Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rob Ford and the Fake Tweeter

I don't know about you eh? But I find the weird story about the Rob Ford campaign and the fake tweeter really creepy.

Not just because of this:

The Twitter account was the work of the deputy communications director of Rob Ford's campaign, Fraser Macdonald, and was created with one purpose in mind: getting the whole recording of a conversation between Dieter Doneit-Henderson and the candidate, in which Ford promised the fibromyalgia-afflicted man that he would "fucking try to find" OxyContin for him.

But also because of the level of deception. The amount of work that went into it, the buried messages.

And of course, this picture...

Which only makes me REALLY want to know who paid for this homophobic Tamil radio ad. 

Because it seems to me that it achieved two objectives. It reminded people about the Tamils migrants who Ford had attacked.

In a city where anti-migrant feeling is higher than any other place in Canada.

And it reminded people that Smitherman was gay. Just a few days before the election.

Subtle eh?

You know the right-wing media is so busy blowing Ford they seem to be ignoring the role racism and homophobia played in the election.

But I'm not convinced. I still believe both issues helped give him a landslide.

And now that I see the kind of people who are pulling the Pig Man's strings.

I have a feeling Rob Ford's Toronto could become a REALLY scary place...

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