Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bullying and the Journey from Anger to Peace

When I was a teenager the bullies made me angry. And because, unlike other gentle kids I was able to fight back, that anger almost consumed me.

Because I felt I was alone, I could never allow myself to be a victim. Only a fighter. Who learned how to fight in the mean streets of Glasgow.

So now that so many others are speaking out about bullying. And how it does get BETTER.

And sending out  such powerful messages of hope.

I'm having trouble telling my story. Because it seems so inadequate and so wrong.

But it is a story about a journey from anger and violence, to love and peace.

So although I'm not religious, when I heard that a gay choir in Texas, had joined singers from 30 other religious institutions, to remember some of the bullied kids who didn't make it.

And that the concert included Bach's DONA NOBIS PACEM (Grant Us Peace) from his Mass in B Minor.

I thought I'd play it tonight...

From anger and violence, to love and peace.

I'll keep trying to tell my story.

But it does get BETTER.

Have a great weekend everybody...


Anonymous said...

It's our demon, Simon. Thank you, we need good fighters like you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Simon

At 76, I live in a trailer park that I thought was a bargain and, being on the Shine Coast, a wonderful place to be retired.

Unfortunately it's the repository of alcoholic homophobes, out of work homophobes, retired homophobes and of course, religious homophobes.

Even my old weed buddies have turned the homo dial up to max.

What? Me worry?

The're just slugs and easily avoidable.


Beijing York said...

Beautiful post, Simon. I second what Bruce said.

Simon said...

hi Bruce...thanks and thanks for your excellent post.It's funny I never felt so good about all the media coverage bullying is getting. At last. But at the same time reading all those bully stories has reawakened those demons you talk about. The ones I'd rather forget.
Oh well. That surely is our fate. And the good definitely outweighs the bad... :)

Simon said...

hi's great to hear from a gay senior. And I must say I LOVE your spirit.
What a pity that you are living in such a beautiful place and have to put up with such ugly people. But as you say they are slugs, and like the ones in the garden all you have to do is scatter a little tobacco around your trailer and they'll stay away.... :)

Simon said...

hi Beijing...thanks I'm glad you liked it. I was in a bit of a morose mood when I wrote it, but I wanted my readers to read Bruce's truly great post. As for the classical music...well I bet that shocked people eh? :)