Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rob Ford: When the Downtown Strikes Back

Well it sure has been a scary week. Who needs Halloween when we got Rob Ford?

Because now reality is setting in. And all over the Greater Toronto Area you can hear them screaming: Oh. My. Fordzilla. What have we done !!!!  AAAAAAAAAH !!!!

Although I see the Toronto Sun managed to find somebody to put a positive spin on those low expectations.

Dismissed by opponents as unpolished at best, short on policy and often wrong on the numbers, Ford now enters office without the burden of high expectations, veteran fundraiser and campaign organizer John Capobianco said.

“(People think) he’s a buffoon, he doesn’t know his stuff, he can’t get anything through council,” the source said. “Expectations are low. We’re in a good spot.”

Great eh? Does that mean if the Fordzilla stays sober for three days, he'll EXCEED my expectations?

But it isn't all bad news.You know those downtown latte-sipping elites that the right-wing media has been turning into The Enemy, just like Stephen Harper does?

Well, they're starting to fight back.

To chalk up widespread disapproval of the message he and his supporters sent – that streetcar tracks should be torn up, that downtown voters are objects of ridicule, that a Toronto mayor should endorse the view that gay marriage erodes democracy, that the inability or unwillingness to explain one’s beliefs to voters doesn’t matter – as nothing more than condescending elitism is to almost completely fail to grasp not just “urban sophisticates” but an entire cohort of Canadians...

Most of the country’s supposedly clueless urban elites are not disconnected from the “real” world. They are from it...For one reason or another, they choose a different life.

There are any number of reasons. Some are attracted to urban living, where everything is within range of transit or bicycle. Some want careers that can only be pursued in cities. Some are gay and have bad experiences. Some realize their world views don’t quite mesh with those of all the Rob Fords they know.

Which is sort of how I feel eh? 

I choose to live downtown, not because I'm an elitist.

But because it's the only place I can feel free to be MYSELF...

(Click pic to enlarge)

And for me freedom is EVERYTHING. 

Resistance lifts me like the wind.

Braying jackasses don't scare me.

And the suburbs are just a song...

Hey Toronto. The resistance is RISING.

Have a great weekend everyone !!!

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