Friday, October 01, 2010

The Con Propaganda Machine Blows a Fuse

Oh. My. Goebbels. I can't decide which communique from the Con Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation is more absurd.

Dimitri Soudas' gaseous emissions trying to explain why Christian Paradis isn't resigning.

In this case the staffer resigned therefore he's no longer an employee, therefore no longer works, therefore that's the responsibility that the minister is holding accountable. See staff are accountable to their ministers and ministers are accountable to parliament. Therefore Mr. Togneri in this case is accountable to his minister, correct?

Because surely that tortured explanation must have been delivered in this position.

Or this other Con flunkie trying to explain why the Prime Minister of the People aka Old Blue Sweater shouldn't be considered a tool of big business.

“Obviously we’ve been charting a course in some pretty unsteady times. With the priority being the economy, it is no surprise that the prime minister has met quite a few times, and predominantly with business and industry representatives. These are the people who are on the front lines of the economy.”

And no doubt blowing a fuse trying to explain how while the Cons were spending more than a billion dollars of our dough on the G20, they still found time to have their tummies scratched.

Both the CEO council and Suncor filed reports that, on the day of the B20 summit, they lobbied not only the prime minister, but several senior members of his cabinet: Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, Defence Minister Peter MacKay, then transport minister John Baird, Trade Minister Peter Van Loan and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Peter Kent.

Golly. I give up. I just can't decide who sounds more ridiculous....or CORRUPT. 

But isn't it nice to know that the next time the Cons attack those dastardly "elites," or even mention the word "transparency," we can laugh our asses off and pelt them with peanuts.

Isn't it nice to know Dimitri Soudas is STILL an idiot?

And isn't it  fantastic to know who is REALLY running this country?

So all I need to know now is when can we arrest FIRE them?

Because this message might have been aimed at the Quebec bashing Cons at Maclean's...

Serge Chapleau/La Presse

But it's funny eh?

I feel that way about ALL of them.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!

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