Thursday, October 21, 2010

Are the Harper Cons Talking in Tongues?

As if it wasn't bad enough that every time Stephen Harper answers a question in the House of Commons these days, he sounds like he's talking in tongues. All you can make out is the word COALITION. 

And this kind of insane gibberish.

"The real issue here raised by the Leader of the Opposition is his priorities,” the Prime Minister declared, carrying on quite demonstratively as if to warn the villagers of this monster’s imminent arrival. “He says that he would ground the Canadian Air Force. He says that he would put criminals out on the street. Why? In order to justify a bunch of tax increases he wants to bring on employers. That is the kind of thing that would put the Canadian economy into a deep ditch.”

Today we had the ugly spectacle of  the Con stooge John "Screamer" Baird answering another reasonable question from Ignatieff like this.

The crudest response to Mr. Ignatieff’s questions in this regard was by now no doubt obvious, perhaps even inevitable. And though for a moment it seemed no one would dare say it, after a third and final question from the Liberal leader, Mr. Baird could apparently not contain himself.

“I am pleased to talk about the Liberals record on foreign takeovers,” he said. “I think they had a foreign takeover of the Liberal Party just last year.”

“The Conservative side loudly expressed its delight at this and, returned to his seat, Mr. Baird smirked with great self-satisfaction.

Great eh? Ignatieff as the foreigner, the outsider, the TRAITOR. Ha. Ha. Ha.

God fucking help us. What dark parallell universe are these sinister Cons inhabiting? Why are they oinking and defecating in OUR parliament? Why can't they answer a simple question? Why have we come to accept this? 

And while we're at it, why does the CBC, which is funded by the Canadian people, not see fit to cover Question Period ? So more Canadians can see what these totalitarian hogs are doing to our country.

Oh well. Best line of the day from Scott Brison:

“Does Canada not deserve better, than a finance minister who cannot add and a Prime Minister who can only divide?”

Good question. Too bad so few heard it. Thank goodness for Aaron Wherry.

As for those Cons...I can only conclude that they have added yet another step to the bizarre way they prepare for Question detailed in Lawrence Martin's new book.

First they all kiss Great Ugly Leader's ass reverentially....on both chubby cheeks. Then they pray for victory over the godless foreigners. Then they memorize their lines as prepared for them by the thugs in the PMO.   

Then they take out their secret weapon. Tongues for Dummies. 

And start brushing it up on it.

Like these guys...

And if you thought Stephen Harper and John Baird sound ghastly talking in tongues eh?

Just wait until you hear Vic Toews talking about those dangerous refugees.

Aka Baraka Coalition Macaca. They're Coming in a Honda !!!! 

Those hideous freakish Con BASTARDS.

When can we get rid of them ?


ck said...

Forget Super Toews "Dangerous Refugee". To him and Master STeve and the rest of 'em: All Canadians are bad & Canada is a dangerous place to be. How else do they sell their mega prisons?

Simon said...

hi ck...actually I rather liked that article on Toews. I knew he was a hypocrite DADDY !!!!!
But considering his background, I had no idea how shameless he was...