Friday, October 15, 2010

The Incredible Shaming of Stephen Harper

Well I see Stephen Harper is desperately trying to recover from his humiliating defeat at the United Nations. And his incredible shaming in the eyes of the world.

But like a mad king on his throne, only managing  to look like a bad loser, and a crazed  IDIOT.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada bases its international engagement on principles, not "popularity," and won't be swayed by "secret votes" at the United Nations.

When everyone knows EVERYTHING he does is designed to boost his popularity. He has no principles. Every word in this paragraph is such a Big Lie:

The Canadian government, Harper said, takes its positions based on the promotion of "our values — freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law, justice, development, humanitarian assistance for those who need it.

Even the United States couldn't stand to see him get more than a  toilet seat.

And even the Calgary Herald thinks Harper is full of shit.

While some in the Harper government are already trying to blame Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff for Canada's defeat at the United Nations.... a key factor in that embarrassing outcome clearly can be attributed to the highly personal policies of Prime Minister Stephen Harper himself.

Yup. The Cons can try to turn a turd into a rose, but the truth is that no Canadian Prime Minister has EVER been so humiliated, so shamed in the eyes of the world. Harper wanted the U.N. seat sooooooo badly. 

He spent more than a billion dollars of OUR money trying to get it. He dressed up in humanitarian drag to try to fool people into believing that he cared about women.

It was going to be the jewel in the crown of his election campaign. "Canada is back" he would crow. "Now gimme my MAJORITY !!!

When in fact, like a reverse Midas, everything the deranged nerd touched turned to smelly fecal matter. The rest of the civilized world looked on in horror at this ghastly freak show. And Canada isn't back. It's gone backwards.

Canada was once known for its internationalism. Canada created the modern concept of UN peacekeeping. It stood at the forefront of global efforts to promote human rights, such as the fight against apartheid.

Now, unfortunately, when it comes to the international arena, Canada is barely punching at all. It is still a member of the G8, but it is no longer seen as a strong moral voice on key international issues.

Once we were the decent Canadians, who deployed the genius of compromise that we used to build Canada, to help solve conflicts in other countries.

And now it's gone. Fifty years of work destroyed in five years by an angry, authoritarian, bully ideologue with delusions of grandeur. Who didn't just shame himself. He shamed Canada as well. And turned us into the Ugly Canadians.

Because we're still a young country we can recover. We can be the noble, decent, peacemakers again. The kind of country our world so desperately needs. But it will take a long time, and we can't begin until the Harper Cons are driven from power.

For the sake of our country, for the sake of our burning planet, I beg you.

Organize, UNITE, don't fight each other. Defeat those shameful shabby Cons.

Before they disgrace us further...

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