Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Harper Cons: Government or Dangerous Cult?

As you know, I have always had a bad feeling about the Harper regime. Its bizarre, irrational policies scare me. Its wedge issues disgust me. And its weird dead-eyed  leader gives me the creeps.

But now I'm even more alarmed eh? Because thanks to Lawrence Martin, I finally understand the full horror of the situation. This isn't a government, it's a dangerous cult !!!

At that instant, his staff got a clue of his mood. Was he weighed down by one of his deep and brooding resentments? Was he eager, his hard gaze focused on a challenge to surmount? Or was there something else that stirred him?

When an iffy answer was given, Beardsley would look over at Harper with raised eyebrows, as if to say, “What do you think?” And Harper, he recalled, “would just shake his head like ‘That’s no damn good.’ “

Where Great Ugly Leader rules by fear, and none of his pathetic Con stooges zombies dares to contradict him.

Carson once made the mistake of trying to say something positive about the CBC. He suggested that the government intervene to prevent the network from losing its broadcast rights to the Hockey Night in Canada theme song. He argued that since the song was like a second national anthem, something should be done. “Well,” Carson recalled, “to say I got my ass handed to me is a mild way of putting it.”

I mean I ask you. Is this a Canadian Prime Minister or a Big Daddy? Is this Canada or Jonestown? Does anybody STILL doubt that this sinister political thug would kill the CBC, ban abortion, extinguish gay rights, and strangle medicare if he ever got a majority?

And if so have they ever questioned their SANITY ? As even some of Harper's loyal supporters are starting to question HIS.

"While I have been a supporter of your party since its inception, it is becoming harder and harder to defend that decision," says one email to Stephen Harper.

"Your actions in regard to the census have cost you my vote."

"Once again, sir, is your government TOTALLY crazy?"

Because of course, all of this is great news for our side. You don't often get a chance to campaign against a Prime Minister by asking voters to decide whether he's a rabid alien ideologue, a power hungry bully who thinks he owns the truth, or a dangerous maniac capable of ANYTHING.

Or all of the above.

And by the time we're finished destroying what's left of his character in the next election, with the most brutal and personal attack ad campaign this country has ever seen,  most Canadians will take one look at him and SCREAM.

Which reminds me....

I just can't shake this horrifying image...

Usually he worked until about 6:30 p.m., but he often liked to linger, reading reports, discussing the day with advisers, while downing Chinese food by the carton.

Because as grotesque as that image is, I LOVE it. 

I think I can work with it eh?

And can you believe it? What a BONUS.

It's JUST like this great song says...

Yup. The dark night of the Harper Cons is almost over.

The full moon is setting. Ah hooooooo !!!!!!

And the werewolf is going down...


marie said...

I just love your posts and your humor. Keep up the great posts and I do totaly agree with you. Harper is a scaroy S.O.B and not trust worthy. He has a lot of mental problem that will eventually get him into a lot of trouble. At the rate he is going, it will not be very much longer. That man is unstable.

Have a great Thanksgiving Simon and keep up the great posts.

Simon said...

hi Marie...thanks for your kind words. I don't get many comments, and quite a few of those I do get can't be published. So I really treasure those who encourage me to try to do better. I probably would get more comments if I didn't try to inject a little humor into my posts.But I can't help it, my kinder, gentler, world includes laughter. And since we live in Harper's horrible Canada, I want to encourage progressive people to keep smiling and not give up. Because I'm not giving up until they are DEFEATED. Gosh. Won't that be a beautiful day?
Happy Thanksgiving to you too Marie and thanks again... :)