impetus that led Colin M Brown to found the organization in 1967 was his stalwart opposition, as an insurance agent and doctor's son, to public health insurance or "socialized medicine", as it was framed at the time by its opponents.

So I think that every Canadian should read this letter I sent  to Great Census Killer Leader...

Dear Prime Monster:

Since your government has already signalled its intention to slash payments to the provinces.

The Harper government is signalling that it intends to scale back the growth rate of federal transfers to the provinces – a warning that means tough decisions lie ahead on health care, education and social programs as Canada moves to balance the books.

And you have shown yourself to be a rabid ideologue.

How can any sane person trust you not to try to KILL medicare or force the provinces to semi-privatize it?

When the right-wing nutbars  PAID you for YEARS to DESTROY it? 

Yours Disloyally


I mean what better way to make all those seniors who support him decide what they REALLY want?  More prisons and war planes, or a hospital bed and a doctor to treat them when they get sick?

When we all know what Harper really wants. We know that even a Wizard can't give him a heart. And we know that when it comes to medicare Great Tin Man Leader has got feet of CLAY.

Yup. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The progressive side in this country is far too soft.

If you want to DESTROY this evil government.

You've got to hit them where it HURTS...


Beijing York said...

So who plays the cowardly lion? Ignatieff?

It seems the LPC platform is scaling back anything remotely progressive because of Harper's deficit.

Simon said...

hi Beijing...well at the present time I have a version where the lion is played by Lawrence Cannon. But if Iggy keeps dodging an election I may have to reconsider... ;)